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    halters for sensitive head

    Thanks Debby. She was actually quite ok with me gently examining her ears, without need for any bribery. Then again, part of my training approach has to get them used to me doing weird things so maybe its paying off. I've given her a daily probiotic in the past, but it didn't work that well for her. She does very well on a daily dose of Rite Trac. Getting her gut health & diet right has been so important in managing her allergies & sensitivities.
  2. sayyadina

    halters for sensitive head

    This is the same mini who I trained to let me brush her teeth when she had a tooth issue. She'll let me do pretty much anything if food is involved. She's a mini. I certainly can see if I can check out her ears. Clicker training is a beautiful thing. I just have to make sure I do it where her sister can't see or she'll beg. She loves having me scratch behind her ears, on top of her head/forelock area, and pretty much everywhere on her head. This same mini is allergic to rice, wheat, corn, soy & barley. Fly spray and a couple of other things too. Hence me saying she's a 'generally hypersensitive' horse. She's not one who gets a lot of crud in her udder. That's something I deal with regularly for all my mares, and its never affected how she is with a halter. Debby-LB, any suggestions on how to go about looking at her ears? Just a gentle finger? Flashlight?
  3. sayyadina

    halters for sensitive head

    As far as why grazing muzzle, her full sister has EMS and has had a bout of laminitis. While this mini was on the thin side when she was younger, she's gained weight and is doing much better. She's now at the same age as her sister was when she had her laminitis issues, and I really would like to prevent this mini from going through laminitis if I can. I have a pasture network that's about 8 acres in total. I also live up north and no matter what we seem to wind up having some kind of environmental issues every year that stress the grass. If its not a drought year then its cool. I also have my own health issues and really would like to prevent laminitis instead of take a risk. This mini is a bit weird. You know that "you've found the right spot, more please" thing a horse does when you've found the right spot? This mini does it when I scratch behind her ears. I've had horses for a while and know they generally don't like their ears messed with. This mini is a bit different. I spent a couple of hours yesterday looking for halters. I was hoping to find a padded leather halter or fleece tubing for a mini. All I came up with were either a padded nylon halter or a plain leather halter. She has had a bunch of allergy issues, so I'd prefer to avoid padded nylon. If anyone knows where to find a padded leather mini halter or fleece tubing for a mini halter, I'd really appreciate it.
  4. One of my minis is kind of hypersensitive to things generally, including halters. She leads very well but will rub her head a lot if left with a halter on. She always winds up rubbing her head a lot when waiting for her turn with the farrier. This has happen with both a nylon or rope halter on. I'm always right there since the only time she's loose with a halter is when the farrier is here. She had a grazing muzzle w/ halter attached and also rubbed herself in that. She's better in the rope halter than in the nylon, but I'm not turning her out in a rope halter w/ muzzle attached for safety reasons. I don't know if this is just her or if there are other minis like this, but she also loves having me scratch behind her ears and all over her face. Her full sister likes to have the sides of her head scratched, but that's it. Her sister is totally fine in her halter. Being a mini and all, she needs a muzzle during turnout. Which means she'll need to wear a halter while she's out. I've seen more ergonomically designed halters for larger horses but not for minis. Are there any halters that work well for sensitive minis?