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My little Pony has come a long way!

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Went to the trainers for my bday today.

Brought my pony and youngest mini. She was a cow about loading up, both times. On the way home, she refused, then I asked her if she wanted to stay with her new boyfriend (mini holding she terrorized) and she instantly hopped right in! 😂

We went on a little trail ride, he didn't go in a straight line, but was otherwise very good. He did spook slightly at a small tractor implement the second time we passed it. He really wanted to greet all the other horses. They rushed over and he wanted to trot, but listened to me. See, riding w/loose horses is good practice! Lol


Mini did not like the goat that came over to say hello.


My two got to play with the resident mini as well. Or rather, boss him around lazily. 😃



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