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  1. Cayuse

    Getting back into the routine

    I just found this thread, I have not been on here much and missed it when I was, I guess. They look great! Buckly looks unfazed by his stay at the cowboy's place and DD always looks happy :-). I saw your new avatar picture, now I know when and where it was taken. Zergling, when I lost my old pony he had no white at all either. He was 32+. I think some get white hair and some don't, just like us people.
  2. Cayuse

    Driving Hours 2018

    20 minutes ground driving Peanut. Thanks MC.
  3. Cayuse

    Draft horses near me

    The woman sounds like a perfect situation, doesn't she? Buckly is lucky that he has you to look out for his best interest.
  4. Cayuse

    Draft horses near me

    It has been awfully hot here, too. Sorry that your gear got broken. Especially the whip if it was a favorite one.
  5. Cayuse

    I'm going on an adventure

    Well that certainly stinks about the builder 😠. But the community sounds nice. Can you use another builder? Maybe this builder is on an extended 4th of July holiday? Does the community have a barn that everyone shares or does each individual property have their own barn? It would be fun to plan building.barn just the way you want it. Even if it is a pasture and run in sheds, it would be great to have a set up that was custom to how you need to use it. I have a wish list ☺ but I don't know if I will ever get to it. Fingers crossed that the builder reappears. UhOh, I just had a thought, he hasn't started building yet has he and left half way done????
  6. Cayuse

    I'm going on an adventure

    Jeannie, are you building a house or did one come with the six acres? I just realized I didn't know!
  7. Cayuse

    Driving Hours 2018

    You all have been busier than me. It has been so hot here I have been completely unmotivated. I did get Peanut out this evening though. 20 minutes of ground driving, we both needed to stretch our legs.
  8. Cayuse

    Draft horses near me

    I don't even put my minis in with my welsh pony. Mostly to protect the pony! That does sound like it would not be the best fit in the world for Buckly. I wish I lived closer, he sounds like he would fit in here. He is a handsome horse and I could show him in halter. My welshie just has to clip, trailer, and stand pretty for the judge, it's an easy job, lol. In fact I bet my welsh pony is a lot in temperament like Buckly. He is herd oriented too, we can trailer him alone but he hates to say alone. He won't drive, either :-( just can't seem to wrap his mind around the concept. Sets of a fear response. Anyway, I am glad Buckly is back home and keeping DD company (and keeping him young at heart!)
  9. Cayuse

    Antique Tractor Show

    Your tractor is bigger than I thought by about 25%. Looks like fun to drive. I hope no one got hit with a flying skillet 😱 I would think 42 feet is quite a respectable distance, those things are heavy!
  10. Cayuse

    Driving Hours 2018

    Thanks for the explanations Peggy! 20 minutes of!driving Peanut hitched. ! We had a seabreeze!today. I!took advantage of the break in the heat wave to drive. He!was!bouncy.
  11. Cayuse

    Pairs holdbacks (for Cayuse)

    I think I understand now ! It must take a bit of tinkering to get the adjustments just right. Thanks!
  12. Cayuse

    Antique Tractor Show

    How was the show? Lots of fun, I hope ☺
  13. Cayuse

    Draft horses near me

    I am sorry it did not work out. The cowboy sounds like a super horseman and I am glad that he was able to evaluate Buckly and give you an solid answer. Sometimes we "know" things and just need someone else to verify it. Perfectly understandable to have a limit of two horses. I have three and it is a stretch, doesn't seem like it should be that much more work, but it is. And the expense, too. That adds up. Hope he will keep Buckly, that would be nice.
  14. Cayuse

    Pairs holdbacks (for Cayuse)

    Thanks Peggy! In the second picture, when the breeching comes into play, it is under them? I think MajorClem explained it to me once, but I just can't grasp it. Does it tighten when they stop the cart?
  15. Cayuse

    Your Drive Day

    Marsha , I hope that DD is feeling better by now and ready to roll when you get home from the tractor show. You are right about horses being so sensitive to our body language, today I had my lesson and Peanut was responding to the slightest shift of my upper body, I lean forward or even think about leaning forward and he slows to a walk. The lesson went pretty good. He spooked a couple of times at my husband who was rummaging in the shed. Every time we progress, he throws a little more at me so I have to take another step forward in learning. I flattened the cones twice 😄 but we were coming in at them from tight angles (good excuse, anyways). We worked on a little of everything, transitions and keeping his walk lively and l learned how to use the whip on the outside shoulder to correct him when he take a corner and pops a shoulder to the outside. That will take some getting used to, my dexterity is not the best. Learning to use a driving whip with a dropped lash is a little challenging. We were taking a break in the shade for a minute and I noticed while we were talking all three of us (peanut, me and the instructor) let out a big relaxed sigh at the same time. Then we were done! I was pooped.