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  1. Cayuse

    Your Drive Day

    Is that Moony with his nose almost underwater? That is a nice picture. They all look happy. Little Sea Horses!
  2. Cayuse

    Driving Hours 2018

    25 minutes driving Peanut. Thanks
  3. Cayuse

    Your Drive Day

    Northwolf can we see the swimming pictures? ☺
  4. Cayuse

    Your Drive Day

    Nice pictures. Peanut would've been pretty flustered at seeing the percherons. He has a really big spacial bubble around himself that he does not like invaded by larger horses. He is getting better about it slowly. What is a dynamic endoscope? Is that scoping them when they are exercised? I had Peanut scoped this Spring as he was a little noisy. They found two tiny polyp like thinks at the back of his nasal passages. One on each side and they are indentical. The vet said since they were symmetrical and indentical it was a normal deviation in his anatomy. The noise comes from a little irritation they get from mucous when the pollen is bad. An antihistamine helps him. Hope Teddy will be OK. Marsha, is it too soon to know any more about the mare?
  5. Cayuse

    Driving Hours 2018

    30 minutes driving and 60 minutes ground driving this week for Peanut.
  6. Cayuse

    I'm going on an adventure

    Glad you are OK. A major hurricane is another "adventure" that you don't need!
  7. Cayuse

    Driving Hours 2018

    Glad you both could get out, sounds like your back is feeling better (I hope!).
  8. Cayuse

    Hurricane Florence

    I think our Jeannie lives somewhere in Carolina. I left a post on her "Adventure" thread, hoping she will see it and check in with us when she can.
  9. Cayuse

    New mom needs advice

    Three better than two days if you have the resources. Two will work and they will keep each other company, but it you ever want to take one off the property you have the one left behind to think about, and usually (in my experience) the one left behind can raise all kinds of heck. The times I have had good luck with just two horses has been when the other horse was an older, been there done that, type of horse who has had plenty of experience being in different environments. Maybe you could get an older mini as a buddy? Around here we call them "babysitters" 😀
  10. Cayuse

    I'm going on an adventure

    Jeannie I have been thinking about you all week, are you in the path of this hurricane that is headed towards the Carolina's or are you far enough inland so it won't be a direct hit? I hope you are in a safe area. Let us know, OK?
  11. Cayuse

    Your Drive Day

    Hi Marsha! You would like the ADTs I think. The people were fun. Lots of different horses, from minis on up to big horses. One gorgeous welsh pony was there, I wanted to sneak him home with me 😄. Have you looked at any horses this week?
  12. Cayuse

    Driving Hours 2018

    It was Sunday :-) My instructor drove him in the competion and I drove him around afterwards. He was a very good boy :-) (for the most part, lol)
  13. Cayuse

    Your Drive Day

    Northwolf, glad to hear that you had a good time at the CDE! I went to my first ADT yesterday with Peanut. It consisted of dressage, cones, and obstacles. I did not drive him in the event, but I drove him after he completed the obstacles to cool him out. I was able to go in to the arena a practice the cones for a few minutes. He behaved great, once he settled down. It took a long time to get him quiet enough to hitch, but once we did, it went smoothly :-) He is still fairly intimidated by the big horses, but I think that will change with time. Now I have to gain the courage to drive him in one. I will say the obstacle part completely baffles me. I need to see more of it to understand it. It is like barrel racing, but not, lol.
  14. Cayuse

    Your Drive Day

    Well that is a bummer. Too bad that she didn't let you know someone else was interested, or at least let you know he was sold :-(. Why is it that finding the right horse is like looking for a needle in a haystack? Years ago when I was looking for a pleasure riding horse, there were none in my area. Absolutely nothing. The year before and the following years, there were plenty available. I ended up buying a 13.3 hand green broke MARE (!) when I wanted the exact opposite. I partly bought her because no one else wanted her, she was a misfit. Too much pony for kids, too small for most adults. I guess that was why she was the only horse left available, lol. Poor little mare, I did come to love her though! SOMEWHERE out there, there awaits a horse for you!
  15. Cayuse

    Your Drive Day

    MC, Jeannie is right, don't surrender yet. With one thing and another, I went almost a whole year without being able to do much with the horses. Life just gets in the way some days, but things have a way of changing, so hopefully you'll get back in the saddle or cart soon. Marsha, did you check out that mini yesterday?