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  1. minister man

    brains storming

    I am wondering about housing for miniature horses. Right now I have one mare, and one foal. When I look at future goals 1) I might like to keep using the mare to raise foals...…… I did rebreed her this year. 2) I would like to have a driving team. ( I have trained and used, work horses before) 3) I would like to keep my own stallion...……. even though I only have one mare. I know that it is possible for each horse to provide more than one function. The mare could be part of the team, so could the stallion, or they could be individuals and have a team of geldings. Part of me could see using the stallion for agility. Anyhow, So it could be from 2-4 miniatures. From the research I can have done, I could build stalls, tie stalls, a run in shed with paddock. Stalls give more control for feeding for the different jobs or gestation. A run in shed is a lot less work, BUT I would still need one stall for weaning the foal from the brood mare. I am guessing it would depend on the temperament of the horses if they could all live together. I am wondering what I should build for stalls and paddocks or size of run in shed. I have never used a run in shed before. I might be overthinking this whole thing, but I believe that failing to plan is planning to fail.
  2. minister man

    Can it be real?

    The foal is growing super fast. The mare taught him to eat feed by getting it all over her face, and then getting him to lick it off. it was adorable. He is feeding feed and hay, and loves to run. He is an amazing little addition to the horse "herd".
  3. minister man

    Re- breeding the mare

    A bit of an undate, The mare got the all clear, is doing fantastic with the foal. We brought the stallion back for the 30 day heat. He definitely bred her every day she was in heat, so hopefully she is back in foal.
  4. minister man

    Re- breeding the mare

    The fellow I sold the stallion to, was in this weekend to see the foal.. No longer having a stallion, rebreeding the mare wasn't really something I was considering, until he offered to bring him down for "a bit" of 50.00. It would be nice to have a team of full siblings. The stallion looks like a miniature Belguim. The foal is Belguim colour. Anyhow, Now I am thinking ........... I need to make sure I would have the room... I would have 3 years to save for the team harness......... I know the mare and foal need separate stalls for weaning purposes, but then then foal 2 needs a separate stall too......... later... I believe that failing to plan is planning to fail. Anyhow, the mare foaled on May 9th, which is 11 days ago..... that should mean that she is in her foal heat now, but I am not seeing any signs of her being in heat, or the foal scouring to indicate she might be in heat. I don't have the stud here, not feeling the best myself, so I wouldn't breed on this heat. When would i line the stallion up for anticipating her next heat? Is it 30 days after foaling? That would be June the 8th. Would I need him to arrive a few days before that? could I turn him out each day with the mare and foal? or would I have to lock the foal up and turn them out? thanks for the help everyone,
  5. minister man

    Can it be real?

    I couldn't be more happy with him......... Mama is pretty protective, which is a good thing....... Day one she was pushing her feed around in the feed box. Kind of like she was looking for the good stuff. I never saw her act like that before. when she had her face all feed, she lowered her head to the foal and let him lick it off her face..... I have seen a lot of animials and babies, but never saw an animal teach it's young to eat like that before.
  6. minister man

    Can it be real?

  7. minister man

    Can it be real?

  8. minister man

    Can it be real?

    Colt his front hoofs were very long whn he was born, happy to see that they look much more normal this morning. I am sick in bed with a concussion but I did go out and see him
  9. minister man

    Can it be real?

    She looking a little more thinned out tonight.
  10. minister man

    Can it be real?

    No foal yet, thinking Marcie if it a filly, and Argo, if it is a stud. What do you think?
  11. minister man

    Can it be real?

    She is starting to sink in on the sides infront of her hip bones.
  12. minister man

    Can it be real?

    So far I can't even get excited. I have been disappointed too many times. I have prepared for a foal, three years in a room, and no foal yet. This time I can't even tell anyone I think she might be in foal, cause they make fun of me. I was talking about possible foal names with my teenagers, they said let's wait to see if there is one. I scan the stall everyone I walk in the barn. Had to force myself to go check on her at bedtime last night, cause I knew it was pointless. I think I should be excited. I see the udder, but can't let myself believe she is in foal. Should I buy a lamb bottle, incase I lose the mare or something?
  13. minister man

    Can it be real?

    I just gave her a tuna can full last night and this morning. I will increase it every few days. Unless she foals, then I will increase it more quickly for milk production purposes.
  14. minister man

    Can it be real?

    Picked up a bag of 16 percent mare and foal feed. The ticket says in the last 3 months of gestation to feed a 1000 pound horse 5 lbs of fgeed a day. I birthed my mare and she is 51". According to the chart, she weighs 330 lbs, so I have to feed a 1/3 of 5 LBS, so 1.5 lbs.
  15. minister man

    Can it be real?

    We aren't really to spring yet, the grass is just starting to green up, but with melting snow we are in mud season, so i am figuring she is better off in her stall. I am going to try and build a paddock for mom and baby.......... part of me wants to wait to see that all goes well. But a 24 x24 paddock with a little shed would be nice for a mare and foal or a future stallion. How do you keep your dry lots dry? so they don't get muddy?