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    Older stallion breeding problems

    Thanks for the suggestions. Sorry to take so long to get back to you. A mare I had planned to breed to our mini spotted jack came in and I put my stud in with her. Browser! He bred her, and the next day bred the other mare. Thanks again. Pat
  2. Our stallion is in his early 20's. Two years ago we did not breed. Last year, he was with 2 mares, 1 mare lost her foal at term, due to the mis presentation of the foal. The other mare has not foaled, so I don't know if she didn't catch or slipped the foal. Now, one of the mares is in heat. The stud mounted her with out being ready (if you know what I mean) this morning, and now, later in the day, the mare walked up to him, sniffed him as if to say "what are you waiting for? He just stood there with it dropped. Does he need HRT? Is there something to give him hat will boost his drive? Help!