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  1. Zergling

    Opinions on how he looks

    I think they both look pretty good. Not over or under weight. Both are definitely cuties.
  2. Zergling

    Kodak Moments

    My favorite photo I've ever taken
  3. Zergling

    Getting back into the routine

    Like Ryan says he looks great for 22. I wouldn't worry about the grey. Horses are like people and dogs in this respect. Some go grey early. My dogs muzzle has started to grey at age 5. My last dogs muzzle greyed at about the same age, 5 or 6, and she lived to be 15 which is great for her breed. My old quarter horse was 29 when he left and he had no grey at all.
  4. Zergling

    Getting back into the routine

    LOL that photo caught him with his tongue hanging out. My stallion is a bit of a trouble maker. Lately he's been amusing himself trying to pull the door off its hinges and pulling on the gate. His other favorite pastime used to be knocking his water bucket over, flipping it over his head and running around like a fool with it on his head. I may have video of that somewhere. Hilarious.
  5. Zergling

    Baby Pictures!!!

    He is so adorable. He'll be a pretty one for sure.
  6. Zergling

    What color would you call this coat?

    You are probably right. Here is her sire. I was curious more than anything. We aren't planning for any more breedings any time soon.
  7. Zergling

    What color would you call this coat?

    It won't me post more than one photo sometimes, even when I know they are below the max total size and even if they aren't in the same post. I'll try again later.
  8. Zergling

    What color would you call this coat?

    Beautiful horses. Your Silver is adorable and her coat is much like Coral's. I think I would also call her dam sorrel with a flaxen mane and tail. Her sire is bay roan. Here is her dam. I have to make a new post for her sire.
  9. Zergling

    What color would you call this coat?

    Thanks Magic. Both for the information and the compliment. She has a heart of gold and super affectionate. I'd love to see pictures of yours. I wish I knew more about how different genes mix to get different coat combinations. Like did this come from her fathers roan gene? They were all wormed later than normal this year because of the late spring. Now that I think about it, maybe her fathers coat was the same way until he was older.
  10. I had read somewhere that jack/mare matings had half the chance of horse/horse from genetic standpoint. My personal experience is that my jack is interested but not interested enough to actually complete the mating. If he did it didn't take. He didn't bother my mare at all but he did take a shine to her filly when she was two so I started separating them once the days start getting longer. because I didn't want her pregnant that young. He is fine with them during the winters. I know a fellow who breeds mules so I'll have to see what he says regarding success rates etc.
  11. We also have a donkey jack that we used to let stay with the girls until he decided one year he found them attractive and started chasing them around. We were also worried for a while that he got our filly but he didn't. Donkey/horse matings aren't often as successful as horse/horse because of their differences. I'd say the odds are probably against her being pregnant. There are tests you can have done if you are concerned. I believe I read there is even a home pee test for horses.
  12. Zergling

    Gelding senior stallion

    My stallion is also wintering with the girls over winter and he has had a quarterhorse gelding pasture mate but he absolutely hates our jack who is terrified of him and runs into the woods despite being twice his size.
  13. Zergling

    Hi from new member

    Hi Littlebuddy and welcome to the forum from NS Canada. Your horses are beautiful.
  14. Its so hard to tell. My mare looked almost the same pregnant as she does when she's not until she was about two months from foaling. Then she looked like she had a medicine ball in there. Can you tell when she's had her last heat or does she not show it like mine? I have a stallion right beside them and the only way to tell is they hang around his stall door more often than usual.
  15. Zergling

    Gelding senior stallion

    I would also agree that gelding him now could be a waste of money and possibly harmful as surgical risks increase with age. It is possible he would be less reactive to mares in heat but the other stud behaviors would probably remain. How is he with geldings? Does he have a buddy?