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  1. secuono

    Which size does he need?

    .....just bought the cart.... Still looking for a harness to buy.
  2. secuono

    Which size does he need?

    Thinking of this cart.... http://www.kingston-saddlery.com/index.php?route=product/product&path=84_89_90&product_id=119 And then one of these harnesses.... https://www.bigdweb.com/product/driving+harness+biothane+cob.do?sortby=ourPicksAscend&page=2&refType=&from=fn Large pony sized... https://www.horse.com/item/tory-pleasure-driving-harness-/E001198/ Unless someone knows of another good under 500 harness? I can't tell if these can remove the breastcollar or not though...
  3. Looking for the right harness for my 13.2h pony. Also looking for a one person cart for him. We have hills, so no dainty, show, frail types of carts will work. I'm not sure what size he translates to nor what size cart to look for. With his really low neck tie-in, he'll need a shaped breastplate. Any chance there is a harness and cart that can be adjusted to also fit a 12h pony? Would be nice to be able to train the little guy with the same equipment, since he will be sold or leased out. So I don't want to have 3 whole cart n harness sets! No room for it either. Any help?
  4. secuono

    Little more cart help, please!

    Got a video in my Mini Demons thread. Not great to see how she looks in the cart, but who knows. Need to work more on luning and ground driving before I hook her up again.
  5. secuono

    Little more cart help, please!

    I've read it should be a couple inches ahead, but either way, I had tried to reach those loops and the shafts were too far back. =/ Video stills.
  6. secuono

    A mini blog for the mini demons! ♡

    Got longer and stronger bolts. Also ground drove Kasia pulling the cart!
  7. Where do the straps for the breeching go on this cart?? There is a small loop on each shaft, but if those aren't for breeching, then idk where to attach them. And those loops are too far away, by a few inches.
  8. secuono

    A mini blog for the mini demons! ♡

    Drilled holes for the singletree and test fitted it. Bolts are too short, hah. But holes lined up, thank goodness!!
  9. secuono

    A mini blog for the mini demons! ♡

    It arrived! Just need to get a bit that can drill through the metal pipe.
  10. secuono

    A mini blog for the mini demons! ♡

    Not a single wrong step!! Also indifferent to meeting new horses who were hanging over the fences. They didn't really want to work, lunge, so that will be something super tricky to work on with them being an hour away.
  11. secuono

    A mini blog for the mini demons! ♡

    One or both minis will be going to a playday, first time off the farm! Absolute chaos or will they behave?
  12. secuono

    My little Pony has come a long way!

    Looks nice now, but it seems that wee half inch is really important...ugh.
  13. secuono

    A mini blog for the mini demons! ♡

    Ordered the singletree!
  14. secuono

    A mini blog for the mini demons! ♡

    Here we go, worked more on nose tap w/verbal and my hand going around to cue her to Twirl yesterday. Two video clips from today. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6x1XV2Ke2G8 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qxqok-0dxDo