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  1. Peggy P

    Driving Hours 2018

    Cayuse, you are correct, I was supposed to go to the Spring Fling this weekend. Unfortunately, I had to be a grownup and not go. 😢 I had a huge income tax debt this year, and my real estate taxes took a jump, so I am tax poor. I couldn’t afford to take all the time off work (I work Thursday thru Sunday) and all the expense of going, so I am trying to enjoy driving my boys here at home. It’s just not the same.
  2. Peggy P

    Post your Vehicles!

    Hyper bikes are great fun! Your horse must stand well for getting on and off. I usually have to lift my leg over the shaft with my hand, and sometimes use his rump for stability, because I have bad hips. Once I am on, it is a great, comfy ride. If you ever get a chance, give it a try! Hyper bikers love to share!
  3. Peggy P

    Driving Hours 2018

    Sundance Kid 45 mins
  4. Peggy P

    I'm going on an adventure

    Jeannie you are living my dream! We have talked about moving to NC, but I really don't think it will ever happen. I am so glad you are settled in and enjoying yourself! I would love to see photos.
  5. Peggy P

    Driving Hours 2018

    I'm a little behind in posting my times. Sundance Kid 51 mins 55 mins 30 mins Butch Cassidy 33 mins 45 mins also 56 mins in April that I didn't submit Sorry if that's too much trouble, don't worry about adding it. THANKS!!
  6. Peggy P

    Driving Hours 2018

    Spring has returned! I hope she stays for a while! Butch Cassidy 45 mins Sundance Kid 50 mins
  7. Peggy P

    Open Bridle

    Both have advantages. I like beta because I don't like to spend time cleaning leather. I have shown in my beta harnesses, but I don't do fancy turnout classes. Lately I only trail drive, so beta is the best choice for me. Nothing smells like well conditioned leather.
  8. Peggy P

    Driving Hours 2018

    Winter has returned to Illinois. Very little ambition to drive in the cold, damp, windy weather. Butch Cassidy 55 mins Sundance Kid 50 mins
  9. Peggy P

    Open Bridle

    I had mine custom made in black beta from Nifty Tack.com (also on Facebook). Under $50 if I remember correctly. She also does leather and nylon.
  10. Peggy P

    How to measure cart for leg room?

    If you are happy with everything else about the Kingston, perhaps a less expensive and easier option to buying a new cart would be to add a wedge to your seat. This would open up your hip angle a bit, and give you a more secure seat. Google “carriage wedge seat” for some examples.
  11. Peggy P

    Driving Hours 2018

    Our weather has reverted back to winter - upper30s and low 40s and damp and blustery. It’s going to be a struggle to get them conditioned for the National Drive Spring Fling Butch Cassidy 45 mins Sundance Kid 45 mins
  12. Peggy P

    Driving Hours 2018

    Another beautiful sunny Spring Day! Sundance Kid 45 minutes
  13. Peggy P

    Driving Hours 2018

    Woohoo! I finally got the boys hitched as a pair Sunday. New-to-me Eurocollars and harness required lots of tweaking. Almost as much fiddling as actual driving, but I think we finally got it pretty good. I think I lost all my videos and photos from my phone Sundance Kid and Butch Cassidy 45 mins
  14. Peggy P

    Driving Hours 2018

    Sundance Kid will be 25 this August. He is a chocolate silver dapple, so he sheds out Hershey brown. He has always had a grey beard, but in the last few years he’s gotten more grey on his face.
  15. Peggy P

    Driving Hours 2018

    Another breezy spring day. Sundance Kid and I went out with April leading Raina on Booboo, and Lizzy and Allison on their bikes. Through the subdivision with a stop to visit our friend Mary and her two girls. I love how bikes whizzing by doesnt even cause an ear flick. Sundance Kid 75mins