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  1. dangerranger

    Hair for bird's nests

    One of the reasons I don't use Ivermectin, Is that I grow worms in the pony poop to compost it. This will be just one more reason not to use something that carries over through the poop and now hair. DR
  2. dangerranger

    Need some show help!

    Oh, We love to share Granddaughter and pony pic's! DR
  3. dangerranger

    Need some show help!

    Thanks, The pony is one that will follow me without the lead. She will easily match my gait, and follow my finger through the poles. But the grand daughter doesn't have real control yet. I think we are going to have fun. She has good posture, and a good seat, She is just not confident yet! One more question, the grand has been riding with one rein in each hand [plow reining] to help her get better control of the pony and get her hands off the horn. Is this going to be a problem in this class? Or should I change this right away? Thanks again DR
  4. dangerranger

    Got another Government AG Survey...Grrrr.

    I have been getting these Census letters for years, But the last two are getting very personal! I understand questions like how much land, how its used, etc But now they want to know How much I spend on Fuel, Feed, Water, How many people do I hire? etc... What I want to write on it is "See my tax return". Actually that was the nicest thing I wanted to write on it! DR
  5. dangerranger

    Need some show help!

    We have a very nice pony that our older grand daughters have ridden, but now outgrown. Sugar Bear is 20 and a been there done that pony. One of our Grands will be in town the weekend of a local schooling show. The 6 year old wants to try. She has ridden a few times and wants to try in lead line western classes. I think I can muddle through the trail class and western pleasure class but What are the judges looking for in Showmanship, and Equitation classes? What should we expect? The grand daughter will be here on the 16th, and the show is on the 25th. So we won't have a lot of time to work this out. Thanks for your help. DR