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  1. Debby - LB

    New Forum Look

    Cayuse the trophy for a thank you is what confused me, I think it kinda weird. Seems like having the names of the people there who liked the post was nicer than having to click on the number to see. It is nicer I think to have other emotions there though. I'd have to look but I'm pretty sure the font is the same default size. You can adjust the size on your browser if need be. Which one do you use? I might be able to help you. When it's all done I'll see if I can increase the default size. Really Holly? darn, I'm sorry. not sorry I got to use the sad face instead of the heart hahaha. Seriously that's odd cause It's auto responsive. For me, once I connected to the site via mobile it was so much better than the old version. I was really happy to see that since the old mobile version was awful or that's what I thought. This is something I'll have to find out about. I hope it gets better for you. chanda me too, I had to redo mine. I don't like notifications either from anywhere...anyway look up at the top right and click the little drill-down next to your name, there should be a "settings" link there and if you click it you'll see "notification settings" there on the right. Let me know if you have a problem finding it.
  2. Debby - LB

    New Forum Look

    Hi, Marsha thank you for the feedback. Honestly, I appreciate it. I'll be able to address things like this when the forum is all finished updating. If you (everyone) will keep note of things that need to be tweaked...or things you feel are not just right after this new version has completed I can work on fixing it. Actually, If you want to you can post it here so I'll have it all in one place. Right now the forum is moving slowly because of all the processes running in the background. Every topic, post (well over a million), member profile, photo, etc has to be written to this new version. This was Not a version upgrade, it is a new version. It's been almost 5 days and it's not even 35% finished, so we bumped it up a little yesterday.... but it will still take a while. Putting up with the slow load times was the choice as opposed to having the forum completely down while it writes content. This process works faster as the forum is used so I did it this way. If I try to run the processes too fast the server will shut down. I'm sorry for the inconvenience, I know it's aggravating it drives me nuts waiting for pages to load.
  3. Debby - LB

    Magic Marker 2018

    He's a pretty boy. Congratulations, I love his color. Give him time to unfold maybe he just has a little shorter neck but then again you see him in person and I've found those first impressions are usually right.
  4. so sorry for your loss amysue, hope your Snowy will be alright.
  5. Debby - LB

    Can it be real?

    YES???? If so it is beautiful! Big congrats to you.
  6. Debby - LB

    Shedding Yet?

    I feel bad I did not get Glory done this weekend like I planned.
  7. Debby - LB

    I'm so bummed

    I'm sorry that happened to you, it would have hurt my feelings too. I second calling the person in charge and putting her on the spot! although I'd probably just not do that especially if I didn't feel totally welcome in the group. You may feel more welcome in the larger group. Don't let it stop you from trying again, it's their loss.
  8. Debby - LB

    New family member

    What a sweet little face!
  9. Debby - LB

    Horse hair pottery

    oooh I Love that!
  10. Debby - LB

    New equine hospital coming to SW Oklahoma

    that is wonderful!
  11. Debby - LB

    Shedding Yet?

    this is so cute and so right! lol My two girls are totally different. Wenona right now I can use the shedding blade and brush her and she'll be set. Glory, on the other hand, grows a coat like a wooly mammoth and it sheds so slowly that I end up having to clip almost all of hers each year. The temperature is to the point now I'm planning on clipping her this weekend.... unless it decides to snow which wouldn't surprise me.
  12. Debby - LB

    Magic Marker 2018

    Well that explains it then if she's low on the totem and had to contend with a harsh winter. I'm sure you are right. Hey, you are to be admired for not breeding her back this year.
  13. Debby - LB

    Magic Marker 2018

    She may be one of those kind of mares who just doesn't carry well. There are some who you just can't seem to keep them in top form while they are carrying... then have to pour the feed to after birth because they drop off so much more lactating. I had one of those. Mine would be alright until she foaled then no matter what she had to eat the foal would bring her down so bad it was unreal. I always hated to see terribly skinny mares that the owners would say "the foal has her sucked down".. I never believed that --until I had one. Even though I wouldnt' have bred her again she was one of two mares I sure regret selling.
  14. Debby - LB

    Magic Marker 2018

    I'm so sorry you lost Fabs filly,
  15. Debby - LB

    Information Look Up

    oooh nice! I LOVE a bay pinto.