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    miniature horses. miniature horse driving. cde, adt etc.

    i also love trail riding and trail driving.

    and yes, i used to drive a gray arab what a horse he was!!!!
  1. jeanniecogan

    Driving Hours 2018

    got to go trail driving with matt. we had a good time. about 1 hr and 20 minutes tuesday. thn i took daisy o about 25 minutes
  2. jeanniecogan

    Tandem driving rig ?

    i am going to try the tandem thing, later this year. will let you knoe how it goes.
  3. jeanniecogan

    I'm going on an adventure

    i , too loved the idea of an active club. i think it will be fun.
  4. jeanniecogan

    Royal Wedding/Beautiful Horses

    i somehow missed Kate's wedding, though i love them to death. and no i didn't get to see Pippa's dress either. do you have pictures u could post?
  5. jeanniecogan

    Royal Wedding/Beautiful Horses

    the horses were beautiful and i saw the one that was a handful, he was acting up almost every minute. what a beautiful bride, her smile was just full of love and devotion. BUT HER DRESS!!!!!! SIMPLY ELEGANT. and Harry is quite smitten also. I was 12 years old when i watched Elizabeth marry. i have followed them ever since.
  6. jeanniecogan

    I'm going on an adventure

    geen a long time since i wrote on this thread, we are settled in a our son's home. this is 24 acres with a really nice barn and 4 4 acre pastures with a dressage arena and a jumping arena. The move was really traumatic, we ended up leaving a lot of small things we really wanted to bring. we ended up using 1 uhaul trailer 6'X12', 1 entire ABF truck ( 2 levels), and then in the end we needed another UHaul truck, not to mention i barely got my dogs and minis in the truck and trailer. Things are great ,as i hoped, down here, they have a group called the 'Aiken Driving Club', last saturday my friend Rebecca invited me the the club barbeque, it was real fun, i met 4 or 5 ladies that have minis, also some that have big ponies and all the way to drafts. they have shows and all summer they have play days and drives that they drive for a while and have a picnic along the way. Rebecca is teaching me driven dressage so i can join in the schooling shows. i did ridden dressage years ago, but it is all new to me with the cart. i hope i can stay healthy long enough to emjoy a few years of this. more later. EXCEPT, IF YOU WANT TO VISIT YOU ARE STILL WELCOME. HERE AT MATT'S OR IF WE EVER FIND A PLACE.
  7. jeanniecogan

    Driving Hours 2018

    rested thurs. today i drove Daisy for 50 minutes, she seems so happy to pull and not be dragged around with Charlie and I.
  8. jeanniecogan

    Your Drive Day

    thanks Marsha for being the 'easy boot tester'. it is on my list of 'gotta haves'. However i dont need to have them here, it is mostly sand and very rarely seldom even see a stone let alone a rock, nothing like rock heaven (Ky.) i think i lived there??? really don't remember
  9. jeanniecogan

    Driving Hours 2018

    drove charlie monday for a lesson 1 hour tuesday 45 wednesday 55 min. finally having fun.
  10. jeanniecogan

    Driving Hours 2018

    yes, u r right, but rosco kept running away with us , dragging charlieand me along... rosco doesnt live with us anymore. i traded rosco for Daisy. the person who traded with me was a previous owner of rosco and thought he could fix him.
  11. jeanniecogan

    Driving Hours 2018

    45 minutes for Daisy and 45 for charlie, today. boy is daisy stronger this year. i thought i would have to retrain her but she remembered quickly.
  12. jeanniecogan

    Driving Hours 2018

    OHHHHHH it's blistering here. matt (my son) just put fans in all the stallls . no camping yet. matt is having a hard time reaching the lady who organizes them. im ready to go though. 50 minutes gor Charlie and 40 minutes doe daisy. yesterday and 55 minutees for charlie and 25 minutes for daisy today.
  13. jeanniecogan

    Driving Hours 2018

    hi everyone, i got 55 min with charlie, yesterday. and one hour today for charlie, also 30 min today for Daisy.
  14. jeanniecogan

    New family member

    KIND EYES, always very important. she certainly has that traight???sp. you should socialize though . seriously she will know when someone shouldn't come too close. both breeds have an occasional "bad egg". ive seen it personally, not pretty. however, you should know by 2 months old. it sounds like she's a keeper. please socialize.