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  1. Cayuse

    Driving Hours 2018

    Hi MajorClem! Can I have 25 minutes of driving Peanut logged in? Thanks!
  2. Cayuse

    Your Drive Day

    Hubby spread the manure pile yesterday. The tractor tire left a big flattened hunk of old black poo hidden partially in the grass. Peanut and I came trotting down the hill this morning at a pretty good clip and all of a sudden, BAM! he slammed to a halt. I think he thought it was a hole in the ground 😄. He did the same thing once with a snake in his path, he screeched to a halt and then jumped sky high over the snake, gathered his wits and proceeded on with our drive like nothing happened. Scared me though!
  3. Cayuse

    Tandem driving rig ?

    I had never heard of rein clamps so I looked them up. Handy devices! I have difficult time with holding just the two lines because of arthritis. I can't imagine being coordinated enough to hold four instead of two, although I used to when I was a kid and rode Saddleseat. But that was many moons ago!
  4. Cayuse

    Equine sun visor

    I used to use a very similar one for my big pony who had eye issues. She had to live in one year round to protect her eyes and we had to use lubricating ointment once or twice a day in her eyes. The vet had recommended the Sunvisor, but I was having good luck with what I had, so I stuck with that. Good to know that the Sunvisor works well and that the company is easy to order from. It is hard to find mini sized fly masks that are proportioned correctly.
  5. Cayuse

    Magic Marker 2018

    On my screen he ALMOST looks dun. I bet it is just my screen though.
  6. Cayuse

    Driving Hours 2018

    I am sorry that you couldn't go. My driving plans got changed this year too and it is disappointing. But hey, we can come here and that is always fun 😀. Our property was reevaluated this year, I worry about our taxes going through the roof.
  7. Cayuse

    Driving Hours 2018

    Peggy P it is nice to see a picture of Sundance Kid. I love me some handsome silver dapples ☺. If I remember, you were going to the Spring Driving Fling? Is it this weekend? 25 minutes of Driving Cappy 15 minutes of ground driving Peanut, both yesterday.
  8. Cayuse

    Your Drive Day

    Thanks for the Easy boot update, I am glad they are working out for DD and that you had a nice drive. It is nice to hear your first hand experience with them over differing terrain. I would like to get a pair for Peanut at some point, probably in the Fall as that is when my field get hard. The Cavallo boots I have for Cappy are too small for him. I hitched and drove Cappy by myself yesterday. My mom watched and was on "stand by" if I needed a hand. He was a good boy and stood very quietly. Then I ground drove Peanut. I am still not comfortable putting Peanut to the cart without my hubby near by to speed things up if I can't hitch him fast enough. Peanut has his own timetable and runs on his own schedule☺. I have hitched him alone while hubby putters around the barn and that's OK. I'm not ready for 100% solo yet. I need to know someone is nearby. MajorClem, did your carts get to you yet? Hope you can drive this weekend. I hope EVERYONE has a chance to drive over the long Holiday weekend!
  9. Cayuse

    Tandem driving rig ?

    Is the bit guard tubing hanging down like a loopey curb chain? I spent quite a bit of time yesterday studying your picture trying to make sense of what I was seeing there. I did notice the traces clipped to the breast collar. It must be challenging to keep the pace of both horses just right to get the perfect slack in those traces. Is it better to have the more forward moving horse in front or as the wheeler if they are unevenly matched in their way of going (or unevenly matched in "fizziness")?
  10. Cayuse

    Magic Marker 2018

    Hope to hear that he is the mend.
  11. Cayuse

    Tandem driving rig ?

    Beautiful picture and horses, thank you for sharing it. And thanks for explaining about the traces. You answered a question that I've had for awhile regarding that little bit of slack seen in the traces.
  12. Cayuse

    Driving Hours 2018

    20 minutes of driving Cappy yesterday. Thanks!
  13. Cayuse

    Post your Vehicles!

    That hyperbike looked like so much fun. I don't think I could get onto (into?) one easily, or I would love to try one out. Cute horse, he (she?) looks happy!
  14. Cayuse

    Your Drive Day

    Greetings from Peanut.
  15. Cayuse

    Driving Hours 2018

    Thankfully it did not post and it appears to be gone. I dunno what that was all about!