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  1. Good spot-I always think my photos are too dark to see details! I've noticed the edema for maybe a week. Chicken pox is thankfully all gone, though it didn't stop my daughter hanging out with her ponies all week!
  2. Hi Ryan, sorry for the late reply-I've been under the cosh to get finished demolishing the interior of my farmhouse ready for the plasterers to put everything back together, plus, we've been visited by the Chicken Pox Fairy, so the last couple of weeks have been intense!! So, short answer: still unsure. Long story: apologies for it being so loooong!! Well, Els is looking amazing right now; the winter coat has just seemed to dissolve before my eyes (I've never had to do so little to get the winter fluff away..) and she's now all sleek and shiny and beautiful.. but still fat. I contacted my vet for a blood test, we've had school holidays here so she was away, so I'm penciled in for a slot on Friday/Monday. In the meantime, I ordered a urine test, because, why not?! I couldn't get the wee foal, so ordered the equine P-test. The day it arrived, Els was very cresty and I decided 100% she was just fat and things needed to change asap. So, the test came up with a bright and clear indication of late-term pregnant. Then I spoke to another Shetland owner who told me that her gelding recently tested positive with the new test, so not to trust it... I've moved Els to less grazing . She has access to my track system with my draft mare during the day and they mostly doze together in the shelter. At night, my big girl gets access to the lovely grass inside of the track and Els gets a bare paddock next to it. So far, so good. No more milk has been seen and her behaviour has been normal and very cute. The other day, she nuzzled my top into a little nest for her nose and fell asleep-sound asleep-stood leaning on me. She really is a pony with character. We've also been quarantined for a while now due to an epidemic of EVH-1 here in France, so I've just been schooling her and doing walks around our property. The only odd thing that I've noticed was her respiration rate today went through the roof. I was workin on a room overlooking the field shelter and I was sneakily watching the girls for a while and noticed that she was breathing crazy fast. I went down to her and her nostrils were flaring with every breath, respiration was 60 breaths/min. Panic set in and I went to retrieve a headcollar to bring her in before I rang the vet.. So as soon as she sees the headcollar, she starts prancing around and shaking her head at me and leads me on a merry dance around the track (at this point, I stop think she's dying..). I finally got her inside, checker her temp, checker her pulse, checked pretty much everything and got my hair thoroughly groomed in return. Everything was fine, the respiration rate slowed right down after a while and I have no idea what that was about, but it worried me. We did have hot weather and very loud thunder rumbling around, but she didn't seem bothered by that; she was comforting my terrified border collie for most of it.. I've attached some pictures of her current physique. She was sneaking five minutes with my big girl this eve while I moved a fenceline. Sorry for the giant essay!!!
  3. Hate to admit it, but thats one of my garden areas (not the clover one)!! It was too long to mow and I couldn't face strimming it all so the girls got let loose for 15 minutes a day on it.. Its back to being a garden now. my belly woes all began with me worrying that she was getting too fat and would founder-my first pony (Welsh, Section A) suffered badly with it and we ended up keeping him at a riding school to give him max exercise, which kept him sprightly and throwing kids off until late in his 20s Our actual fields are a mess, winter has been long and exceptionally wet and everything is taking its time to recover so the girls havent had much exposure to spring grass. Things are warming up now though so I can stop complaining about the cold and wet and get on with moaning about the flies and it being too hot for my hairy mares!
  4. Nope, it's only 60 euros plus the visit, but it was my vet who recommended to just watch and wait instead! The rather silly reason I haven't had a test is that I feel like we're seeing our vet all the time anyway ( she's treating our border collie for cancer, he's doing great, but we have a lot of appointments..) and I don't want to take up her time as I know she's busy getting a new partner settled in the office. Last night when I checked Élégante's rear to see if she needed another wash down, she was winking at me (never seen her do this before) and today I looked again and she's got a light-coloured mucousy discharge, so maybe she's in season and maybe she's just a podgy mare with witches milk. For now, I'm going to keep an eye on her and just enjoy the beautiful MMM foal updates! If anything changes, I'll update. Thanks again all for excellent advice x
  5. Thanks for the help again. She lives out, so her diet is all grass, with new any exposure to rich pasture being added by increment each day. Ive been following your advice about putting my arms around her belly but so far Ive felt nothing. Yesterday when she was laid down it did look like things were moving around inside, but with the flies it could have been her twitching, I guess! I havent come across any clover on my fields, plenty on my lawn though that she does have a passing cheeky nibble of in the way back to her fields.. Ill keep watching and wondering!!
