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  1. Ryan Johnson

    Rimadyl for dogs

    Sorry to read this Marsha , I hope you get good results back. I've just recently been through the same thing with a lump on my dogs lymph nodes. I was dreading the results and it was two days before I was about to go on vacation. All Lailas results came back ok, so im hoping yours do too !
  2. Ryan Johnson

    Help Me!!

    He is lovely ( glad I asked for the pic) Heavens Patches of Chrome Heavens chrome Chevrolet Have you given him a paddock name yet ?
  3. Ryan Johnson

    Food Lovers Guide

    Had friends over on the weekend , so did Tacos 3x different ways. Beef in the slow cooker , sweet sticky pork Belly and fish tacos
  4. Ryan Johnson

    Help Me!!

    Hmmmmm Maybe you could post a pic of the little guy , might help us to come up with something. Chromes Kings of heaven is the only thing I can think of off the top of my head
  5. Ryan Johnson

    Help Me!!

    Welcome to the forum Canchaser19. Whats mum and dads Breeding ? so we can try and come up with something for you. Cheers
  6. Ryan Johnson

    Rejected baby

    Great to hear the foal is doing wonderful !! :):)
  7. Ryan Johnson

    Post Breeding Question

    Good News , Lets hope she doesn't come back in season
  8. Ryan Johnson

    Food Lovers Guide

    Creamy Garlic Chicken. Cook in Electric frypan Chicken Breast or thighs ( what ever you have on hand) Cook chicken and add 1 Sliced onion and 2-3 cloves of Garlic ( minced) Add 2 x packets of Dried "french Onion Soup" & 125mls of water Once combined add 1 bottle of large cream . Turn down to low and cook till cream thickens. Add some peas or any other veggies. Goes well with thick bread
  9. Ryan Johnson

    Food Lovers Guide

    This is an easy one and quite tasty..... Use ground beef and grate an onion & carrot. Add some dried italian herbs , pinch of paprika. Roll into Rissoles and brown on each side in a fry pan. Put them into an oven proof dish and pour a can of tomato soup over and bake with the lid closed 180c fan forced for about an hour. You can substitute with a jar of pasta sauce , tin tomatoes etc.
  10. Ryan Johnson

    Getting back into the routine

    He looks very healthy for 22 Marsha. Loving the dapples in his coat !!
  11. Ryan Johnson

    Rejected baby

    Have you had any luck with your mare ? Hope the little one is doing well
  12. Ryan Johnson

    Food Lovers Guide

    New Orleans was one of my favorite places I got to travel too last month. The swamp was really lovely and according to the guide most of it had grown back. I did stuffed Zucchinis last night . When I grow them in summer here , we live off this recipe In a bowl , Finely dice Ham, sundried tomatos, celery, onion ( any other meat works well, even left overs) Dried herbs, fresh basil , Oregano , Parsley. Crumbed fetta. Mix well !! Scoop out the zucchini so Its like a hollow boat and fill with the mixture. Top with grated cheese of your choice (this will stop the mixture from burning ) Cook on low for about 1/2 an hour - 45 mins MiniV I love chutneys and mustards I had heaps of Blood plums last year , so I made a Plum chutney
  13. Ryan Johnson

    Older stallion breeding problems

    Hoping it all went to plan for you
  14. Ryan Johnson

    Food Lovers Guide

    They sound great , thanks so much ( printing them out right now ) What was Rattlesnake like Marsha ? I did Lamb in the slow cooker last night . Layer the bottom of the slow cooker with mini potatoes and carrots (cut long ) Stab the leg of lamb with a knife and then stuff bits of fresh rosemary and mint into it. Cover in thick Apricot Jam and cook for 8 Hours. This also works really well with Beef