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  1. Ryan Johnson

    colt nutrition

    You have been given some great advice, all I wanted to add was "Dont be shy on the picture updates"
  2. Ryan Johnson

    Food Lovers Guide

    Yum that sounds really good and easy , Ill definitely be giving that a try
  3. Ryan Johnson

    Food Lovers Guide

    Made a really nice baked chicken risotto last night. Set your oven to 170 degrees fan forced Brown your chicken, onion, celery, mushrooms in a deep pan. Add two cups of aborio rice and continue browning for 2-3 mins. Add some dried herbs of your choice ( I use a basic italian herb mix) Add 4 x cups of chicken stock, stir well and put in the oven, cooking for 15 mins. Add 1 cup of peas, zucchini and any other veggies you like and continue to cook for 25 mins. Add some fresh herbs of your choice and serve !! This was the first time I have made this and I got heaps of compliments, So I will be cooking it again
  4. Ryan Johnson

    New mom needs advice

    Welcome to the forum, its a little like a bag of chips , you cant just have one. Horse are herd animals , so do much better with company. And your never too young to learn. I have had horses for over 30 years now and still learning
  5. Perfectly said Debby. I would also suggest having him gelded and honestly I would do it sooner rather than later. It will make training him so much easier. As Debby has said , his attention span is very minimal being so young and keeping him as a colt is only going to make the training process harder. To me it sounds like he had a halter put on him before you got him, but had not been taught to "lead" very well. A horse that has been taught to lead correctly , should respect your space, halt when told to and be able to move forward on cue. I would honestly get him gelded, it will be so much safer& easier for your daughter to work with him. As he is only a baby, you have all the time in the world. He will continue to develop physically over the next couple of years, but very important you get his manners on the right path from the start. Keep us posted on his progress if you have time and ask away any questions you like , everyone's friendly here and willing to help
  6. Ryan Johnson

    Hurricane Florence

    Hoping all that are near the path of Florence remain safe. Take care everyone and I hope you all stay safe and are ok as it hits land.
  7. Welcome to the forum Is he bucking whilst being led around by your daughter ?
  8. Ryan Johnson

    Kodak Moments

    Another sunset, If you haven't noticed "I'm a bit of a fan of them "
  9. Ryan Johnson


    Congratulations Marsha, Its great to see some rewarding results.
  10. Ryan Johnson


    I will take some pics for sure. I have asked him to cut them right back. Your sweet potato looks great, hope you find plenty of recipes to make with them !!
  11. Ryan Johnson

    Advice on Horse therapy training

    I would be thinking you would need to expose him to much more than a walk around the neighborhood. Try and get him used to things you may see or come into contact in your therapy sessions. If this was me , I would start by taking him to a local horse show or somewhere he is exposed to people and crowds. Crowded spaces, people approaching and patting your horse at different angles, wheelchairs etc. Take him out on as many day trips in the horse float as possible. Id even look into things like exposing him to different surfaces. As you take him to different places, there will be heaps of different surfaces like, tiled floors, pavement, etc. If I was purchasing a horse for this reason , I would be looking at a horse that is well behaved in any situation and is calm at all times no matter what is happening around them. I dont mean for any of this to come across as being harsh, I just think there is a lot more too it , in training a therapy horse.
  12. Ryan Johnson


    Will spend some time this weekend in the garden beds, doing some weeding and having a think about what I am going to plant. Have organised to have an arborist come and cut my fruit trees right back. They seem to have hit a "lull" in their development. I may not see a great deal of fruit this year, but hoping for lots in the coming years.
  13. Ryan Johnson

    Advice on Horse therapy training

    I would be working on as much exposure as you possibly can with him. Take him to as many new and different environments as you are able too, this will only benefit him as he matures. I would also contact your local council to see if there are any local laws you need to follow. Really important what Miniv has said about Insurance ^^^^^ . I wouldn't take him anywhere until you have all that sorted. Finally , Seeing that he only a 2yo , personally I would wait until he matures a little , Just my opinion though
  14. Ryan Johnson


    Put my team of highly qualified gardeners in to begin the clean up and fertilizing process for this years crop. They are a little lazy at times , I spose its hard to find good help these days
  15. Ryan Johnson

    Kodak Moments