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  1. madmax

    Help Me!!

    Congratulations on your new guy, looks like a winner! Chromes Heavenly Quest Chromes The Whistler Or you could go the cute factor: Chromes Pep Talk Chromes Copy Cat Chromes Sky King I like names beginning with the letter C, it rolls off the tongue nicely with the word Chrome: Chromes Cavalier Chromes Crusader Chromes Commander
  2. madmax

    got my mojo back

    I double clicked on the picture to enlarge it and I can see the trapunto, very very nice job, that is extra work and they must have appreciated your effort! Pretty quilt and congrats!
  3. madmax

    June game! GAME OVER!

  4. madmax

    June game! GAME OVER!

  5. madmax

    June game! GAME OVER!

  6. madmax

    Quilt Show

    I made a drunkards path quilt once, or my version of it, as I changed the curved pieces to straight edges. Also, I set the blocks in a different setting than yours. It certainly lends itself to different looks when playing with how they are turned. I too like to make my own quilt template for the white areas instead of purchasing one.
  7. madmax

    My mini herd - New to the forum

    HI, welcome to the forum1 I have a question about your roan stallion, could you tell me his pedigree if you know? I see what looks like brindle stripes in his coat, I have a brindle mare and there are few of them in minis. Does he have them all the time or seasonal?
  8. madmax

    Quilt Show

    Absolutely beautiful quilts, you are very talented! Is the one on the right a drunkards's path pattern?
  9. madmax

    Help Naming Please

  10. madmax

    Re- breeding the mare

    Most of my mares did show foal heat, but I preferred to wait another month to let them recover well. Also, I timed my breedings so that foaling dates fell in the spring when temperatures were mild and grass was greening up. I always hand bred my mares with stallions living here. I don't know if I would turn a 'new' stallion out with mare and foal. When hand breeding, I tied up the mare, put the foal on the other side of the fence next to the mare so she would not worry about the foal. Congrats on having a successful foaling!
  11. Precious photo of a beautiful baby. Looks silver dapple to me, many of my silver foals looked like that at birth. Pay attention to his hooves as he grows, my silvers had stripes on them. (not like the ones on appaloosas)
  12. I have been eager to hear she has had her foal, so glad all went well. Such a cute name you gave him!
  13. madmax

    2018 projects

    Love them, so creative!
  14. madmax

    Magic Marker 2018

    Oh not Oh no! Sooo sorry you lost them both, so sad for you. RIP