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  1. PintoPalLover

    AMHR Lookup please :-)

    Thank you so much !!! It worked perfect
  2. PintoPalLover

    AMHR Lookup please :-)

    Thank you !!! I think she had a full sister too, but AMHA her sister was never transferred out of the breeders name if I remember right. Do you think you could look her up for me too ? Her registered name is Stormy Rivers Scouts Dashing Doll.... I believe. Thanks again !
  3. PintoPalLover

    AMHR Lookup please :-)

    Hi everyone, I have mare I'd like for somebody to look up for me in AMHR. Her name is Stormy Rivers Scouts Shez My Girl. I have her papers but mostly I want to know if she has any foals registered with AMHR. She was suppose to have had two foals before we bought her but I don't know if they were registered or not, I'd love to find them though so it's worth a try. Thank you ! P.P.L.
  4. PintoPalLover

    Pregnancy Care

    Beautiful girl ! Thank you for for posting her picture Hope she has a healthy and pretty baby for you !
  5. PintoPalLover

    Bit opinions

    My mare liked the mullen mouth a fair bit better than the regular jointed snaffle, I would think it would be worth a try for you.
  6. PintoPalLover

    I'm going on an adventure

    I second Cayuse's post , Jeannie
  7. PintoPalLover

    Hours to Drive 2017

    She looks so cute MajorClem
  8. PintoPalLover

    New horse

    He's a cute fella, hope he works out well. I like Rocky for a name, too. Can your husband change his mind ?
  9. PintoPalLover

    Pregnancy Care

    Do you have a picture handy to post ? I'd love to see your girl !
  10. PintoPalLover

    I'm going on an adventure

    That sounds soooo exciting for you Jeannie ! Best of luck
  11. PintoPalLover

    A mini blog for the mini demons! ♡

    Don't you hate trying to figure out those bridles ?? ! It does help when you have a horse that's good about it though !
  12. PintoPalLover

    Your Drive Day

    Some really neat pictures Northwolf Thank you for sharing them !