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  1. madmax

    Help Naming Please

  2. madmax

    Re- breeding the mare

    Most of my mares did show foal heat, but I preferred to wait another month to let them recover well. Also, I timed my breedings so that foaling dates fell in the spring when temperatures were mild and grass was greening up. I always hand bred my mares with stallions living here. I don't know if I would turn a 'new' stallion out with mare and foal. When hand breeding, I tied up the mare, put the foal on the other side of the fence next to the mare so she would not worry about the foal. Congrats on having a successful foaling!
  3. Precious photo of a beautiful baby. Looks silver dapple to me, many of my silver foals looked like that at birth. Pay attention to his hooves as he grows, my silvers had stripes on them. (not like the ones on appaloosas)
  4. I have been eager to hear she has had her foal, so glad all went well. Such a cute name you gave him!
  5. madmax

    2018 projects

    Love them, so creative!
  6. madmax

    Magic Marker 2018

    Oh not Oh no! Sooo sorry you lost them both, so sad for you. RIP
  7. Your filly is so lovely, I had the same experience as this and it turned out well, my only 300 day foal and the tubing of the mare's milk did the trick, we did that for 24 hours, so I wish you continued success. My mare had too much milk and it would stream all over the foals face when it could not latch on at first, so I had to milk the mare down a little so the foal could nurse better later. It was a small foal but caught up as time went on.
  8. You are getting so much terrific advice and you have done well with her on your own. Keep talking to her, also singing to her also worked for me as well. She is a lucky horse to have you.
  9. madmax

    Shedding Yet?

    We had a hot spell but now it has dropped to the low 30's so I stopped using the grooming rake until it warms up again. My horses usually begin losing their winter coats in February and I have a particular genetic line that sheds heavily before the rest and keep really slick coats.
  10. madmax

    Minis and Vaccinations

    I have a closed herd as well, but here in the South, the most important vaccines are EWT and mine get that annually. Lots of mosquitoes here and some horses in the area have died when unvaccinated for EW, not very common but not a pleasant event. When that happens, my vet will suggest a booster if the vaccination was over 6 months old.
  11. madmax

    GAME OVER!!!!

    I'll pick number 52
  12. madmax

    New Projects Anyone?

    Enjoying everyone latest creations! I am now inspired to finally complete a tree skirt begun some time back. This baby/lap quilt I am slowly working on is at this stage now. I think it needs another narrower border in pink to frame it off. The photo is poor I know, it looks greenish but the print is blue and pink. I will have to machine quilt it for lack of time to hand quilt.
  13. madmax

    New Projects Anyone?

    Chandab, my horse squares pillows fabric are just similar to your horse fabric quilt. I still have a couple of squares waiting for me to get busy on (!) I sewed around the horse images then stuffed them from the back so they would stand out and be more interesting. I think my stash will outlive me, too much to do nowadays here. My little 'shelter dog' Belle with one pillow.