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  1. Northwolf

    Driving Hours 2018

    Yesterdays drive: 60 minutes for the team Massai/Moony
  2. Northwolf

    Draft horses near me

    Oh Marsha, I'm very sorry to hear about Buckly 😥 What kind of adventures has he had that your harness and cart is damaged... I wish I lived closer too. I think he would be great as a companion horse or be fixed by hitching in a team. Some horses are not able to work alone in the cart and I absolutely unterstand your needs, so I agree he's not working for you. Hope you'll find the best new home for him and have my fingers crossed on your search for a stable driving horse.
  3. Northwolf

    Driving Hours 2018

    Hi there 😃 We enjoyed holidays in northern Europe and returned back to Switzerland last week... I picked up the horses at their holiday residence on tuesday. They enjoyed their time of doing nothing too 😋 and I introduced them to the training on thursday. They have all a lot of motivation, a few bad habits (little bullheaded Teddy wanted to protract his holidays by eating grass all the time...) and are a bit out of shape, but it doesn't matter! My hours of driving: thursday, july 12: 50 minutes of team driving Teddy/Massai, 30 minutes of ground driving for Moony friday, july 13: 2 hours for the team Moony/Massai, 1 hour for Teddy saturday: 1 hour for Moony/Massai, 30 minutes of ground driving for Teddy sunday: 1 hour for Moony, 90 minutes team driving Teddy/Massai monday: 30 minutes for Teddy
  4. Northwolf

    Driving Hours 2018

    Thanks Marsha :) I did a last drive yesterday, 50 minutes for the team Massai/Moony. Today, I'll bring the three boys to their residence. Feeling a little bit bad about, because they will be not be worked the whole three weeks... but they'll have a large stable and pasture, and the person who's taking care of them is very hearty and gives very much effort in taking care of ponies.
  5. Northwolf

    Driving Hours 2018

    We were very busy with driving the last few days! I wanted to get the ponies work enough before they go to their holiday residence for the next three weeks... Yes, we will go on holiday for three weeks, we will depart on friday (oh my gosh, long time without horses, I hope I'll survive! :D). So, the driving hours are: thursday, june 14: 70 minutes Massai/Teddy, ground driving Moony 30 minutes friday: 60 minutes Massai/Moony, ground driving Teddy 40 minutes saturday: 90 single driving with Massai, 70 minutes driving Teddy sunday: 90 minutes Massai/Moony monday: 70 minutes Massai/Teddy, ground driving Moony 40 minutes
  6. Northwolf

    Driving Hours 2018

    friday, june 8: 80 minutes for the team Massai/Moony saturday: 60 minutes for the team Massai/Moony again and finally sunday: 60 minutes for the Massai/Teddy
  7. Northwolf

    Driving Hours 2018

    friday: 30 minutes for the team Massai/Teddy sunday: 60 minutes for Massai/Moony we had a horse agility competition on saturday, what great change to the usual thing I do with my horses :D they enjoyed it.
  8. Northwolf

    Your Drive Day

    Thumbs up for your decision, Marsha! I think Buckly will turn into a nice driving horse, he just needs self-confidence. If you're always in fear that he's turning into a Rowdy-like, you're sending the wrong signals by your subconscious and you cannot stop this. So the only way to break out of this pattern is getting professional help who can show Buckly that he's a cool and balanced driving horse. Good luck for Bucklys boot camp, I'm excited to hear about his progresses
  9. Northwolf

    which cart is right for me

    You like to drive on trails, don't you? And you have two horses who can be hitched together as a team, so I vote for the marathon for future team driving. It's better for the horses back to drive with four-wheeled carts when you drive trails. And driving a team is always more fun than driving a single horse.
  10. Northwolf

    Your Drive Day

    I agree with Marsha and Cayuse. I leased a mini two years ago. 15 yo gelding and not worked. He was such a nice, lovely boy! But he was his own man and his beliefs in live was to rather hang around on the pasture than working... Then, we discovered he had a genetic disease called tracheal collapse and vet advised to retire him because it's incurable. His future was to be a lovely pet for children. So the owner took him back for her little boy and I was looking for a new driving mini, then I found Teddy and Moony. I felt very bad at this moment, but I think this was one of the best decisions I've ever done. The mini with the incurable disease is now enjoying the retirement and he's very beloved by children in his new home. He is much happier there than he was here because he don't have any pressure to perform. I think it's better to have less minis and train them well than having more horses and not enough time for each. I have three mini horses (and my two old, retired ponies who have their rest home until they die at our place), but it's the maximum for me. It works, but it's only working because they do very well and I can train them all at a time when I have not enough time to work them separately.
  11. Northwolf

    Driving Hours 2018

    @Marsha Cassada He's doing great, he's such an awesome boy! 🙂 When I drive him single or ground driving he has room for improvement because controlling him to follow correctly the line instructions is not perfect, but it improve from time to time. In the team, he's working perfectly and he loves pulling! @MajorClementine Oh, what a pity But you can enjoy your horses without driving too! What about doing more ground driving work? Or hiking with the horses is fun too; we were on a short day trip in the alps on last sunday and we enjoyed it. Few weeks ago, I discovered a new discipline called "horse agility". Took a training course and work now with a trainer, we have our first competition on saturday. So, if you're not able to drive, it's a great chance to do something complete different! Drove Moony and Massai as a team yesterday again, 50 minutes.
  12. Northwolf

    Driving Hours 2018

    Weekend drivings: friday: 80 minutes with the team Moony/Teddy saturday: 90 minutes with the team Massai/Teddy 50 minutes ground driving for Moony
  13. Northwolf

    Driving Hours 2018

    yesterday: 70 minutes with the team Massai/Moony and 40 minutes ground driving for Teddy
  14. Northwolf

    Tandem driving rig ?

    Hi Lynn I not sure but I've remembered I saw kind of tandem hitch with enlarged shafts on historical photos. I'll check this out. But I think it's not useful because it will be a very long vehicle and not flexible enough. If you make turns, in normal case, you turn the front horse before you turn the wheel horse. Because if you give the parade to both at the same time, the horses have to go sideways and not in a correct bend. Bending would not be possible with long shafts. Look at my amateur video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W86L-E6sT1I We're not perfect and they seem to be very wiggly 😉 (it's not easy to hold a camera AND control two lead lines AND drive on a crossroad while trotting) but as you can see in my video driving a slight turn, the front horse turns BEFORE the wheel horse does. This wouldn't be possible with enlarged shafts.
  15. Northwolf

    Driving Hours 2018

    I forgot: 50 minutes on Friday for the team Massai/Moony!