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Please read - and If you are new to our forums start here!!

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Welcome to our new members and our long time members of LilBeginnings! :FirstPrize

Please take the time to review our Forum Rules here......



Our Miniature Horse Forum is

A place to ask anything & everything about The Miniature Horse from breeding, birth, to horse care, feeding and maintenance to first show jitters.

Are you interested in buying your first mini? Have questions about the main Miniature Horse and Shetland pony registries? You've come to the right place. :yes
A place for those with experience to help foster in those just getting started and help them get a start on the right foot.
A place for experienced owners and breeders to keep up on current trends.

Discuss mini horse conformation and which traits are best suited for your breeding and showing interest.
Ask about and share stallions and broodmare information for breeding purposes
Learn Horse Breeding how to, Mare care, Pregnancy, New Foal care information, Veterinary and Farrier care.

Discuss all aspects of your horses health including injury and lameness, medications, parasites, inoculations, horse diseases and more.

Discuss grooming including cleaning and bathing horses, clipping, brushing and more.

Discuss training Miniature Horses share your thoughts on techniques and methodologies.

Get and give advice about implementing natural horsemanship training methods, share your progress with others, etc.

Miniature Horse Conformation Critique Request and provide conformation critique for your mini horse.

Horse Colors and Genetics - Talk about Miniature Horse genetics including Dwarfism, colors, markings, and patterns and the genetics that result in them.

Discuss maintaining and improving your fencing, barn or stable to best care for your small horse.


The list goes on and on! Join in to question, talk about, and learn about these wonderful Miniature Horses that we all love.


Thanks everyone! :)

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