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  1. skippatuffson

    New To Two New Minis

    Cayuse, No I don't ride my mare. I bought her small enough so I wouldn't be tempted to ride. She is @ 13.1h and although she is built well is still too small for me. I enjoy her for her looks and showing in halter and showmanship. Yes, I think Tucker, the smoky black mini will be a lot of fun driving and I will enjoy that. I look forward to your pictures!
  2. skippatuffson

    New To Two New Minis

    Hi. My husband and I love NH and Maine. He graduated from the University of Maine. We visited NH a few times. I like Conway. We went on our honeymoon in NH, camped, went up Mt. Washington on the Cog Railway, etc. Fun. I will see if I can show you a couple pictures of my POA World Champion mare, Mia. She loves the minis and they all get along well. Show me some pictures of your minis???
  3. skippatuffson

    New To Two New Minis

    Hi Cayuse. Thanks. They are the pleasure type, no Arabian type here. AJ looks body wise like a little draft. I think Tucker, the smoky black app will be a bit more leggy and pleasure driving will will be his vocation. Where are you in New England? I was born in Providence, RI and lived in Scituate, RI until early adulthood. I taught school at Scituate Elementary School for 6 years. I love my two minis and Mia my POA. Sweet babies!
  4. skippatuffson

    New To Two New Minis

    Thank you. I can't wait for spring when I can clip, sweat necks, flatten mane, find legs, etc. so see what they really look like. My harness does look great on Tucker and I am excited about getting my cart!
  5. skippatuffson

    New To Two New Minis

    Good morning to all. I am new to minis. I have had horses and shown halter, western pleasure, trail, etc. all my life, but now with two knee replacements I have sold my dream horse to a youth to show in 4-H and pulled myself away from riding. Desiring to have horses still, I have a POA world champion mare, and two new miniature horses, AJ (9) pintaloosa, and Tucker (3) reg. AMHA appaloosa. Both are size B miniatures. I hope to drive Tucker since he has been well started and am in the process of buying a cart. My goals are to do pleasure driving around our farm, some trail driving, and a few open shows' classes in pleasure driving and obstacle driving. I have trained horses and ponies to drive but not for competition or trail driving and look forward to this forum for some pointers. Here are photos of my two boys. Carolyn (skippatuffson)