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  1. Zergling

    New Forum Look

    I'm new so I don't remember the old look so I guess it doesn't matter. The forum looks nice but load times a little slow... I wondered why and now I understand. I run a different forum elsewhere and these things can be a bit of a pain but once its done and the bugs are worked out I'm sure it will be grand.
  2. Zergling

    She’s here!

    So adorable. Congratulations on your beautiful foal. Nothing lifts the spirits more than watching a healthy foal learn the ways of the world.
  3. Zergling

    New to driving

    Thanks Peggy. I am in Nova Scotia, Canada. Yes, I agree, nothing beats having someone with practical experience helping you in person. I actually do know a person, the one who sold me the harness, but I feel like they are too busy and I hate imposing. I just remembered they did mention there was a mini driving group that meets around here. I really should stop by and ask about it. I could meet some more mini people that way too.
  4. Zergling

    New To Pony's and need advice

    My mare was was in pretty bad shape when I rescued her. She had a serious parasite load, lice, open wounds on her legs from where she was tangled up in something, and quite emaciated from the poor diet and digestion because of the parasites, despite the bulging belly. She also had patches where she was missing hair but from not obvious cause like rain rot or mites. What remained of her coat was dry and brittle. It took about two years for her to come around to what she looks like today. Worming and DE took care of the parasites and lice. Treated the wounds and kept flies off them and they healed nicely. Her diet was simple. Good quality hay and forage, Equimax, flax seed, beet pulp, and DE for ongoing parasite prevention. With the proper diet and the immediate health concerns dealt with, her mane and coat grew better with time. It's been about 4 years now... I think... but her coat is shinier and healthier than ever. Happy to see another rescued horse. You've done well with her. If you keep up with what you are doing she should continue to get a better coat. The only difference is the fact that she is a senior so they can take longer to improve and you may reach a plateau due to her age. I've not had horses long enough to care for a senior so you'll have a different set of requirements than my young mare would. Hope that helps
  5. Zergling

    My mini herd - New to the forum

    Sadly, I have no idea of his pedigree. He had no papers which wasn't a concern at the time. I bought him as a pet, my first horse. I didn't think for one second I would be interested in breeding or showing him. I had no idea he would turn out to be so pretty. I tried to contact the previous owner years later but I was told they had passed so its a dead end. I think that brindle look is an effect of the roan gene. His winter coat has much less grey/white except for along his back and a small patch here or there. His main and tail are liberally sprinkled with grey/white with a frosted look at the top of the mane and base of his tail. Here is a picture of his winter coat for comparison. It is very thick and fluffy. Makes him look a little overweight, which he isn't. "Does this fur coat make my butt look big" he says.
  6. Zergling

    My mini herd - New to the forum

    Here is Oscar the friendly jack having a nap in the pasture on a sunny winter day. Not a care in the world.
  7. Zergling

    New to driving

    Thanks to you both. On the breeching, I guess its a good thing the land is very flat around here so not an immediate concern. Also, it will be a while before I get a cart or even feel comfortable hooking her up to one and getting in. As you both say, I need the stand and whoa to be perfect. I'd say she is at 80% now so I'll be doing more work with her in the harness. It doesn't look very showy so I doubt its a show harness. Its leather and quite plain. To be honest, I'm not familiar with any of this stuff. My first horse was Mr Handsome as a foal seven years ago when I bought this property. My only experience with horses was at the occasional exhibition and a trail ride or two. Never trained them and have never really been around them as a city person. I've always wanted horses so I moved to the country and bought a small farm. After him I got my quarter horse and it was all downhill from there haha. Two rescues and a foal later and here I am getting into training them as an excuse to spend more time with them. By chance I saw a video of someone skiing behind a small pony and I decided I wanted to try driving first and skiing later. Sadly, there is no one I know locally with driving experience, or know well enough to ask. I have a few great friends that do penning, barrel racing and go trail riding with but not driving. They have been a great help so far with general horse things so I'm sure they'd be willing to lend a hand when I need it. My neighbor has a great ring and has offered to let me use it for training when I need it. Dakota has been fantastic. I really think she looks forward to the training. I never have to chase her and she doesn't fight me at all. I always groom her before and after and that is something she really likes so maybe that's it. Her and Coral both come running when the brushes come out. A real pair of princesses lol.
  8. Zergling

    Hubby has the light on but no one is homel

    I feel your pain. My mom's sister developed early onset alzheimers when I was about 8 and she moved in with us so my mother could care for her. She went downhill really fast. Went from forgetting things and talking to herself to extremely violent behavior and screaming at the mirrors. She would yell in a language of her own creation while she opened and slammed the same door repeatedly for hours on end. We had to turn all the mirrors in the house around and remove the ones we weren't using. Also had to put locks on all the doors and remove hers so she wouldn't slam it all hours of the day. It was terrifying to my brother and I at the time because we were only kids. The day she chased both of us down the street with a giant BBQ fork was the end of that. She had to go in a home with professional care. It could always be worse. You can only do what you can do. Vent all you need. Try to remember its not his fault. He didn't ask for this and if he has the understanding he would feel terrible about it. Good luck with your struggle.
  9. I hope your foal comes soon. Excited to see the photos. My mare, her and our first foal was a completely different experience. She was running a few weeks overdue and still no obvious signs of impending birth. Her udder barely filled out. Started to think we had misjudged her conception date or something. Came out in the AM to feed and water them and everything was as it always was. Came out again a few hours later and baby Coral was standing there nursing. Just like that. Mildly sad we missed the experience but very happy that it was so easy for them both.
  10. Zergling

    My mini herd - New to the forum

    Yes indeed. I've been all over this province and its the best view. Even beats the Cabot Trail IMO. Hiked the trails many times. We'll take the pup up there this summer for some more hiking too.
  11. Zergling

    My mini herd - New to the forum

    Here is the whole herd in one shot with their fluffy winter coats. Oscar included. The forum keeps giving me an error saying I can only post 4.88 MB photos and wouldn;t let me post this before but its letting me now. Maybe spam control? Coral and her dad have the same winter beards. Hilarious.
  12. Zergling

    My mini herd - New to the forum

    Hi Cayuse. Pleased to meet you. Thanks! I did just that. I started a new thread though... and I will look at the driving hours thread. Yes, NS is Nova Scotia and Canning is not very far from me. About 40 minutes drive. We go up to the look off all the time to get ice cream and enjoy the view of the Valley. Small world! I only know one person with minis in real life so having a place to come and ask questions and socialize with other mini people is great.
  13. Zergling

    New to driving

    I'm new to driving and another member suggested I introduce myself. I've just gotten a harness, second hand, and have her wearing it occasionally to get used to it. I've been working with her, getting her used to different things. Noise, traffic, water, tarps, other animals, obstacles etc and she's awesome. Nothing seems to spook her much. I've been told I should start dragging a tire or something similar behind her, and walking behind that. Should that be my next step? My harness is missing one piece though, the britching. Can I work without it for now? Is there a place where I can just buy that, without needing to buy the whole harness. The person I bought if from claims it isn't needed but I'm skeptical. How else does the cart keep from running up on her legs without it? I don't have a cart yet either but I'm looking. Here is Dakota, my carting girl. Thanks