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  1. MajorClementine

    I'm going on an adventure

    So glad you are finally settled! Moving is hard and it sounds like your move was no exception. I'm sorry you had to leave some things behind. But I'm so happy you all made it safe and sound to your son's house. How great to have a driving club to belong to. Maybe someday I'll be able to move to an area where driving is more commonplace. I too would love to see some pictures as you progress with you lessons. Lots of love! And here's to hoping I'm able to come visit at some point. I'd love to finally meet you in person.
  2. MajorClementine

    Your Drive Day

    I have to get Perry halter broke before I can drive Candace. He's a little independent. He quit following her at about 4 days old.... like I said, little handful. I've got a mini foal halter on order so when that gets here we'll get to work so we can get her on the cart. I'm really excited to get some team driving in this summer though. I'm also wondering if I can pair up Clementine and Smokey to teach Clem to be part of a team. Smokey is one of those almost bomb proof horses and he also out ranks Clem in the herd so I'm thinking, even though there is a big size difference, he may be the one to help with her. So we'll be ground driving them together soon
  3. MajorClementine

    Your Drive Day

    🏇Happy 2 year driving anniversary Cayuse!!! You are waaaaaay ahead of where I was at two years. You're way ahead of where I am now at 5 years. So sorry to hear about your arthritis. Did the thunderstorm coming in make it worse?🏇 So I'm completely overwhelmed right now. I went from having 2 minis to having 6 to care for. Pistol was an unexpected purchase that my father made. Pistol was supposed to be his project but the responsibility is all falling on me. If you don't work with him every day he just goes back to being a skittish mess. He's good natured but very suspicious. Guess that's what happens when you have no human contact for 8 years. Then there is the new baby, Perry. I love the little guy but he was totally unexpected and he's a little handful. I love love love Candace and she was supposed to be my one new mini. I was supposed to have 3 not 5. So where does the 6th one come in you ask? Dad told his friend that we (me) would keep Smokey for the summer while he is in Illinois. I don't mind taking care of Smokey and we love to team drive him with Candace but she's out of commission for a bit and Smokey gets fat on air. I hate to give him back at the end of the summer with a hay belly and no muscle tone from standing around unused all summer but having 3 horses to drive and 2 to try and gentle and train and Major to keep in shape with walks and lunging I'm about fit to be tied!!!! Sorry about the rant. I'm bailing water as fast as I can but the good ship "Sanity" is slowly sinking. No carts this weekend but hopefully in the next week or two my FIL will be headed down to pick up that new trailer and can fill it with carts for me to bring up.
  4. MajorClementine

    Easy boots

    So dad just got his first set of over the pastern EasyBoots for our Fjord team. He was a bit worried about them rubbing since we've always had low profile riding boots that came to just below the cornet band. We've driven the team several miles in them and zero out of 8 boots have rubbed. I can see what you are saying about the one back one, it looks a little crooked or something. If it does rub EasyBoot has the best customer service. Hopefully they'll make him a whole lot more comfortable. On another note, has he shed out that nice or have you clipped him this year? I need to clip all of mine next week... they are yaks and it's getting hot.
  5. MajorClementine

    Driving Hours 2018

    Glad to see everyone getting out for spring driving. I'm going to go batty without my carts here. I think I can get one up here by next weekend. If my folks have room in the bed of the truck when they bring the rest of the big horse herd up for the season.
  6. MajorClementine

    Your Drive Day

    I've been so slammed with work, and the unexpected baby horse, yard work, new puppy in training. Add all that to not having a cart up here yet (still all down South) and I just haven't been motivated to get the minis out. I feed and brush them out twice a day (shedding, shedding, shedding) but they are just hay burners at the moment. We've had some big rain storms come through recently too. The weather can't make up its mind....
  7. MajorClementine

    Easy boots

    I use renegade on my riding horses too. I am totally in love with them. If they made mini boots I would switch in a heartbeat. Like I said, my folks use Easyboot and have for years and years. I wouldn't hesitate to buy their boots. But if Renegade was an option I would totally take it. Plus, they come in super fun colors!!!
  8. MajorClementine

    Shedding Yet?

    I'm so tempted to buy blankets for my 3 so I can clip them. I have to wait until June because nights still get so cold out here. They are shedding like crazy and it's making me nuts and them itchy.
  9. MajorClementine

    Driving Hours 2018

    April is in the books! 15 hours single driving, 14 hours team driving, 5 hours ground driving. You guys are rocking it!!!
  10. MajorClementine

    Your Drive Day

    I looked on Pioneer and you're right. They no longer have mini forecarts listed. They have draft and halflinger and that's all I can find. Grrrrr....!
  11. MajorClementine

    Your Drive Day

    I would LOVE a forecart for my minis. The great thing about them is you can hitch anything onto them. So you can put a skid/sled on and haul hay or hook a chain on and drag logs or tires. Pioneer makes mini forecarts I believe. Glad you feel good about your decision after talking with your vet. Care to share some of what you learned? Also very glad that Cappy is happy in his new setup. Isn't it funny how sometimes we think it's the perfect setup and they hate it. Then a goofy, to us, setup works for them? Opinionated little beggers aren't they?
  12. MajorClementine

    Your Drive Day

    I think you made the right decision. Any time you make a decision for the benefit of your horses health, it's the right decision. Even if it's hard and disappointing. It also helps get a quicker hold on an outbreak. The more people that keep their horses home the less distance the virus can spread. I also agree with your decision to not vaccinate the older horses for it. I'm believe that vaccinations are a good thing when used correctly. So many times we over-vaccinate or vaccinate when we shouldn't. I would have loved to hear how Peanut did though I've never had the guts to show anyone. I have no idea what I'm doing and not as willing to step outside my box. Next year? Or like you said, after this outbreak is under control maybe later this year.
  13. MajorClementine

    Driving Hours 2018

    All of the minis and my riding horse are back up north with me. Clementine is much happier here. I think that she may just hate the desert. Candace and the baby are doing well. He's a little handful! Gelding is in his future. All caught up on driving hours! It's been busy busy around here trying to get horses settled and that baby situated.
  14. MajorClementine

    Easy boots

    I've never used the mini easy boots but am also thinking of getting a pair for Clem's fronts. Just to ease the shock on her joints a bit. We've ridden our big guys in easy boots for 10 years or more. They have come a long way in that amount of time. We liked them from the start but the boots they have now are just amazing! I wouldn't hesitate to buy from them. Also, if you have any questions regarding measurements give them a call. Small business run by a handful of people who are always eager to help.
  15. MajorClementine

    Baby Pictures!!!

    I'll do that. Thank you! It will be interesting to see what he measures at.