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  1. MajorClementine

    Your Drive Day

    Sorry for the double post.... It was my turn to mow the lawn today. How many minis can you spot??
  2. MajorClementine

    Your Drive Day

    Wow you guys have been having fun. Thanks to Northwolf for all the fun pictures! Love the hitch with different size horses. I need to get Clem and Candace hitched together since that's why I got Candace in the first place. It's time to wean my little Perry so maybe it would be a good time to put those two mares in together to learn to play nice. Or maybe they'll just both end up with battle damage.... Marsha I'll be waiting to hear what your DIL thinks of the little mare you've found. Clementine has a knee that pops sometimes but she's never had problems with it. However, I too would be cautious of a horse that has joints that go pop. Buying horses is so tough. Fingers crossed for you finding the right one sooner rather than later. So...time to be honest with myself (and you guys). I think I'm scared to hitch up since it's been so long since I've driven. Our "little town" has blown up in the last year. I'm live at the cross section of Center Street and Main Street. We now have a traffic light and way more traffic than we did a year ago. Lots of big semi trucks, dump trucks, and other commercial traffic since we're on a State road AND now we've got the only light in town. I know that Candace is traffic safe but I haven't hitched her since she foaled so I'm nervous. Will she still be the same quiet safe horse she was while she was pregnant or was she just feeling slow? And Clementine is pretty high strung anyway. I have ground driven her around town this spring and the only time we got into a bit of trouble she decided she was going to stop and not go a step further. On Main Street with afternoon traffic mind you. When she gets like this even the whip won't motivate her. The problem is we have to go on the bike lane between parked cars and moving cars for a bit to get back home no matter where we go to drive. A bad place for her if she decides to be naughty. I would love to trail drive them but I've never done it. I have a Kingston EE and a little single seat sulky.... I'm thinking the EE would be better off road since it's got springs at least. I just need to find a decent trail. Lots of mountain bike/horse riding trails around here but most of them are single track and pretty twisty and hilly..... Truth is my driving is mostly self taught. I did take Clementine to a trainer and she gave me some lessons while she was working with Clem. Then it was all book reading, asking questions here, there, and everywhere. I'm still very much a work in progress but that doesn't help me help my horses when they are having a problem. I really wish there was a bigger driving scene around here. Mostly it's farmers who learned from their daddy who learned from their daddy. Which is great, but it doesn't help me get Clementine to soften or bend or carry herself better. It doesn't help me communicate with her. Sigh.... rant over. Sorry about that guys
  3. MajorClementine

    Driving Hours 2018

    Cheese and Crackers! You guys drove the heck out of August! Over 32 hours singles driving, 3 hours ground driving, and almost 17 hours team driving. Good thing you guys are keeping our numbers up cause heaven knows I am zero help this year. It's strange to me that I get more driving in when my horses are living 4 hours away. I guess because I have people to drive with when I go south. And I'm not bogged down by things that "need done" when I go down there. I'm on vacation so I get to do what I want 😉
  4. MajorClementine

    Your Drive Day

    @jeanniecogan I was so hoping we'd be able to come out your way this summer but my year has not gone at all as planned. I'm about to give up and get out of the horse business all together. It seems every time I think I'm going to get out to drive or ride my horses something comes up. I even paid to have shoes put on my gelding (I usually trim him myself and ride him in boots) to make it easier for me to go riding spur of the moment. Have I gone? Nope. Have I planned to? Only 100 times. Same with driving. I'm getting really frustrated with myself.... @Marsha Cassada I just got caught up on Buckley's status. I'm sorry that he won't work out as a "Marsha horse". There is one out there it's just turning out to be a journey to find one. I was so lucky to get such a great horse with Candace when I had a third party shopping for me. Buckley is such a handsome boy and you are always great to do right by your horses and find them just the right situation. If only all horses were so lucky to have someone like you. Happy driving everyone!!!
  5. MajorClementine

    I'm going on an adventure

    How exciting! I am dying to build a house on our acreage but hubby is a little gun shy. Personality differences between us Happy building! Hope it goes smoothly. I'd love to see the layout of the house you are building.
  6. MajorClementine

    Stop Throwing Your Food!!!

    I like the rubber matts idea. They go on sale at Cal-Ranch on a fairly regular basis. I also like the idea of building a barrier around them. I've got a bunch of odd sized scrap railroad ties that would work well.... I've done hay nets but they just bat them with their heads and eat the hay off the ground.
  7. MajorClementine

    Driving Hours 2018

    Way to go everyone! You've already blown last months numbers out of the water!
  8. MajorClementine

    Stop Throwing Your Food!!!

    I need help! What are your home built feeder solutions for those evil minis who launch their hay out onto the sandy ground?? I use sandclear on a regular basis but I still don't like them eating all that off the dusty sandy ground. I need an economical option since I've got a whole herd of minis now. Hubby and I are both fairly handy with power tools and aren't afraid of a weekend of building. Thanks!!
  9. MajorClementine

