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    Breeding miniature horses and Shetland ponies of color as well as miniature Mediterranean donkeys. Also raising pheasants and india blue peafowl, super African geese, bantam cochins and New Zealand rabbits. I enjoy training horses to jump and drive as well as riding hunter seat and saddleseat equitation.
  1. Had a rough night with my favorite mare, snowbunny. Her foal was head down and I couldn't reposition, my vet got the filly out, lost her unfortunately but snowy should hopefully pull through. Shes on excede and gentecin and banamine.
  2. Rosalind had a tiny little sorrel filly today, she is already a little terror. Love her. Still waiting for one more shetland, two more minis and a jenny to foal.
  3. I believe the rumor about duns being scrappy....his first day out in the yard he jumped right into the ornamental fish pond! Kept his head above water, climbed right out and took off like a bat outta heck. Scared the crap out of us. lol
  4. amysue

    New family member

    So adorable. I bet she will grow into a beautiful dog.
  5. So far we have a mini spotted Jennet, a dun mini colt and a pinto Shetland filly. Lots more to come.
  6. amysue

    GAME OVER!!!

    23 please
  7. I'm most bothered by the requests for names, addresses and ages of everyone involved with the farm decisions. The financials are troublesome too. Its always due before we finish our taxes and I can never fully answer the questions.
  8. We get mad when not one week after receiving multiple surveys in the mail (with no return-by-dates) We receive letters and multiple phone calls threatening fines, penalties and jail time for not replying. I asked the person who showed up at the farm how they justify punishing a farmer for not responding to a survey when there is no way to ensure it was received (certified mail/signature conformation), and there was no compliance or return by date? I fully understand and respect the value of the census data, but I will not tolerate be bullied or harassed, nor will I volunteer personal, private data that can easily be lost, sold or stolen.
  9. We kept ignoring them, the surveys, the phone calls and emails....then they showed up at the farm! My husband was literally shoulder deep in a heifer's vag assisting with her calving and this chump with a clip board was standing there, so annoyed that hubby told him he was to busy to talk to him. I asked him what he thought farmer's did all day and he didn't have an answer. He asked when would be a good time to come back, hubby says, well I still have to tend to this calf, feed my cows, finish bailing my hay and run to the feed store, so about 10pm we will be done. The guy says, well that doesn't work for me. Hubby replied, now you know how we feel. Lol
  10. amysue

    Secret Santa GOT GIFT thread

    Lol, my beagle is terrified of the mooing clip
  11. amysue

    Secret Santa GOT GIFT thread

    So...I must have been extra super special good this year, because a second package from my Santa arrived today!. Thank you so very much Saleena, your presents are beautiful and so very thoughtful. I am wearing the cozy cow socks, sipping the tea eating yummy chocolates now. The ornaments are beautiful and the peacock jewel box has earned a spot on my nightstand next to my other treasured possessions. Merry Christmas!!!
  12. amysue

    Secret Santa GOT GIFT thread

    Got mine today! Thank you Saleena! The vintage Christmas ornaments are absolutely gorgeous. I just love them!!!
  13. amysue


    Mailed my gifts out today, had to wait until the last item arrived before I shipped it out. I got the box all taped up.. and forgot to put the card in lol. I will mail it separately. Pretty much sums up how everything else has been going around here lately. Anyway, Merry Christmas everyone!
  14. amysue


    Been crazy busy shopping and crafting. Hoping to get the package all wrapped up and mailed off this week. As far as hints, purple is my favorite color, I've been on a hot cocoa kick lately. I'm into cows, chickens, bunnies and cats and pheasants, I like anything with pheasants on it, or beagles lol. We've been working on decorating the farmstand, so any cute pictures or statues of farm animals would be cool. I love this game, it's so much fun.