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  1. Marsha Cassada

    Your Drive Day

    Good thing you didn't fall out of the cart. Mine has done that with black tar lines in a street.
  2. Marsha Cassada

    Driving Hours 2018

    I see he only has boots on the front. I did not know he didn't need all four. What size are yours?
  3. Marsha Cassada

    Equine sun visor

    I've been having some trouble with Dapper Dan's eyes the last couple of years. I've been using allergy drops, which helps. And he wears the Cashel fly mask. His eyes ran almost constantly and I had to wash his face every day. The eye lids were quite red. On a tip, I ordered a sun visor from this company. He's been wearing it for about 3 weeks and his eyes are almost totally cleared up! I think the sun is more of an issue than pollen. Or perhaps this one filters more pollen. It is very well made and the company was easy to work with. I ordered the Miniature size, but they will custom fit to your measurements. http://www.equinesunvisor.com/
  4. Marsha Cassada

    Your Drive Day

    My sister came out with Jackie O and we had a very nice drive. Had to stop once for a neighbor to spray some OFF on my sister. We went through a rather rough place then had to go down through a ditch to get back up on the road. Had not been that way since the rain so I didn't think about standing water. Had to get out of our vehicles so our horses could get through the tall grass and mud. I wondered what the Easy Boots would do, if they would get sucked off or filled with debris--they did neither. DD did not stumble once this time and I was happy to see the toes on the back feet are rounding out and not worn square any more! I had to wash the boots but there was hardly any debris in them so I don't think I need to worry so much about debris rubbing him. Nice breeze so once we got out of the tall grass no mosquitos. Very nice drive!
  5. Marsha Cassada

    Driving Hours 2018

    90 minutes for Dapper Dan today.
  6. Marsha Cassada

    Post your Vehicles!

    My sulky is a little like the hyperbike. I have to climb into. Once situated, I feel much safer and more stable than in the cart. I started out with the sulky and got my cart a year or so later. It was downright scary sitting in that cart after the coziness of the sulky! I would like to own a hyperbike.
  7. Marsha Cassada

    Newbie with questions.

    I telltale sign of parasite load is a hook on the end of body hair. Easy to see, especially if he hasn't shed off completely. This is a good time of year to worm as the parasites are active now and more likely to be affected. A fecal sample is where I would start. My vet charges $6 for it. Pin worms do not show up in fecals, though, so you might want to use Ivermectin first, then follow in a couple of weeks with a different one for pinworms. I used Exodus, but your vet may suggest a different one. He very likely has pinworms. I think the five day power pack might be good; ask the vet about it and he can also advise the correct dose. I do a fecal on my horses spring and fall. Sometimes I can go a couple of years without using a wormer. But my horses are on clean pasture and don't interact much with other horses. Depends on your situation. I did have a bad pinworm episode last fall; a new horse brought them and my older gelding had a rough time till I was able to figure it out. I did not know what was going on. The Ivermectin did not get them all; it says it does, but it does not. I am super freaked by pinworms now. Depending on where you live, hopefully you can get some driving help. I drive. Great way to enjoy your horse! Check out the driving forum.
  8. Marsha Cassada


    We have had some rain the last week. Everything is taking off. My sister started me some sweet potatoes from a potato. I planted 4 and 3 and flourishing. One appears to be dead, but I haven't given up hope. Some little zucchinis are forming. Still getting asparagus and strawberries. Lettuce did not come up; maybe my seed was old. I ordered new. Rain is too late for the blackberries. We got 1" hail yesterday but luckily it didn't do too much damage. Have to say we would starve to death if we depended on the garden--or we'd be a lot thinner.
  9. Marsha Cassada

    New Forum Look

    I'm sure I'll get used to it. I don't have a smart phone. I access the forum on my tablet and home pc. I do not like the heart icon for "like". Hearts are huggy, kissy--icky. Overused and undervalued.
  10. Marsha Cassada

    I'm going on an adventure

    A driving club!! I am happy where I am, but that almost makes me jealous! Enjoy!
  11. Marsha Cassada

    Your Drive Day

    I notice ground driving Buckly that when I ask for a whoa he always turns slightly to the left. So I am trying to be ready with the right rein. Also, asking for quick whoa-walk up transitions is helping him to stop more straight. He still wants to move left when asked to Stand. Right now I am more concerned with getting a good Stand that whether he is straight. We will work on straightness later. I trotted behind him today--he was a little spooked at first with me coming up quickly behind him, but soon figured it out. I need to work him more; just too lazy. Dapper Dan wore his boots today for the first time on a full drive. We went our 2 mile route. It was a pleasure to see him trotting comfortably on the rough gravel. One time on the paved road he seemed to slip, but I think he is still learning to lift his feet in the boots. I stopped to check them 3 times. Once I tightened two of the boots. No debris in them when we got home and no sign of any rubbing. I'm pleased!
  12. Marsha Cassada

    Driving Hours 2018

    one hour ground driving Buckly 50 minutes hitched for Dapper Dan
  13. Marsha Cassada

    New Forum Look

    Have to say I don't like the new forum look. It is really slow to load, and the format is so large I have to scroll around on it. Guess I will get used to it. The facebook miniature horse discussion group is much easier to use, but I don't like the topics all mixed up. Since I'm not interested in foaling, looking at multiple topics of mares' genitals gets old. And I'm rather tired of the all the topics about people "rescuing" miniatures. So, I'll be coming back here. Especially to the driving forum.
  14. Marsha Cassada

    Your Drive Day

    That little rascal! If he won't follow mom then it wouldn't work to have him loose. Hope the Clem/Smokey team work out!
  15. Marsha Cassada

    Your Drive Day

    I would let Pistol veg for awhile. And I believe Candace can drive now. I have seen quite a few photos of foals running beside moms in harness. I could never do 6horses. I have 2. I have had 3 before and it was hard. I pony an extra behind the cart to exercise one. Hang on to your sanity!