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  1. Taz

    Can it be real?

    This might help you to post pictures, I got it to work and I'm awful with anything techy. Downloaded 'email pictures' app from the play store to my phone. Took pictures then opened app and selected and resized them to small. I then emailed them to myself and opened them on my chromebook and downloaded them. Posted those files here and it worked great. Sounds like a lot but didn't t take very long. Good luck!
  2. Oh, not that you can't figure this out but it might save you the trial and error I had.... Fold the extra at the bum under and a couple stitches will hold it, take the neck in on both sides with a couple stitches, put a butt strap on when you know where it should be and do the belly strap snug but not tight. It shouldn't move even if your little one does barrel roles like mine did hating the blanket the first couple days. What everyone says is true. All the worry and sleepless nights are worth it when they get here.
  3. I'm hardly one of the experts but just wanted to mention what worked great for me for blankets. A waterproof dog coat from the local tack store with a folded fleece blanket sown inside. My little guy has two and has been warm even in the rain/snow/wind crazy weather here. It's fast and easy. Good luck, you'll feel much better when you can see her all the time.
  4. Taz

    Magic Marker 2018

    OOOOH!! Can't wait to see what you get! Sending happy and healthy baby and momma thoughts your way. Good luck with the crazy weather
  5. Taz

    baby Oliver

    I rolled his lids a few times and they started coming right. Then I thought I shouldn't stop the antibiotic completely and was going to use it a couple more times to wean it off, well that got his lashes down again, UGG! So I stopped the cream and kept rolling his lids a few times a day( watching carefully for any problems that needed cream again) and they were starting back last night and look completely normal this morning. Thank you MInimor! I'll post some pictures when he starts shedding his baby fuz, and get some help figuring out what colour he is.
  6. Thanks Debby, I saw what she was saying but wasn't thinking dwarf either. She does lots of foals and is wonderful but doesn't have a lot of mini foals. I'm choosing not to worry about that and it really helps that you don't see it
  7. Taz

    baby Oliver

    All I was told about dad was he was black and white, I assume that means pinto. There also was a stud where I got her. I was told she hadn't been bred by him but he was a blue roan. She foaled at 355 days from the breed date I was given to the pinto and he looks like he got cooked enough so I'm leaning that way but she was moved right after that so I have no idea if she was still in season or not when she got to where the roan was......
  8. Taz

    baby Oliver

    I'll try it, thanks
  9. Taz

    baby Oliver

    Silver black or silver smokey black makes sense, mom is smokey black. I'll know when he sheds out but it's fun to guess. His eyes are being monitored by a vet. She doesn't want to do surgery at his size/age so we're doing ointment and watching for now, hoping he'll grow out of it. MMM I hope you get a little one soon! They are SO much fun!!!!!
  10. Taz

    baby Oliver

    Has anyone had any experience with their foals eye lashes pointing down instead of out? Ollie's eyes are doing better with the antibiotics in them every day but definitely bothering him. They are tearing constantly but at least that is keeping them moist. Sun one was red and swollen with pus in it and the other dry so his lashes actually were sticking to his eye ball. Poor baby! Not red anymore and no pus. I would love to hear about it if anyone had dealt with this. Here are a couple bad pictures from today. He's shades of grey, darker on his head, neck and back with two blue eyes. I have no idea what colour he's going to be, silver dapple was suggested from an even worse picture. LOL. Anyone want to take a guess?
  11. As of last night Ollie has caught up to where he should be and even felt like he has put on weight this morning when I moved him to a neighbors stall for more room and light. I think I'm supposed to get of here now and move any pictures and questions to the mane forum. I seem to be on e of 'those' mothers so pictures will be up there later. Thank you, thank you, thank you everyone, you were great!!!!!!
  12. I've named him Oliver. He's doing much better today although last night wasn't fun. By 7 he was starting to not look as good so I had to give him some milk replacer, it picked him up really fast. Izzy had to have more banamine around 9 and wasn't wanting him touching her until it kicked in so I watched them on camera for a few hours to make sure they were doing OK. He had a big nurse then wandered around looking a little dazed, trying to sleep standing up but falling over instead, roling a lot, and then went back for more food so I stopped worrying he was colicy and kept watching until he finally fell down and stayed there sleeping for 45 min. That was only the second time he had slept laying down. Got a bit of sleep after that but 40 min later he was walking into walls and not being able to find mom well, almost no nursing but energy looked OK. So I mixed up some formula and went out to feed him. Well, as soon as I turned the lights on her pirked right up, cantered around the stall a couple times, went straight to mom and had a good feed. He can't see when the barn lights are out, I never wold have thought about that. I left a flashligh on and he was great for the rest of the night and I got a bit of sleep. Vet came this afternoon. She thinks he might be very very mild dwarf because of his size(10-12lbs), femurs are short and his eyes are bulgy. She's not concerned about that and thinks he will either grow out of it mostly or not have any real problems. His bite is fine and his hearts good. His eyelids turn in so he's getting cream in then 3-4 times a day and hopefully he will grow out of it so we don't have to do surgery but her clinic is 30min away so that's at least easy. His IGg came in at 400 or slightly above so I'm watching carefully for a month but again she said they normally don't have a problem, here's hoping. I will try to get a couple better pictures of him so everyone can see how cute he is. He's the most wonderful grey colour, too bad he wont stay like that. Super sweet little guy, going to be spoiled rotten so it's a good thing Izzy is willing to tell him no, I don't think I'll be able to for a while.
  13. That's what he's doing. Lies down then jumps right back up. He's nursing a lot now but will drop his head and sleep 'in position' then wake up and either go back to it or have a canter around mom a time or two then go back to it. I'm thinking some of the nursing is because he's not really sleeping. He's stronger than he was this morning. I think a good flat out sleep and he'd turn into a monster.
  14. No name yet, nothing seems to fit. Suggestions are welcome though. Vet coming tomorrow for a blood test to check antibodies. She can also give him plasma if it's needed.