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  1. Northwolf

    Driving Hours 2018

    yesterday: 70 minutes with the team Massai/Moony and 40 minutes ground driving for Teddy
  2. Northwolf

    Tandem driving rig ?

    Hi Lynn I not sure but I've remembered I saw kind of tandem hitch with enlarged shafts on historical photos. I'll check this out. But I think it's not useful because it will be a very long vehicle and not flexible enough. If you make turns, in normal case, you turn the front horse before you turn the wheel horse. Because if you give the parade to both at the same time, the horses have to go sideways and not in a correct bend. Bending would not be possible with long shafts. Look at my amateur video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W86L-E6sT1I We're not perfect and they seem to be very wiggly 😉 (it's not easy to hold a camera AND control two lead lines AND drive on a crossroad while trotting) but as you can see in my video driving a slight turn, the front horse turns BEFORE the wheel horse does. This wouldn't be possible with enlarged shafts.
  3. Northwolf

    Driving Hours 2018

    I forgot: 50 minutes on Friday for the team Massai/Moony!
  4. Northwolf

    Driving Hours 2018

    Yesterday: 1 hour with the team Massai/Moony Today: 90 minutes with the team Teddy/Massai
  5. Northwolf

    Driving Hours 2018

    I did it! Hitched Teddy and Moony as a team What a great team! 50 min for them yesterday
  6. Northwolf

    Driving Hours 2018

    Drove Teddy and Massai yesterday as a team, 1 hour. Thanks MC for logging! :)
  7. Northwolf

    Driving Hours 2018

    last week was such a wonderful week! I enjoyed a few days of holidays and drove a lot... friday, may 4: 2 hours for Massai/Moony (team) sunday, may 6: 70 minutes for Massai/Moony monday: 30 minutes for Massai/Teddy (team) tuesday: 50 minutes for Moony (single) wednesday: 90 minutes for Massai/Moony (team) thursday: 50 minutes Massai (single) and 40 minutes Teddy (single) sunday, may 13: 70 minutes for Massai/Moony (team)
  8. Northwolf

    Self-made Miniature Horse Pack Saddle

    Thanks ;) We used a planer and a grinder to shape the boards. I think a hoof rasp would work too, but it's probably more work. I gave you a wrong information about the wood we used before I figured out we used pine wood for the boards and oak wood for the frame. I'm so sorry about the mistake! But I think it doesn't matter that much. 3. The Lower Boards The lower boards are supporting only and should not carry more than 1/4 to 1/3 of the total weight. They are much easier to shape. Dimensions may be the same as the upper boards, but not as thick as they are. 4. Frame For the wooden frame who holds the boards together, you need a lot of small pieces of wood. Dimensions are depending on your template. Look at to following pictures to figure out how they can look like. Im summary you have to create: - Two top parts with cutout for withers and spine - Four longer parts for the upper boards - Four shorter parts for the lower boards
  9. Northwolf

    Driving Hours 2018

    still not registered all my driving hours in april: I drove 30 minutes with the team Teddy/Massai on monday evening, april 30
  10. Northwolf

    Driving Hours 2018

    thursday, april 26: 50 minutes tandem driving Teddy/Massai friday: 40 minutes team Moony/Massai saturday: 2 hours team Teddy/Massai
  11. Northwolf

    Easy boots

    They say, the ideal moment for measuring is 10-14 days after trimming. I would measure now and after the trimming. If there is a huge difference (I think it will be not a big difference if his hooves are trimmed every four weeks ), I would calculate the average. For the Easy Boot (Mini), I would recommend to take the larger size if the measuring is between two sizes. I use size 2 for the front hooves of my horses and size 1 for Teddys back hooves. But size 1 is very tiny, even for a small mini
  12. Northwolf

    Your Drive Day

    Yes, I think you're doing the right. I wouldn't risk the horses health for a show, too. But it's a pity anyway, I appreciate you're disappointed about that I feel for you!
  13. Northwolf

    Self-made Miniature Horse Pack Saddle

    2. The Upper Boards The upper board is the most important and most difficult part of the saddle tree. As I explained before, it has to match perfect to your horses back, that's also why you have to create the templates. You need now two pieces of hard wood (we took oak wood) and cut it into the dimensions of the upper boards. The height of the boards will depend on your second cardboard with the profile of the back of your horse. I recommend to not be thinner that an inch at its most weaky point. Now, you have to shape the boards... until they look like my next sketch: It's a great idea to check up the correct profile a few times while shaping.
  14. Northwolf

    Self-made Miniature Horse Pack Saddle

    Here is the first part of my tutorial: 1. The Template The very first thing you should do BEFORE you start to build the original saddle is a template. I did one out of a cardboard and I fitted it exactly to my horses back. My model for the saddle tree was the swiss army pack saddle As you can see, the saddle consists out of two pair of boards instead of one. The main board (upper) should have the same position as normal saddle trees. You can find out more about the ideal saddle position e.g. here . The second pair of boards (lower) will be positioned at the horses costal arch. This part of the saddle will be more flexible than the upper part, because horses can loose weight very fast if you are on a longer hike. The lower board will carry not more than 1/4 to 1/3 of the total weight while the upper boards will carry the main part of the weight. If the templates size fits well to your horse, you need a second template to find out your horse backs profile. This will be for the upper boards, they need a "saddle tree profile". I recommend to use a piece of cardboard with the same length of the boards with the following profile (depends on your horses back!): With these two templates finished and perfect fitting, you're ready for the next step.
  15. Northwolf

    Easy boots

    I use Easy Boots too and I'm pretty sure it makes a difference and will be better with the shoes on. There are dampening pads available for the boots, or you can create your own pads out of a piece of a fitness mat. I did this for my old gelding who was wearing EB Epics years ago. He walked much better with the shoes on than without (he has osteo-arthritis). If you are looking for boots with a more flexible sole, the Equine Fusion are a great tip. I'm happy with both of them, EB and EF.