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    Hey all! New to the forum and to the world of raising and showing minis. I've loved horses since I was about 3 but riding was never in the cards for me. So I moved onto the dream of mini horses. I did the research best I knew how at the time and purchased 2 mares and 1 stallion about 4 months ago. I've got all the paper work in order for amha and amhr for all 3. Things are going smooth and my stallion has begun his training. My end goal is to show as well as raise and sell foals. With the new year I'm now looking ahead to summer county fairs as a starting point for showing. I have zero experience showing horses. I've always owned horses but they were just my big babies...so I have zero clue on where to start with showing my minis in fairs. I would be doing only halter classes. I could really use some advice on what to expect during shows and what would be expected of me and my horse.