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    Whatever happened to

    Marty who wrote the lived on a mountain in Tennessee and wrote the Dirty Holly books?
  2. I would like to give a Very Big Thank You to Missouri Forget Me Not Horse Rescue! https://www.missouriforgetmenot.org/ Today they came and picked up 6 of my minis. Due to health and financial problems I have not been able to take care of my herd the way I should. I contacted this board for a rescue and was told about Missouri Forget Me Not Horse Rescue, Thank you Mona! I contacted them and they came today. I was so very worried about how we would be able to care for my minis, now I know they are in very good hands. God Bless the people who do rescue work. They only had to leave 1 horse behind, my mini appy stallion. There was no way to put him on the trailer with the others safely. If anyone is interested lol. I am keeping 1 gelding and 2 mares. I believe I will be able to take care of 3. Thank you again everyone!