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  1. Opie2017

    Estimated height

    My colt's dam and sire are between 32-34 inches tall, I was told my colt would probably mature to 30-31 inches and he is now 2 years old standing at about 29 inches. When do they mature to there height?
  2. Opie2017

    Color of Coat

    He is handsome and Thank you but don't let him fool you! He loves to throw his body on the ground when being lead, brushed or trying to get him to do something. IT is not because of an illness, he is just being a brat lol
  3. Opie2017

    Color of Coat

    Just trying to figure out what color my colt is, I know I have been told sorrel or Chestnut (flaxen mane and tail). But he wouldn't be considered a solid right? He has a reddish, blonde with some black hairs in his tail, he has the white face and white socks