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  1. Ryan Johnson

    Magic Marker 2018

    Looks like its ready to pop !!
  2. Ryan Johnson

    Magic Marker 2018

    Great to hear and fingers crossed for a safe arrival tonight for you
  3. Ryan Johnson


    Enjoy your produce let me know if you want a recipe for stuffed zucchini.
  4. Ryan Johnson

    Magic Marker 2018

    Hope he is feeling better
  5. Hey no problem, I just thought Id check in to see how she was. Sounds like you have been extra busy. Hope the renos are coming along well and the chicken Pox fairy has gone, last thing you needed during school holidays. She looks really good , Id be just keeping an eye on her and see what the blood tests come back with. Some of the preg tests can be a little off , so your vet will give you the best indication. If you look at the top pic she does have some edema , so she very well could be. Keep us posted with what your vet says
  6. Ryan Johnson

    My little Pony has come a long way!

    Maybe try a numnah under it ? May hold it in position better
  7. Ryan Johnson

    Magic Marker 2018

    He is lovely , amazing markings !!
  8. Ryan Johnson


    How are your veggies coming along ? Is the weather being a little nicer ?
  9. Ryan Johnson

    Royal Wedding/Beautiful Horses

    First thing I noticed was the horses , I too would love one in my barn as well Cayuse 😊
  10. Ryan Johnson

    Newbie with questions.

    I agree with a fecal sample , this will give you a better direction to take. Regarding driving , there's a section on this forum you could start a thread and get some great advice . Welcome to the forum 😊
  11. Ryan Johnson

    Re- breeding the mare

    Sounds like your taking many factors into account , which is great . We never bred our TB mares on their first heat after foaling , what we noticed was they tended to be more of a silent heat , so not overly noticeable . The most important thing to me when breeding a mare the same year she has foaled is how quickly she has recovered and healed. Some mares need quite a lot of time to recover as foaling can be quite an ordeal for many mares. I agree with MMM in waiting until later in your summer, this will give your mare time to be a mum & recover. Wouldn't hurt to get your vet to have a look at your mare in a couple of months and if your vets happy , go for it .
  12. Ryan Johnson

    My little Pony has come a long way!

    You'd be just about be able to open your own saddle store 😂😂
  13. Ryan Johnson

    What's For DINNER Tonight?

    Anyone cooked in the last year and a half ?? 😂 Thought I would boot this thread up in the hope someone would like to share some recipes , easy dinners, snacks etc ? It gets very boring cooking the same things , fresh ideas welcome 😃
  14. Ryan Johnson

    Magic Marker 2018

    WOW !!!! Definitely my fav of your foals this year MMM , congratulations 😄😄