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  1. CHANDAB thank you! If you happen to get a look at your donkeys udders let me know
  2. Thank you so much Ryan! Ill go through the other threads and look.
  3. When we got her she was pregnant, the BLM didn’t know how far along but you couldn’t tell. I questioned if they were wrong until the baby was actually born only 3 months after we got her. She just never looked very pregnant. I didn’t know what her non pregnant personality was like but she’s very docile & sweet all the time pregnant or not. I’m like 99.9% positive she’s pregnant but we’ll see lol
  4. CHANDAB heres her udder today is this a normal Jenny udder? I honestly have no idea whats normal or not, but since you have one you can help, and to answer your question, I have no idea if shes actually pregnant her behavior is just VERY unlike her
  5. All I can say about that because this was our first donkey ever is we could never tell she was pregnant the first time around, the BLM told us she was, they didn’t know how far along but we wondered several times if they were wrong, she was never round. Google pregnancy in donkeys it literally says you can’t tell they’re pregnant until sometimes the last month because their stomach gets low, but never from the back or front view
  6. However just to add, I only noticed her udder after the baby was born, I remember thinking “is she going to have enough milk with that saggy udder” lol
  7. She never had a huge udder with her first baby, never looked full but he obviously got plenty of milk because he grew to be a huge strong boy at 13 hands, way bigger then his mom
  8. Im super ashamed to say this but I think my Jenny might be in foal to her son, believe me not on purpose! When he was 9 months old we noticed him trying to mount her so we literally had him gelded like the next day! Never thought twice about it again. Theyre just pets so we want them to live together forever theyre inseparable but about a week ago she started wandering away from her herd, they live with 6 mini horses too. She would hide and be upset when her baby now almost two would find her. She wants to be alone and is also not eating well. Ive separated her from them and now thinking OMG no! Shes in a foaling stall attached to a small pasture, I can watch her on the cameras, lays down all the time, rolls, butt up against the wall. When we got her she had been a pregnant wild burro, she gave birth 3 months later. I never looked at her udders or put much attention into pregnancy signs, we were just trying to bond with her before her baby came, and we did shes a dolll as well as him.
  9. OMG PRICELESS & PERFECT! What a little blessing!
  10. How old is your mare? Just curious
  11. She's too cute for words! I love her mouse grey color! Can't imagine what she'll turn into as she matures but I love what she looks like right now! Literally you scored!
  12. Wow! She is beautiful!! Very very exciting congrats!!!
  13. Why do you have to sell if it's a colt?