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  1. charliebrown yes not having time to spend with him could account for the reason. All it takes is a little time and then he'll be fine, just try to set aside some time each day to handle him though or he will continue to get worse. Here is a link I've had bookmarked for years, not specific to minis but still good solid information on ground manners and training. Click here. It'll be quite a while before you'll start training him for driving but when you do Mindy Schroader has a wonderful book it's called Step by Step Guide to Training a Miniature Horse to drive. Here's her Website. Also, we have a wonderful driving forum right here with people to help you with any questions about that when you are ready. In the meantime if you have any concerns ask away! Welcome to the forum!
  2. Good topic. Sounds like now is the time to nip some bad behavior in the bud. I'm assuming that maybe he was weaned early and you purchased only him and not his dam? Was it obvious he'd been handled and was he fine and quiet with halter and lead when you got him? If moms not in the picture are there any other horses he's bonding with? At his age, it's time to get basic ground manners down pat. He should be learning to consistently walk willingly, to pay attention to you (not any other horses) and to respect your space, to whoa, back up and eventually trot on a lead. You should already be able to easily handle his feet and ears and he should quietly stand tied for grooming, bath or while you work close by -not out of eyesight. The attention span at his age is only about 10 minutes so keep your sessions short and when you get a good response (even if you've just begun) end the session. ..always end on a good note. The main thing now is being consistent. He has to learn what is appropriate and to respect his handler. He may be small but he can hurt you, that little buck will lead to kicking out or rearing. I'm glad you are reaching out now before bad behavior progresses. Horses will do what they can get away with. If your daughter can't keep him close and in check maybe you could work with him? For me, I'd keep him on a lead rope until he learns some manners. I think at this point a long line would just give him the freedom to get out of your daughter's control and lead to him circling, running and bucking. If she's getting him out of a stall he has built up energy so this would be expected, he's not doing anything out of the ordinary. It all goes back to basic ground manners. It's time to put cute to work LOL. I would also suggest thinking about having him gelded. p.s. don't leave a halter on.
  3. Debby - LB

    Driving in heat

    This is a really good article! Thanks for posting.
  4. Debby - LB

    Kodak Moments

    Oh my gosh those are beautiful and Marsha so are your rainbows.
  5. Debby - LB

    Unusual bird house

    Love these!
  6. Debby - LB

    Weight Watchers

    bless his little heart that's so sweet you riding him around. I don't think that'd work on the street strider but depending on how little he is it might. It does have an optional platform on the back and also shows a woman using hers to get things from the market. Heres a video from their site.
  7. Debby - LB

    Parasite information

    Good information thanks!
  8. Debby - LB

    New Forum Look

    LOL that was the biggest complaint I got... about the heart (love?) being used for a "like" button -- that and the trophy for thank you, so I changed them both. I could change them back. That's weird about the !! embrace it I say. hhhaha
  9. Debby - LB

    She’s here!

    She's beautiful! big congrats!! Love her name too.
  10. Debby - LB

    New Forum Look

    Thanks, Marsha, when you said you've had to "scroll around on it" I thought it was a width problem..that you had to scroll right to see the whole window so glad to hear that's not happening! So, your browser settings are causing the large page sizes here. The quickest temp. fix for that is to hold your ctrl key down and hit the minus key to decrease the page size BUT when Firefox updates and/or if you have it set to clear the cache on closing then it will just revert back. I wonder if there is a setting to use for only increasing the sizes of certain websites? I'll have to look at that. Thanks for all the feedback. Yes better than it was but still running slow for me too. The forum software has been finished with its upgrades happy to report everything is working and we lost nothing. Now it's time to upgrade the server.
  11. thanks to both of you!! I don't know why I didn't think about this. Terry's been bringing me home carpet from the dump so I can use it in my herb garden walkways to kill the darn grass and weeds. I'll be adding some to a certain place in my dry lot this weekend.
  12. Debby - LB

    What's For DINNER Tonight?

    it's always good conversation for the back porch one day last week I googled looking for a new fruit salad recipe imagine my surprise when an old recipe from here was on the first page. I made it too! it was for a lime dressing with oranges etc and it was awesome.
  13. Debby - LB

    New Forum Look

    Chanda, how is it on your desktop? Marsha, hi I'm sorry are you talking about scrolling horizontally? that shouldn't be happening at all, I don't blame you for getting aggravated with it. If you will please tell me what browser you use. I think I know what to tell you to do but I'm going to ask ipb support first.
  14. Debby - LB

    Weight Watchers

    Our neighbor has a street strider, it's like a bike only with elliptical pedals and poles to work your arms instead of a regular bike looking handlebar. He sure looks funny coming down the road! He has to get in a certain spot for me to see the whole machine, part of the way all I see is him floating along pulling the poles back and forth LOL the first time I saw it I was like WTH?? anyway, it's a really nice low impact on your joints way to exercise. Congratulations on your weight loss Marsha. I'd like to use the trophy as a quick way-to-go or congrats but some idiot designated it a thank you. I don't know what to do about that. I liked having the like button on the forum, now it's confusing to me.