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  1. hello everyone! I am having a dilemma and i am trusting you to help me. Im looking into getting some miniature horses, probably two. But, i also want a miniature donkey. The only problem is my land isnt huge (1 1/2 acres). I read online that you can have up to three minis on one acre. I also read that mini horses and donkeys get along very well together; i just dont want the two horses to go off together and leave the donkey all alone. I also dont want to push it by getting two donkeys and two horses because of the limited amount of space that i have. So.. what do you guys think i should do? Do you think I will be able to have two horses and one donkey together? Should i just get two horses and no donkeys? Or should i not get anything at all? Thanks for your help! (and before anyone asks, yes horses are allowed in my neighborhood even though the lord are small)