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  1. Kristal Hoof

    Newbie with questions.

    Thank you both. I will contact my vet today.
  2. Kristal Hoof

    Newbie with questions.

    Hello, I am new here. We have a 12 year MiniaturexShetland gelding. When we got him the seller was vague on his worming schedule. I know in goats that if you have a goat that has not been wormed in years and you give a full dose you can kill them with the high toxic level from the dying worms. Is that the same in horse? From what I understand is it may have been 2-3 years since he was last wormed. What would you recommend? I also don't want to under dose and cause a built up immunity. So advice would be greatly appreciated. The previous owner mention he was started in driving. But I don't know how to drive. Where would be a good place to start getting knowledge in driving?