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  1. MajorClementine

    Your Drive Day

    We moved the horses up to the house last night and everyone settled in really quick. Which is great considering only 2 of the 4 have lived here before. Everyone even got along with the neighbors horses whom they share a fence line with. I had an hour to kill today so I got Clementine out. I was going to hitch her but we've had so much growth around here over the winter that I thought it better to ground drive her. I live right at the junction of Center and Main Streets here and they are BUSY in the summer. We used to drive on the shoulder of Main Street when we got to that road but now we have to drive in the narrow (single file only) bike path along the road between the parked cars and the moving traffic. I'd hate to have her hitched if she decided to pitch a fit about that new development. She didn't love the bright white lines we had to stay between but settled in. She was hard to get going at one point when she saw all the parked cars in our way. She's used to that shoulder being clear passage. She just stood and looked and looked. Didn't try to turn back just didn't want to go forward. Once I got her moving it was no big deal. The only problem we had was making the right turn off of Main Street back onto Center Street to go home. We moved out of the bike lane and into the right hand turn lane and cars were still trying to squeeze around us. For crying out loud! We're turning right too. I see them do this to bicycles as well. I always try to stay out of the lane of traffic UNLESS I need to make a turn or go around a large obstacle. Then I move into traffic when it is safe (with my slow moving vehicle sign on my cart or myself) and take my turn just like bicycles do. Luckily for me Clementine is sassy and doesn't let things like a car cutting too close bother her.
  2. MajorClementine

    Driving Hours 2018

    So this year we are at 85h 20m single driving. 63h team driving. 43h 15m ground driving. Last year's total driving was 292 but at the end of June last year we were only at 65 hours. So we are about 20 hours ahead on single driving this year. Our total ground driving last year was 54 hours and we're already at 43. I think it's safe to say that we'll be last years driving easy peasy. And I'm finally helping!!!! Well with ground driving anyway. 45 MIN FOR CLEMENTINE!!! (ground driving)
  3. MajorClementine

    Driving Hours 2018

    I've been thinking.... How about ID tags for bridles for our top drivers this year? Would people prefer flat kind you attach to the cheekstrap with screws or the tag style that you just hang from the bridle similar to a dog ID tag?? Or does anyone have other ideas they'd like to share??? And input is much appreciated
  4. MajorClementine

    Draft horses near me

    It sounds to me like you and Cowboy make a pretty good pair when it comes to training. You can take a shy nervous horse and make him comfortable and happy. Then Cowboy can take that horse and give him confidence in a job. I think Cowboy will help you understand Buckly. He can help you understand where his reactions are coming from and how to work through them. But I get what you are saying about being reluctant to bring him home. I think he will be every bit as happy with you as he would with Cowboy. Now I really want to bring Pistol out to you. You can work with him then Cowboy can work with him. You guys would have him in great form in a season I'd bet. Post pics at some point if you can. I understand if the Cowboy doesn't want his picture online but snap one of Buckly if possible. Oh and I love that he uses the saddle to train them to drive. We do that with the big guys before we ever get on them to teach them rein pressure. Saddle on, lines through stirrups. Then when you do get on you have a little control. Great method. Proves you don't need fancy gear to train a horse.
  5. MajorClementine

    I'm going on an adventure

    Happy Happy Happy! 6 Acres to call home. I'm so thrilled for you. Sometimes it's hard to wait for the right one to come along but once it does you realize there was a reason.
  6. MajorClementine

    Foal Questions

    Thank you! I've noticed his little hooves are starting to chip around the edges. Should I just let them self trim for a bit like that and have them trimmed if they start looking long? I vaccinate my current herd myself and I've talked with the vet as to what our area needs. I'm just not sure when to vaccinate the little guy. There is some differing opinion on when to vaccinate big horse foals around my area so I'm totally lost when it comes to mini foals. Is WNV safe for mini foals? They usually give a 5 way around here but should I break that up into a 3-way and a 2-way with WNV as a third vaccine? We usually use the Prestige V+WNV on the herd. We've used it for 5 years with no reactions.
  7. MajorClementine

    She’s here!

    She's so pretty! Glad things went smooth. Isn't it amazing how quickly they are up and running and wanting to play? I suppose if I had those long limbs folded up for several months I'd be ready to stretch them as soon as I hit the ground too.
  8. MajorClementine

    Foal Questions

    So now that Perry is here and we're over the surprise of it all, I have a few questions. When do we vaccinate him? When do we start trimming his hooves? When do we start worming him? We are planning on having him gelded in October once the flies are gone. He'll be 6 months old. Never had a foal around here and never intended to so we're on uncharted ground around here. FIL has had dozens and dozens over the years but not minis and I'm finding that some rules apply to all equines and some rules differ from big guys to small guys. Just want to keep the little guy healthy and in good shape. Thanks in advance for the advice. This community is the best.
  9. MajorClementine

    Baby Pictures!!!