    Your Drive Day

    @Cayuse What a great way to hitch! I'm going to try that. Certainly easier than trying to maneuver and manipulate the cart with the shafts resting on the ground. @Northwolf - You are braver than I am to hitch those 3 alone. If I'm hitching just two I like to have help. What good boys you have. And they look pretty smart out in front of that cart. Isn't it fun when you can get out and trot, trot, trot with a light weight cart? I've got an old sulky that I repainted a few years ago and boy can we cruise in that cart. Plus it is set so low and the wheels are so wide that we can really make some fun sharp turns without worry of flipping over. It's not as comfortable as a lot of carts out there but it sure is fun. And here's to hoping that we both get some rain in the near future. I'm afraid we're all going to dry up and blow away.
  10. The nice thing about the comfy fit is you can get it leather lined. All the padding in mine is leather. You can get synthetic padding but I chose not to. I would call them and see if they can do an over check LeRoy can make just about anything you want. His other harnesses you can get with an overcheck so I imagine he can make a comfy fit bridle with one. It's worth asking. The only buckle that is stiff is the traces. They are really thick so they are a little hard to unbuckle if you need to. However, the rest of the harness is really supple and easy to adjust. I wasn't sure about synthetic either but I'm in love with this harness. I have both the deluxe deep V collar and the euro-collar. I like both. I single drive Clem with the deep V breastcollar and team drive or drive Candace single with the Euro. The more I learn the more I realize just how patient Clem was with me as a beginner. I used to strap her down TIGHT too. With my new harness the shafts just float in the loops. I keep thinking how much pressure I must have been putting on her back with my tying those down so tight. She never complained. I've found several things like that. She's a good girl. I'm glad she's back.
  11. MajorClementine

    Your Drive Day

    I think they are considered "horses". These guys are both about 13.2hh. The left hand horse (Ferb) is my son's riding horse. He's a baby sitter. We've ridden some difficult terrain and some horses have had big upsets around him and he's just steady on with my son on his back. Phineas is an okay riding horse. Not a beginner horse. Not as willing as Ferb but I think that is to do with the arthritis in his front pasterns. I think he's in a bit of discomfort often. We bute him if we are going to ride or drive him. Hubby has been up on both fires. Our "Dollar Ridge" fire was a huge fast moving fire. It kept breaking through the barriers, over the fire breaks, and jumped a major highway. 90 or so homes were lost but, thankfully, no lives. Clem is good. I need to get her hitched and see if that continues to carry over to her working attitude. She's pretty aggressive toward her paddock mates but she's been housed with only Major for the last 8 years so having 2 new buddies, one of which is a majorly aggressive pain in the butt, is new to her. However, that aggression has not been toward people or Major since they've all been together. I think it's just boss mare stuff within the herd. Hooray for hitching alone! It's great when you get to that point because it gives you so much more driving freedom. I still can't drive Clem to the cart but she does stand well while I bring the cart to her. Props to you for getting him ground driving into the cart. I need to work on that.
  12. MajorClementine

    Little more cart help, please!

    You can buy footmans loops at almost any auto parts store. They are used a lot in Jeeps. We just bolted them on where we wanted them on my sulky as it didn't have any to start with.
  13. None of my minis have a high wither. I have gone to the Comfy Fit harness for all of my minis and my Fjords. The Fjords have zero wither also. I've never had a problem with them pinching. In fact, when my Fjords were in training and got really thin (thinner than I would have liked) I actually had to purchase pads for the saddles because they started wearing bald spots on the sides of the wither. So it seemed like they fit worse when the wither was more pronounced. I can't say enough good things about my 5 comfy fit harnesses. I actually bought all of mine direct from the Amish man in Iowa. But when we went back this spring he had moved to Missouri. Shop and all. However, same quality stuff coming from the same guy. If we've ever had a problem we've been able to call him (usually leave a message and he calls back within a few days) or call Chimacum Tack. They've made custom pieces for us, rigged up special orders, and when I ordered my last harness from them I took him the measurements and when the harness arrived at my home I didn't even have to adjust it for my mini. It was already sized to fit in all the right buckle holes! Wow... so that was my soap box about comfy fit. They cost a little more than most but I've never had a problem with any of my harnesses and if I wanted something custom added or removed they always come through.
  14. MajorClementine

    Your Drive Day

    Wow everyone has been so busy! The weather has been hot and so so smokey around here. We've had on HUGE and one small wildfire burning in the valley and then we've got fires all around in the surrounding areas in our state and others. It's so bad we all walk around with red eyes. Worse than allergy season! I haven't been driving the minis much due to the weather and work but I did spend an hour trying to hitch Smokey (the horse...not our weather) a week ago. His owner sent his harness with him but didn't send the shaft loops or slot end traces to make it a singles harness. Luckily his harness and mine are the same since he bought what I bought so we could hitch his Smokey and my Candace together. So I cobbled together a singles harness from parts of mine. Only to find out that I have no traces that will fit that short little guy to my EE cart. So I think, well maybe I'll hitch Candace and they can go as a team. Her baby is 3 months old and has basically weaned himself so I'll let him graze the lawn and take her for a short drive. Started working towards hitching the team only to discover that one of the quick release snaps is missing from Smokey's trace so I can't hitch him with those either! I dearly love Smokey's owner but I have to admit, the way he keeps his tack drives me bonkers. Usually it's just in a big tangled pile wherever it was dropped when it was removed. So no mini driving but we did take the Fjord team out twice. 10 miles one day and 7 the other. They are a lot of fun. I also managed to trim all 6 minis feet. Foal hooves grow fast!!! Here's a pic of the Fjords on "Legacy Bridge" going over the Provo River just for fun.
  15. MajorClementine

    Driving Hours 2018

    July is in the books. Our totals for the month were slightly lower but if your weather was anything like ours most of the month (Hot and smokey from all the wildfires) I can understand why. Fall is on it's way! Maybe I'll actually get some driving in...