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  1. Mona

    Magic Marker 2018

    From what I can see in the pic of the foal nursing, mom looks pinto. Has she been tested for silver? Maybe she carries??
  2. Mona

    Magic Marker 2018

    Can you please post pics of dam and sire?
  3. Mona

    Magic Marker 2018

    I would say silver black. Those white eyelashes make me think silver.
  4. Mona

    Missouri Forget Me Not Horse Rescue

    So glad you found the help you needed. I wish more people would do like you have, and admit they have a problem and cannot keep them, rather than hanging on and neglecting them. We all too often see so many horses half starved and feet not taken care of because the owner refuses to believe they need help, or is too proud to ask for it. KUDOS to you!!
  5. Mona

    Easy boots

    If I were you, I would snug those up tighter around the leg so that big gaping area is not there. That will allow too much road debris in, and it is that type of thing that will likely be of concern to start rubbing.
  6. Mona

    I'm so bummed

    Do you think there is ANY chance they don;t have your number?? Maybe either misplaced it or got it written down incorrectly, why you are not getting the calls? If I were you, I would call the person in charge of making the calls to everyone and directly speak with her about what's been going on. Maybe you are thinking/feeling the worst thing when actually it may be some sort of problem or misunderstanding, and even if they say no, it;'s not that, they don;t feel you fit into their group, at least then you KNOW, and can stop fretting and move onto a different group??
  7. Mona

    Tough 1 Grazing Muzzles

    Yes, and you'll be amazed at how much they can still actually get with the muzzles on!!
  8. Mona

    Tough 1 Grazing Muzzles

    I would recommend mini for all.
  9. Mona

    Can it be real?

    It sounds VERY possible that she is going through normal changes of udder development of a mare in foal.
  10. LOL!! OK, I guess that one went over my head! LOL! Got it all straightened out now. LOL!!
  11. Debby, Maryann was not disputing anything...she was "adding" to your comment. She said Last Chance Rescue, not LB. BUT, Maryann, it was not named Last Chance Rescue...it was Chances Miniature Horse Rescue (CMHR).
  12. When you look past the belly and look at the hind legs, you can see she is standing at an angle, so the "lop-sidedness" may not be as much if pic was taken straight on. Mares can and will often have a clear fluid, but I have never seen it just "leak out". Judging from only that one photo of her teats, I would hazard a guess that if she's in foal, she is not in the "imminent" frame of her pregnancy.
  13. Google Horse Rescues in Missouri. They are generally all breed rescues so can help you out even though yours are minis. Good Luck! This one is a registered rescue and is 501c as well, so a good option to contact for surrendering your horses. https://www.missouriforgetmenot.org/
  14. CONGRATULATIONS!! Hard to say in the light of the barn, but he looks to be a silver dapple maybe?? I would not interfere with the milk replacer unless it is very much needed, which it doesn't sound like it is. The best milk for him is from his dam, and especially for colostrum sake.