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  1. Debby - LB

    Unusual bird house

    Love these!
  2. Debby - LB

    Weight Watchers

    bless his little heart that's so sweet you riding him around. I don't think that'd work on the street strider but depending on how little he is it might. It does have an optional platform on the back and also shows a woman using hers to get things from the market. Heres a video from their site.
  3. Debby - LB

    Parasite information

    Good information thanks!
  4. Debby - LB

    New Forum Look

    LOL that was the biggest complaint I got... about the heart (love?) being used for a "like" button -- that and the trophy for thank you, so I changed them both. I could change them back. That's weird about the !! embrace it I say. hhhaha
  5. Debby - LB

    She’s here!

    She's beautiful! big congrats!! Love her name too.
  6. Debby - LB

    New Forum Look

    Thanks, Marsha, when you said you've had to "scroll around on it" I thought it was a width problem..that you had to scroll right to see the whole window so glad to hear that's not happening! So, your browser settings are causing the large page sizes here. The quickest temp. fix for that is to hold your ctrl key down and hit the minus key to decrease the page size BUT when Firefox updates and/or if you have it set to clear the cache on closing then it will just revert back. I wonder if there is a setting to use for only increasing the sizes of certain websites? I'll have to look at that. Thanks for all the feedback. Yes better than it was but still running slow for me too. The forum software has been finished with its upgrades happy to report everything is working and we lost nothing. Now it's time to upgrade the server.
  7. thanks to both of you!! I don't know why I didn't think about this. Terry's been bringing me home carpet from the dump so I can use it in my herb garden walkways to kill the darn grass and weeds. I'll be adding some to a certain place in my dry lot this weekend.
  8. Debby - LB

    What's For DINNER Tonight?

    it's always good conversation for the back porch one day last week I googled looking for a new fruit salad recipe imagine my surprise when an old recipe from here was on the first page. I made it too! it was for a lime dressing with oranges etc and it was awesome.
  9. Debby - LB

    New Forum Look

    Chanda, how is it on your desktop? Marsha, hi I'm sorry are you talking about scrolling horizontally? that shouldn't be happening at all, I don't blame you for getting aggravated with it. If you will please tell me what browser you use. I think I know what to tell you to do but I'm going to ask ipb support first.
  10. Debby - LB

    Weight Watchers

    Our neighbor has a street strider, it's like a bike only with elliptical pedals and poles to work your arms instead of a regular bike looking handlebar. He sure looks funny coming down the road! He has to get in a certain spot for me to see the whole machine, part of the way all I see is him floating along pulling the poles back and forth LOL the first time I saw it I was like WTH?? anyway, it's a really nice low impact on your joints way to exercise. Congratulations on your weight loss Marsha. I'd like to use the trophy as a quick way-to-go or congrats but some idiot designated it a thank you. I don't know what to do about that. I liked having the like button on the forum, now it's confusing to me.
  11. Debby - LB

    Quilt Show

    Wow, they are all beautiful! Congratulations to you. I keep scrolling back up to see the one on the right love love love it.
  12. Debby - LB

    Magic Marker 2018

    this is your new foals dam right, Feather? --> MA2 Fancy Feather (black/white sabino pinto, LWO-) I would venture a guess she has the silver dilution like her dam -so that's where it would have come in if your foal is. It only takes one parent to pass it on. As far as Feathers sire, I know Zorro sired several silver foals so he may have passed on the dilution as well (although that could have come from the mares he was bred to). If the foal's sire and/or dam were tested for silver and both came back negative (not doubting you at all just observing and learning) I would always wonder if the results were correct by looking at these horses' pedigrees and their progeny. Regardless, the foal is gorgeous with such a unique color. My first thought looking at your photos was bay or dun, the darker ear tips suggest bay. Second thought was dilute since he's expressing the two silver characteristics, I can't tell if he has any mottling I guess if he's kept or sold as stallion material then testing would be in order IF a person had to know before breeding. The only thing we really have to know is LWO results and if silvers involved ASD but breeding for color some want to know all the other up front too. I remember years ago (may take me a while to remember the breeder) a mare being lab tested silver-buckskin-dun and the beautiful shade of brown she was! That's when I got so interested in the minis color genetics. It may interesting watching this one mature.
  13. Debby - LB

    Magic Marker 2018

    I'll read all the posts tomorrow so may have missed something pertinent if so I apologize...but I'm thinking like Mona that there's some silver there ...the eyelashes AND the striped hooves unless you got some appaloosa in there those are silver characteristics. edited to say I love him and his color!
  14. Debby - LB

    New Forum Look

    sorry just saw this. Yes, it's been there it's not new.
  15. Debby - LB

    New Forum Look

    Cayuse the trophy for a thank you is what confused me, I think it kinda weird. Seems like having the names of the people there who liked the post was nicer than having to click on the number to see. It is nicer I think to have other emotions there though. I'd have to look but I'm pretty sure the font is the same default size. You can adjust the size on your browser if need be. Which one do you use? I might be able to help you. When it's all done I'll see if I can increase the default size. Really Holly? darn, I'm sorry. not sorry I got to use the sad face instead of the heart hahaha. Seriously that's odd cause It's auto responsive. For me, once I connected to the site via mobile it was so much better than the old version. I was really happy to see that since the old mobile version was awful or that's what I thought. This is something I'll have to find out about. I hope it gets better for you. chanda me too, I had to redo mine. I don't like notifications either from anywhere...anyway look up at the top right and click the little drill-down next to your name, there should be a "settings" link there and if you click it you'll see "notification settings" there on the right. Let me know if you have a problem finding it.