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  1. Magic Marker Miniatures

    Magic Marker 2018

    Dam is a black tobiano splash sabino. Her dam was a silver bay but she is a true black. Sire is a smoky black sabino frame. Neither parent carries silver. I can get you pictures of sire and dam tomorrow.
  2. Magic Marker Miniatures

    Magic Marker 2018

    He has no dorsal strip and neither parent has dun. The mousey color looks like he will be black but both eyelashes are white.
  3. Magic Marker Miniatures

    Magic Marker 2018

    I saw the silver black stallion cover Wind while I was running out there. He ran to the upper pasture before any other mares were involved. He was not put in the yard again. Rohan is good but not that good. He can not cover two mares in a five minute time frame. I saw him go under and I ran out. By the time I made it through the gate he was covering Wind. Since I was coming after him he ran up to the top part of pasture. I cornered him their and led him out. Feathers dam is silver bay but Feather did not get the silver. Ticket does not carry silver either.
  4. Magic Marker Miniatures

    Magic Marker 2018

    Here are dry pictures of Patches. We are not sure of his color. Dam is black tobiano splash sabino Sire is smoky black sabino LWO+ Maybe someone can give us an idea what color he is
  5. Sadly the colt above passed away. Found out the reason he was not active is he was compacted with fur. We clipped mom but he was always nuzzling her. We gave him enemas and he was passing poop but still down. His mom also rolled on his front leg so was very sore. Went out this am to him gone. Our last mare foaled last night. His sire has lost his 100% filly production. He is a flashy pinto with blue eyes and 6.5" cannons. Will be tested to see if he carries both splash and LWO or just one. Here is Patches. Don't have a registered name yet. Also not exactly sure of color. We end 2018 with two colts (smoky black tobiano LWO+ and ? tobiano LWO, possibly splash) and two fillies (buckskin LWO+ and a palomino).
  6. Magic Marker Miniatures

    Magic Marker 2018

    Sadly Flutterby's colt died during the night. Feathers baby is doing fantastic. Will get outside pictures later. Spent the morning looking for our LGD. He was acting weird lastnight and was nowhere to be found this am. Didn't come when called. He showed up from the neighbors when I was turning Flutterby out so could dispose of her colt. We are left with two colts and two fillies. This colt does have two blue eyes. Will have to test to see if he has one or both LWO and splash.
  7. Magic Marker Miniatures

    Magic Marker 2018

    We have a colt and are done for 2018. Sire was a 100% filly producer until tonight. Was a text book delivery. He has 7" cannons but looks all legs. Not exactly sure of color but think black or smoky black tobiano. Will know better once dry and outside. Has one blue eye so either got LWO+ from sire or splash from dam. Will get tested.
  8. Magic Marker Miniatures

    Magic Marker 2018

    Well finally found a nice amount of foal poop. Soft with no hair. He seems more subdued today. Still nursing but standing around with his head down. As for Feather, she held on. Her bag is huge and rock hard. Easily express sticky fluid. Keeping a close eye on her. She would rather be in her stall but just grazes it. The barn is warm so made her go out. This is her bag an hour ago.
  9. Magic Marker Miniatures

    Magic Marker 2018

    He is not running around but looked a lot better today. I think his mom also stepped on a back leg, so he is limping in the front and the back. He can now lay down and get up on his own. He is more alert and walks around versus standing with his nose to the ground. Should have our last foal tonight. Maybe that will perk him up. The other three foals are buddies and out in pasture, so he is by himself right now.
  10. Magic Marker Miniatures

    Magic Marker 2018

    Poor Flash didn't look happy yesterday and during the night. Noticed he stood around with his head down. Never laid down yesterday and took a couple hours last night before he finally laid down. He was do tired he stayed down for several hours. When he finally rised, he was very wobbly. I noticed seeing him pee bit had not seen him poop since the first day. We gave him an enema and nothing happened. Gave him another and he passed some poop with fur in it. He was blocked up from digesting his moms fur. We are keeping an eye on him and will give further enemas as needed. Hoping he gets to feeling better soon.
  11. Magic Marker Miniatures

    Magic Marker 2018

    Feather is 332 days and should foal any day. She is nicely bagged up and can express some clear sticky fluid. Improvement from last year when she had to bag.
  12. Magic Marker Miniatures

    Magic Marker 2018

    Here is Flash at two days. He is not as active as our others at this age. I think between a rough delivery (red bag, one front leg not aligned, and having to hurry to get him out) and mom rolling and catching a front leg (slight limp) he is a little down. Mom was cramping again yesterday afternoon and had to give her more pain meds. Here isa couple pictures of him at two days old. Barn name Flash.
  13. Magic Marker Miniatures has our second to last foal on ground. Wowser! He is a black frame with blue eyes. Has 7" cannons. Dam was a maiden and foal had one front leg hidden. Finally found it and got it in position. She also red bagged so had to really pull to get him out in time. She is swollen and has small tears. Also very tired. She also did not have her colostrum in. Gave her some oxytocin. Between that and a demanding colt, she finally filled. No name yet. He is two days old. A little lame in a front leg due to his mom rolling with him right next to her. They were turned out but he stands next to mom and she was cramping. Had to give her another dose of pain pills. He is not as active as our others at this age. He was a red bag and a rough delivery; due to both front legs not aligned correctly. Hopefully in a couple more days he will be more active.
  14. Magic Marker Miniatures

    Re- breeding the mare

    In our experience, our mares are hard to get in heat with a baby at side. We just pen the mare/ foal next to a stallion. We have never had one of our mares come into a "foal heat." We have two mares with foals at their side that we plan on breeding this year. One is penned next to stallions and the other just foaled. Have no plan on breeding them until late June/early July.
  15. Magic Marker Miniatures

    Magic Marker 2018

    Flutterby (smoky black sabino LWO+) foaled early this am and wowser! The foal is exactly what we wanted just in boy form. Sire is our dunskin pinto Ten Ls Spirits Afterglow son, Creta Hills Spirit Wildfire. The colt is a black frame with two blue eyes and 7" cannons. Flutterby red bagged and foal had one front leg hidden. Finally found it and got the colt out. He got up pretty quickly and was very active. Flutterby had no milk so gave her some oxytocin. Between her son constantly bothering her and the shot, her milk came in about 7 am. Herhas been making up for moms slow milk flow. Flutterby is pretty swollen and has minor tears, but should heal just fine. Here is a couple pictures. Will get more when weather is better. A warm and sunny Saturday actually became scattered thunderstorms; some strong.