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    You want pruff....look at this

    I retract my ststement so it dosent get taken out of context, My thoughts did not come across as I meant them too..... All these nice people that tried to help Your generosity makes this board, no wait, this Family one of the best on the internet, I feel for everyone that is soooooo very confused just as I am, I just wish the WHOLE TRUTH!!!! would just come out..... Its so very sad how this whole situatuion turned out.....
  2. shadyacersminis

    You want pruff....look at this

    I send my thoughts and prayres, one horse or 50, Its still hard to loose one.... Joy and Jodi, I still send my most sincere condolences to you and your family, Its still very hard to cope with something like this..... I want to keep the peace, I dont know them, but I will not judge someone until the whole truth is out.... This is very sad