    Thought I'd post some updated pictures of Perry. He's almost as tall as his momma now. He's eating mostly hay and grain and only nursing a little in the morning and late evening before he beds down. Weaning this one is going to be easy. He's getting more curious and more friendly but he's still a very independent little guy. Cuddly is more fun at first but independent makes for a good driving horse
  10. MajorClementine

    which cart is right for me

    I do have the Frontier Cart. It's the "Lightweight Trail Buggy" not the "Lightweight Marathon Style Carriage". So it's a bit bigger and heavier I guess. It's okay for a single horse on asphalt or other hardpac fairly level surfaces. It's pretty heavy for a single horse on a trail. The other carriage is only about 15# lighter than the one I have so I imagine it would be a lot for a single horse for long or trail type drives. I wouldn't ask Clementine to do 5 miles with it and we do that in the EE cart all the time. My EE cart isn't a Frontier cart. It's a Kingston. One thing I like about the Frontier better is the heavy duty wheels. Though, I think Kingston uses them rather than the bicycle type wheels now. If it was me, I'd go for the Meadowbrook. I really want one too. They are so pretty. They make such a nice turnout when you get all harnesses up and that nice wood cart on. Beautiful. I looked at the "A Silver Penny" ones and they are so pretty.... Now you've got me thinking I need a new cart. My hubby may burry me in the backyard......
  11. MajorClementine

    Draft horses near me

    Hooray! I'm so glad it looks like he'll be working out for you. If he took to it that quick he should be a level headed horse for you. Such a smart boy!
  12. MajorClementine

    Your Drive Day

    I would love to show Perry but it would have to be an open show as he's not registered. Trying to figure out who she may have been exposed to was a bit of a joke. Which is another reason I'll most likely keep him for life. Good thing he's cute 😀
  13. MajorClementine

    Draft horses near me

    Just catching up, glad to hear the Cowboy is okay and that he wasn't giving you the brush off. I'm excited to hear how Buckly progresses. From what you've said it seems Buckly has the mind for work. As for the draft guy saying he only has 3 mares that will go single. I'd bet that most of his horses were trained in teams. A lot of times that's how those guys break new horses. Get them used to the gear and the commands and then hitch them with a solid teammate to teach them and give them confidence. Well that's a great way to train a horse....unless you want it to drive single later. My Fjords (Phineas and Ferb), Smokey, and Candace all have more pep and confidence as a team but they all also drive willingly single. Red and Clementine only drive single. So I think it's in your training methods. Most horses will like having a trusted teammate better but I also think that most of them will go single if they are trained that way. I think the Cowboy is a better fit for you and what you want for Buckly
  14. MajorClementine

    Your Drive Day

    We've got porcupines here and dogs are not as smart as horses. Every time one of the dogs goes and tries to bite it and ends up with a face full of quills. And they don't learn after they've been quilled. They try again with the next one. We all carry pliers in our trucks/saddles/campers for this reason. Glad your horses are smarter than my dogs. Not that it's hard.... I love that you had DD drag the chain home. Don't you just love roadside finds? What a good boy he was to bring that heavy chain home for you. How did you hook it to him?? I'm totally jealous of your lessons. I wish I had someone close that I could take lessons from. However, I have found a somewhat local mini/pony group. They are based 2.5 hours away from me but they are having a clinic this coming weekend. They are doing classes on halter, driving, obstacle, desensitizing, and several other things. I think I'm going to take my son and drive out. We won't take a horse this time but they hold these clinics twice a year. I am hoping to get my son into showing halter and then driving now that Candace has had her baby. He can work with her while I work with Perry. She's got such a pretty head (well I think so anyway) and I think my son would gain some confidence in the ring by doing halter before driving. Baby Perry is much more friendly these days. It's the grain. He knows we are the givers of the pan of grain. Hey, whatever works. He really does need a playmate though. He's going to have to settle for a grumpy gelding because that's all I've got. I'll put him in with one of my geldings. Probably Smokey since he's been sharing a fence line with Perry since he was born. They know each other pretty well. That's a couple moths away though. Paddocks are mowed (had to get rid of the foxtail) and ready for the minis to come up this week. We had a big storm blow in over the weekend so I figured I'd let the minis stay at the barn for the weekend. Really high winds and I don't have wind shelters for them up here. But, after tomorrow, they'll just have to weather the storms up here.
  15. MajorClementine

    Driving Hours 2018

    I can't believe we are almost half way through the year! I need to start thinking of prizes for this years top drivers.... Feel free to send any ideas my way