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  1. BSharpRanch

    Equine sun visor

    Yes, Masks For Minis was the first to design and offer visor protection on their masks. 😊
  2. BSharpRanch

    Post your Vehicles!

    Another favorite of mine is the circus cart! And my chariot. In its former life it was a big horse, racing chariot. Hubby modified it so I can drive it with three minis! And my Heartwood buggy that Hubby built for me! I am the most blessed person!
  3. BSharpRanch

    Post your Vehicles!

    Thank you Cayuse! I did all the braiding and harnessing by myself. The only help is hitching and having a walker to and from the arena.
  4. BSharpRanch

    Post your Vehicles!

    Here is my favorite vehicle. It was originally built in 1983 by Ray Ross. I received it after a friend passed away about 5 years ago. It had been sitting in a carport for about 16 years and was in need of being restored. Hubby did most of the restoration work and made the swing pole, events and neck yokes. I made all but two of the harnesses, made all the scotch housings and did all the training, both horses and myself!
  5. BSharpRanch

    Costume Contest Prizes- Thank You!

    My brush came Saturday! Love it! It is way too pretty to use, so we will be using it for display. Thank . you for the lovely prizes
  6. BSharpRanch

    Costume Contest Prizes- Thank You!

    Yes, I will share photos when it arrives! I seen a sneak peek and oh-la-la! Love it! Thank you very much! And I love my cup too!
  7. BSharpRanch


    A knight in shining armor to rescue the damsel from the dragon! How funny! I loved their costume!
  8. BSharpRanch


    Thank you! How exciting!
  9. BSharpRanch


    A knight in shining armor and his faithful charger!
  10. BSharpRanch


    How about 6 please?
  11. I have another question as for some reason the past links to the initial information on the research only pulled up a blank page for me. Will these test test for the hot dog type dwarves? The type that resemble a normal mini on very short legs?
  12. Okay, let me play Devil's Advocate for a moment. We all know what a responsible breeder will/should do. However, we all know that there are a few who love money more then horses and may/will be testing their horses for the genes and breeding + to + to increase their chances of getting the dwarf that will bring big bucks. So it is possible that with the great intentions of minimizing dwarfism, some may be using this test for the wrong reasons. Food for thought.
  13. BSharpRanch

    locked stifle--won't unlock

    I have a friend whose colt had a locked stifle. Long story short the vet did two injections into the stifle about a week or two apart and a month later he was ok. Lock free for five years. They have since moved and I have lost track of them. Non-invasive and less expensive then the surgeries.
  14. BSharpRanch


    I would like fishy number 45 please?!?!?!
  15. BSharpRanch


    I will try 16 today, please!