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Please read and follow the rules

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Welcome to our new members and our long time members of LilBeginnings! :FirstPrize

Please take the time to review our Forum Rules here......



Thanks everyone! Debby and the LB admin and mods :)



UPDATE: - Update: Because people are still posting sales ads and improper links the mods are going to start deleting your entire post and sending you a formal warning. Three formal warnings and your account will be suspended for whatever time we deem fit. This is really not something we enjoy doing so please just follow the simple rule posted below.


Due to the fact that the monitors are having to remove more and more Sales and Wanted post and threads on LB, we would like to take the time to remind you that:

Please use the Saleboard to list your Miniature Horse and Pony related ads. Or purchase Banner Ads to promote your sales and support this web site. Many think because of "clever wording" that sales become OK! This is not the case!

Mods will issue warnings...

This is taken directly off the RULES AND ETIQUETTE PAGE which we suggest people read as to avoid your posts getting removed or edited.

ADVERTISING/SOLICITATION - Posting for the sake of advertising is not allowed. This includes, but is not limited to, transportation posts, and wanted posts. Posts directing LB traffic to other online auctions, sale boards. forums, and/or interactive Miniature horse sites without permission/agreement will also be removed. Second offence of this violation may result in being banned from further use of the LB Miniature Horse Forums/Sale Boards/LB-LC Auction and other public places on the LilBeginnings.com web site.
When a sales or wanted post is posted, no matter how cleverly worded, it will be removed. If you are new to the Forum you might get a PM telling you why your post has been removed and a link sending you to the RULES AND ETIQUETTE PAGE. IT IS NOT THE MODERATORS JOB to keep the members informed of the rules or to PM each person and explain why their post has been edited or removed.

We DO NOT like to edit or delete anyone's post so please just follow the rules. They are fairly simple.

We supply the MOST POPULAR Miniature Horse Sale Board out there for your ads that is FREE to post on.. http://www.lilbeginnings.com/saleboard/ Please enjoy it for your sales promotions.

Thank you. Best Regards, Mary Lou and the mods of the LB Forums

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Please click here to view our members Mini Horses, Ponies, and Tack for Sale ads!

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