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  1. Magic Marker Miniatures

    What color would you call this coat?

    Your mare is probably hiding the silver gene. Only way to know for sure is have her tested. That is probably where you got the silver dapple.
  2. Magic Marker Miniatures

    What color would you call this coat?

    This is Silver. She has some dapples. Her dam is black, no silver. Her sire is smoky silver black. He is homozygous silver and black. He looks like the Rocky Mountain Horse. His mane and tail are also not has blonde as the two fillies. Also is a picture of them together. Sorry pictures are not the best. Walked out barefoot to see if they where up from pasture. Since they were, I just took a couple pics. What color are your fillies sire and dam. His roaning has nothing to do with the silver unless he was a silver bay.
  3. Magic Marker Miniatures

    What color would you call this coat?

    Here is Spyder. She is a silver black without dapples. Her sire is a buckskin, no silver. Dam is a sorrel with flaxen mane and tail. We bought this mare already bred so was suprised with the foal color. We are pretty sure dam has silver. It does not show up on sorrel horses.
  4. Magic Marker Miniatures

    What color would you call this coat?

    She is a silver dapple, also called silver black. She is very pretty. We have two yearling fillies that are silver black but they are closer to the cor of the Rocky Mountain Horse. Chocolate with lighter main and tail. One has a few dapples the other has none. As for the coat shedding, have you wormed her recently. If not, she may need wormed. Horses shed differently. We have had temps in the 90's for several months. We have one broodmare and a yearling that have a thicker coat than the rest. Everyone else is slicked out. Those two end of wet with sweat because of their thicker coats.
  5. Magic Marker Miniatures

    Gelding senior stallion

    We have a stallion that thinks our geldings are girls. He herds them around and keeps them away from the other stallions, even though the other stallions have no interest in them.
  6. Magic Marker Miniatures

    Estimated height

    Usually AMHA and AMHR consider 3 years old for them to be at their full height. That is when both registries allow the horses papers to be brought permanent. They only have temp papers until they turn three. Most breed of horses can still grow past three.
  7. Magic Marker Miniatures

    Preggers or overweight??

    Try taking pictures broadside and behind at her level. Also take a closer picture of her milk bar area. From the angles it is hard to tell. Also if she was bred to a donkey, I think they carry closer to 12 months.
  8. Magic Marker Miniatures

    June game! GAME OVER!

  9. Magic Marker Miniatures

    June game! GAME OVER!

  10. Magic Marker Miniatures

    June game! GAME OVER!

  11. Magic Marker Miniatures

    June game! GAME OVER!

  12. Magic Marker Miniatures

    She’s here!

    She's cute and congratulations on a healthy filly. Yeah on a textbook delivery, always the best.
  13. Magic Marker Miniatures

    She’s waxing! How long until the foal arrives?

    Usually foal 24-48 hours after waxing. Better be ready for a baby tonight. Good luck!
  14. Magic Marker Miniatures

    My mini herd - New to the forum

    Pretty horses. Coral looks to be a silver black (dapple). I know that we got some mini donkey jennies and our Miniature stallions would not have anything to do with them. Ended up selling them. Was told the jacks will breed anything and can be more aggressive. Glad your little jack is a sweetheart. I would introduce yourself to the driving forum. They may be able to help you out with any questions. Where are you located? My roommate is self taught and loves to teach people to drive.
  15. The foal may have been getting moved around and she didn't like it. I know your pain. It's called a mare for ya. They will drive you nuts and when you are ready to pull your hair out; they deliver.