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  1. Honeygrey

    Post your Vehicles!

    Forgot to enclose a pic , so here it is 😊
  2. Honeygrey

    Post your Vehicles!

    So many interesting carts! Personally for me since I only trail ride and go in CDE’s my Hyperbike is the one I love. It is totally untipable! I have literally done a 360 at a canter and it was airborne for a moment but not a inkling of tipping. ( its what happens when a cow moose charges ) lol I can go over rough hay fields, through bush , up and down ditches and my back and knees are still usable afterwards.
  3. Honeygrey

    Tandem driving rig ?

    I’ve been reading about tandem driving teams ( just out of curiosity) and for the life of me I can’t figure out why they don’t extend the shafts to encompass the wheel and the lead horse ? Would this not work? It seems quite dangerous to have the lead horse basically loose. I’m sure this doesn’t work, but I would love to know why? Thanks!! lynn