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  1. lucky seven

    2016 projects

    I don't have any photos to share, hubby deleted them, but I did finish a horsey quilt that I call my Frankie quilt in honor of the old boy I lost at the end of March. It is also one to remember all the horses who have passed through my life. I have enough backing fabric to make two valances for my bedroom windows.
  2. lucky seven

    2016 projects

    Print, is the one I like best.
  3. lucky seven

    2016 projects

    Love that panel. Can't wait to see it when you finish.
  4. lucky seven

    2016 projects

    Chandab, that panel is beautiful, where did you find it? I'm starting the quilt tomorrow with the horse fabric I purchased from you.
  5. lucky seven

    HC Minis - 2016 foaling thread

    You have some beautiful horses, loved looking at the photos.
  6. lucky seven

    2016 projects

    Would you mind telling me which FB fabric sites you are on?
  7. lucky seven

    My little Pony has come a long way!

    You really have a nice area to ride, hope you enjoy every minute of it. Your minis are a hoot.
  8. lucky seven

    2016 projects

    Love your quilts, do you still sell fabric on ebay?
  9. lucky seven

    Quilting Frames

    Thanks! I've been looking at the floor model but now I'll look into the lap quilt one also. I'm not that crazy about the wooden ones. They pop apart too easy and leave marks.
  10. lucky seven

    Your Drive Day

    Awww, Hercules is such a cutie. A kissable nose.
  11. lucky seven

    Quilting Frames

    I would like to make a correction, I meant to say they are plastic tubes. The sections that hold the quilt down are half sections of the tubes. I was wondering how tight they hold the quilt down and if they are easy or hard to take off and adjust.
  12. lucky seven

    Quilting Frames

    For the quilters out there, has anyone used or know anyone who has, the plastic frames that are sold at JoAnns? I'm thinking of the large ones that are adjustable and tilt on one side? I'm wondering if the plastic clamps that hold the quilt in place are so tight that they rip the quilts when taken off. I had the hand hold type for cross stitching and the plastic clamps were so tight that I struggled to move them. Any advice would be welcome. These frames don't take up a lot of space and are affordable.
  13. lucky seven


    57 for me
  14. lucky seven

    My little Pony has come a long way!

    You both looked good, he should get what you are asking anytime now.