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  1. Already have that covered, we are gelding him at 3 months old, for that reason exactly. I did LOTS of research when he was born on the topic thank you!
  2. Hes a love bug ❤
  3. She is a little overwhelmed at times, like when all the barn girls want to go see him. And when the vet and the farrier needed to look at him, but other than that she is doing very well. She is more okay with my kids messing with him than anyone else.
  4. This was the frantic text I got from the lady who was feeding Wednesday when he was born....
  5. We had NO idea she was pregnant! Nor did her former owner, or the vet, or the farrier. LOL! She was on a diet, and an exercise program since the mare was obese. She never got fatter since we've had her, a blessing but cause the lady who fed the morning he was born to almost have a heart attack. She thought he was a coyote hahaha. His name is Outlaw
  6. Little boy His Name is "Skye's Surprise Outlaw", Outlaw for short. Who knew I needed a little Mule foal in my life?
  7. This chunky 36" mare we bought back in August gave us a little surprise gift. A little boy who looks to be a mule. LOL, shocked is an understatement. Our vet came out and his IGG was perfect, and him and Mom are very healthy.