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this is your new foals dam right, Feather? --> MA2 Fancy Feather (black/white sabino pinto, LWO-) 
I would venture a guess she has the silver dilution like her dam -so that's where it would have come in if your foal is. It only takes one parent to pass it on.
As far as Feathers sire, I know Zorro sired several silver foals so he may have passed on the dilution as well (although that could have come from the mares he was bred to).

If the foal's sire and/or dam were tested for silver and both came back negative (not doubting you at all just observing and learning) I would always wonder if the results were correct by looking at these horses' pedigrees and their progeny. Regardless, the foal is gorgeous with such a unique color.
My first thought looking at your photos was bay or dun, the darker ear tips suggest bay. Second thought was dilute since he's expressing the two silver characteristics, I can't tell if he has any mottling

I guess if he's kept or sold as stallion material then testing would be in order IF a person had to know before breeding. The only thing we really have to know is LWO results and if silvers involved ASD but breeding for color some want to know all the other up front too.

I remember years ago (may take me a while to remember the breeder) a mare being lab tested silver-buckskin-dun and the beautiful shade of brown she was!  That's when I got so interested in the minis color genetics. It may interesting watching this one mature.

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Really sorry to hear of another passing MMM,  I really hope 2019 is better for you. Congrats on the last arrival. Hope this means you will get back to normal sleeping now, cheers 

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Already catching up on my sleep.

Hoping next year is better also. We are only breeding six mares.

Rebreeding Puzzle (black HZ frame) for a repeat breeding to Zipit ( perlino)

Breeding Flutterby (smoky black sabino frame)(lost the frame colt) to Zipit

Breeding Mysti (black splash appy) (aborted filly by Ticket) to Ticket (smoky blk sabino frame)

Breeding Suzie (grullo-half sister to dun appy we lost) to Rohan (silver smoky blk HZ silver and black)

Breeding Gidget (palomino sabino pinto) to Ticket - she had a palomino pinto colt 2017

Breeding Blondie (palomino) to Zipit - she had a bay pinto turning grey filly 2017


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We have changed Feathers colts name from Patches to Flash. He is almost two weeks old. Had his feet rasped and got to go out to the big pasture with the other babies.

Here are some pictures of him today.

We also will not be breeding Puzzle and Flutterby this year. Puzzle has not come into heat and we need to breed the last three mares soon. Flutterby is still healing from her delivery. Want her to be completely healed before breeding again.

We are going to breed Wind (lost her colt at 1 day) and Fabs (redbag).

Both were thin at delivery but the pasture has done wonders. They are fattening up fantastically.

Wind will be bred to Zipit (who she was supposed to be bred to before Rohans escape) and Fabs will be bred to Ticket.



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On 4/10/2018 at 4:42 PM, Magic Marker Miniatures said:

We were able to let out for a little while. He definitely has two blue eyes.



They are both gorgeous!

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