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It is so hard to find homes for the last horses

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I mostly read here and love seeing all the photos. Thought I would share for the last time my little guy. He is all of 27 1/4 inches, 16 years young, and just adorable.


We are in the middle of a move into town and I took this photo last night of him. It is funny to me that some horses are so easy to get good photos while others are impossible. We will be selling our remaining 3 horses and our farm later this summer. I have had Fred and Paint for 14 years and enjoyed every minute!


Anyway, here is Pepper Doll's Fred ... aka, Fred.



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Aw I've always loved him! I remember when he was advertised wishing that I could get the little fella but only wishful thinking on my part since I was set on continuing with Appaloosas. I was so happy to see him go to your home, it's good to see a new photo of him.

I wish you well with your final dispersal. I was so sad when I dispersed...making the decision, finding the right homes then dealing with the transport day was very hard But oh my gosh the weight of all the work it took off my day was the highlight. I did keep two that I never found the right home for, and since they were born here this is where they'll die too.

sorry trip down memory lane here.

When it's all said and done and you're all moved in and can relax you'll love your new place and it'll all have been worth it.

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