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    Pasture security?

    Chandab, the game camera is a great idea! Much more affordable and easier to set up. Miniv, I do kind of wonder if it is just kids messing around here too. There are new padlocks placed now so if nothing else, they ought to know we are watching closely. If anything else happens, I will try to get some photos.
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    Pasture security?

    Not sure exactly where this belongs, but it is not exclusively about my minis so I thought i would put it here. We got up this morning and discovered that our electric fence had been messed with overnight and was partially down. So a little pertinent information: The entire back acreage is fenced in with chain link, with the back half being the pony pasture and the front half being yard for the dogs. The pony pasture also has electric fence running about 6 inches in on the inside of the chain link to keep my guys from pushing on the chain link. There is a shed/barn with the hay storage, stall/run in space, and mower space with an overhead door. The power supply to the electric fence is inside of this mower space behind an overhead door. There are two gates to the back yard that are both at the front of the property closest to the house and both have locks on them. The smaller gate's lock had rusted and was not actually closed, just hanging on the latch to look like it. That lock has been replaced this morning with a new one. Other lock is fine. Overhead door has a latch, but no lock - which will be remedied as soon as I can get to the store to pick up another padlock. The part of the electric fence closest to the shed, where it comes out from the power source, had been pulled up. I would have thought that one of my guys just got caught in it and pulled it away except for two things. A couple of the step-in posts from the electric fence had been pulled partially through the chain link - towards the outside. No way a spooking pony can thread one of those through and start pushing it out. And the power supply for the fence had been unplugged. Which means they would have had to get into the shed through the overhead door. Nothing appears to be missing, just messed with. We live in a very rural, usually quiet neighborhood. I have no idea what someone would be trying to accomplish by this. It's not like the electric fence is valuable, and had they been intending to steal the ponies they would have already been inside the back yard to unplug the fence and could have just opened the gate to get them. I am planning on posting a mess of no trespassing signs around the exterior, and a couple of "smile you're on camera" signs close to the shed. Finances do not allow me to actually buy a security camera system just now, but that is probably coming too. Have any of you had to deal with a similar situation? Any ideas for other things I could do? I don't know much at all about security camera systems, and what I have researched so far is pretty confusing. There isn't much back there that is valuable, just my babies. And it is my babies I am afraid of them harming or trying to steal. Short of sitting out there with a shotgun overnight I am not sure what to do.
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    GAME OVER!!!

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    GAME OVER!!!

    21 please