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  1. Mona


    He looks silver buckskin. Or brown buckskin.
  2. How do you know the foal has luxating patellas? Perhaps in a newborn, they are luxating for a specific reason. Due to positioning inside of dam, lack of space etc. Is she straightening out at al yet?? Can you post new pics and possibly short video clip?
  3. I guess if you cannot afford a vet, the only thing you can really do then at this point, is to continue helping the foal nurse and to ensure she's getting enough to eat. Maybe once she starts moving around more and is up on her feet more, she'll slowly unfold.
  4. That's a TALL newborn. Wondering if maybe it has something to do with being so cramped up inside, she maybe didn't grow properly??
  5. I would say that if she is rubbing herself on something, possibly that could cause it.
  6. She looks like she has a typical broodmare figure. (not visibly in foal, in my opinion, based on these pics)
  7. Mona

    Gelding senior stallion

    At 26 years old, I would say just leave him a stallion. I am all for gelding, but at that age, the procedure might not be worth the risk and it won't change his behavior anyway.
  8. Yes, no kidding!! I have a friend that raises Arabs and I gave her this info. She said she tried several doses of Oxytocin to no avail. I assume both would work in a similar manner.
  9. Chanda, interesting!! Was there ever any discussion in the comments afterwards as to how long after birth this would last if tried? I mean is 3 days after baby is born to late to try or does it have to be within first 24 hours or ??? Or can it work on a week old or a two week old? I guess the sooner the better though becausae once the foal starts eating from another source, it's usually harder to try and get them back onto mama.
  10. She already said she's been milking the mare to feed the foal. (so that is good, and was very important that the foal get the colostrum. I would try tying the mare up short (snug) to a wall, and then tieing her near back leg up with a rope that ties around her neck, Then when she tries to kick at the foal, she will "trip" herself, and realize that it is a reaction to her kicking. Try getting the foal to nurse from her every couple of hours while she tied this way, and also allow the foal to stand in front of the mare. Hopefully by doing this a few times and actually having the foal nurse, she'll calm down, accept the foal as her own, and start treating it accordingly. Good Luck!
  11. Mona

    CYROMAZINE fly product

    I was reading up on this, and found this statement interesting, and quite possibly, the reason they had to stop putting it into feed. "While cyromazine has a low mammalian toxicity, it may cause adverse effects on reproduction and development if ingested." http://pesticides.news/2017-12-07-cyromazine-toxicity-side-effects-diseases-and-environmental-impacts.html
  12. Mona

    New Forum Look

    I don;t have to scroll sideways but still find it slow opening pages. 😞
  13. Mona

    She’s here!

    CONGRATULATIONS! Sounds like a wonderful experience for you! Horses are so different than dogs when it comes to birthing. They can go from what looks like nothing to a baby there in a matter of minutes as you witnessed. If it's not fast, then THAT IS need for concern and worry.
  14. ANY TIME! No way of knowing for sure! Good luck! Hope you'll be sleeping with one eye open!