  6. Thank you again for your replies! I finally contacted her old owner and he reckons she's never foaled, but also couldn't help me with whether she's been in the company of a stallion, so I wasn't too confident in him. She doesn't look so wide from behind today. I have taken a thousand photos today, but none of them are spectacular-the combination of blazing sunshine and black pony has made things difficult! I'm not going to complain about the lovely weather though, very overdue here! As for the liquid, it was very much white, but I didn't pay too much attention to the consistency of it or anything. I was just a bit shocked. Today, we have had another new and slightly gross development-sorry if anyone is eating. She is dribbling a poopy liquid down herself. It's on her teats, down her legs, in her tail. She has had very normal droppings, no diarrhea, but has been letting out little farts along with a couple of drops of the accompanying liquid. I gave her a good, gentle wash this evening and she tried to bite me a couple of times, which isn't her usual style at all. Other than that, she's still being very cuddly and happy, taking lots of naps, flat out on the ground, but that's nothing new for her and it has been very warm today. Thanks again for any insights! Mon x
  7. Hello all. I have been quietly following the forum and observing my girl and her boobs for three past few weeks and driving myself mad. Well, this evening we have white liquid from her teat. Could it be anything but milk?! She is being an absolute darling this week, very cute and cuddly.
  8. Thank you all so much for all your advice; I knew this form would totally rock! I have contacted a dentist so hopefully both of my babies will have lovely smiles and perfect mastication soon. I did think Ellie had fairly long teats going on - I have no point of reference with my big mare, Samba, as she's had at least 4 babies and gravity has taken its toll somewhat.. I did have a light-bulb moment when I remembered that I scanned her registration documents before I sent them off to change the ownership details, so I looked up her reproduction history and there's no registered foals, but she could have had an unregistered one. I also did some digging and found some contacts for an old owner, but he's not answering the phone right now so I'll have to try later. I'm slightly weirded out by the thought that my lil one could have already had a foal; she just seems too much of a baby herself! MMM - thank you for the tip, I'm going to go and give her the biggest belly hug now and see what I can feel..
  9. Here's my girl's teats, if anyone has any opinions!
  10. Thanks! I think she's pretty cute too and she's just the cuddliest pony I've ever met. One of the vets checked them in Feb and said that they were fine, but I've not had the dentist out yet. It's probably something I should put on my list!
  11. Thanks so much for taking the time to reply to my worries!! I checked her this evening, her spine can be felt, hips not really and it appears that she doesn't own any ribs (I tried for a good while to find any under the fluff, but she's definitely got adequate padding over them!). I'll pass by the feed shop in the morning and get her some alfalfa-I love the smell of it too, so I can't wait! I am definitely a worrier about founder.. If she is pregnant, my vet roughly calculated that she'd be more than 6 months, if she stopped coming into season over winter. Hard to say really.. If I'm looking for pregnancy symptoms, I can find them; she's rubbing her rear on a poor young tree and biting her sides sometimes, but she could just have itches! She lies down a couple of times in the morning, often flat-out on the grass, but my big horse is usually stood dozing by her side, so it could just be their designated nap time.. I took some photos of her teats this evening but I don't know whether they're informative or if I can attach them here. She is loving all the attention though!
  12. Hi, thanks for your reply! She's up-to-date with her worming, I've had to worm and reworm both girls in January because my draft horse came to me completely infested. I've never seen anything like it (she was on her way to the butchery; they're supposed to be up-to-date with their wormers if they're going for human consumption. It was horrific..). Ellie has never shown any worms in her droppings either and I clean my fields pretty much daily so I'm very vigilant! Protein: she's not on anything except grass and hay so, given that the grass is still dormant here, she needs something extra. I'm in rural France and the way of keeping ponies here is very different to everything I've ever been used to! My previous horses were stabled at night, had feeds, supplements and haylage. Here, the ponies live out in the field with a bit of hay. It's a learning curve.. As for being in foal, I don't see why not. I was told that she was kept with other ponies at her original home, so it's possible. She also used to wriggle out under the fences at the riding school, and they do have a (magnificent) Shetland stallion, so there's a slim chance she got in with him. I've had a look at her teats but I'm none the wiser.. I spoke with my vet on Monday and she just advises 'watch and wait'!
  13. Hello Everyone! I am new to the forum, but have been reading it for a little while! I am a new owner of this little one, Élégante. Here's a bit of her backstory.. She will be 4 next week and came to me through my local riding school, who had recently bought her from a dubious character. She was schooled and socialised and then came to me for my 4 year old daughter, and they make a brilliant pair, I couldn't be more proud! We've had her since early December, to begin with she was very nervous and distrusting in the stable (fine in the field) and seems to have had some bad experiences with hands. I assume she's been hit around. In four months, we seem to have totally gained her trust and she doesn't shy from anything and is obsessed with snuffling everything; me, my clothes, the chickens.. she's very sweet and very loving. She developed strangles in January and was very miserable, needed two rounds of antibiotics and has made an excellent recovery, but lost all of her top-line. She lives out, we have plenty of grass and she has access to hay, but eats very little of it. So, getting to the point, she has a lil belly going on. I'd like your opinions on her shape.. Small breeds terrify me as I'm constantly worrying that they're going to get too fat, founder etc.; and I have no point of reference as I've always had cobs and heavy-build horses. I know she has lost condition due to illness, but her tiny shoulder and big belly combination make me nervous! I also remember thinking, when I asked the vet about her condition after the strangles, that yes, her back was sunken, but she still had her belly. The vet didn't comment on the belly, but she was rushed. Can I have some opinions please? My first photo, in the pink halter, is December, when she arrived. The other photos are from this week. Thanks in advance!