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    Newbie Questions

    There is a local vet that I am acquainted with and he is wonderful. He has a farm with horses and cattle...and Inknow he will give advice when needed. I also have a friend who lives and breaths horses and mules. She will give advice and mentoring if needed as well. I am located in North Alabama.
  2. Shellygirl

    Newbie Questions

    All of you have given sound advice...thank you! My husband and I took a drive over to look at the ponies and well, that was a mistake! They are such beautiful boys...that I worry I will not take your sound advice and go ahead and get them! Luckily, we still have to modify our barn and make other preparations before homing any pony...so that will give me time to think on it more and hopefully make the best decision for us. Note to self...dont go meet the ponies...you will want ALL the ponies! Haha!
  3. Shellygirl

    Newbie Questions

    Thanks to both of you for some very good advice. It is a lot to think about for sure. We have a small barn that we can modified to work for them...but not a corral. That would have to be addressed. And I have a livestock veterinary friend who can offer advice if needed. He has a farm with horses, etc. Hmmmm...I will put more thought and prayer into it. Thanks again for your help!
  4. Shellygirl

    Newbie Questions

    I have zero horse experience. I am unsure of their age...but none of them are geldings. I do have a lot of patience and have taken in rescue dogs for years. I currently have an English bulldog who is incontinent and has to be diapered and given more attention than a dog without that issue. I am a photographer and have a studio...but my schedule is flexible enough to sustain farm and animal care. I am not afraid to work hard and put in the hours required. I also have a very supportive family and my 14 year old son will share responsibility as well. Hes a good boy who loves all animals.
  5. Shellygirl

    Newbie Questions

    Hello...I have never owned miniatures before but have an 8 acre farm and looking to add farm animals as members of our family. I have recently met a man in my area who has miniatures and is looking to downsize his farm. He has 3 minis for sale and I am very interested. They are all 3 male and have been pasture animals with no training. My intension with the minis is to give them a good home, take good care of them and train them to lead and just be good pets. In this scenario...any advice or information that can be given is truly appreciated. The main questions is...I know I want at least 2...for their happiness...but am worried about taking on 3 right away. I want to work with them...would I be biting off more than I could chew with 3?