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  1. paintponylvr

    Post your Vehicles!

    What a great thread! I'll post some in a bit. Cayuse - Nikki's Express (website currently being rebuilt) used to have an Amish builder make their mini forecarts in green - a lot more minimal metal(s) than mine from Pioneer. I think you can check with White Horse Manufacturing? I believe they are in PA. Also check here with Carolina Carriage Superstore - Greer, SC carries different wagons (farm & amish style), carts & carriages. ********** Our first sulky cart - got it with a 12 hh Hackney mare in 1997, Shown first w/ AJ in 1998. Then, shown here with our 40" shetland mare, Bell in 2010 - 13 yrs after we got it used! Madira (our middle daughter) is driving in both pics. It was refurbished once by someone who borrowed it from me for a year - the seat was redone, the whole cart was sanded/repainted black, New leather put on the shafts, wheels stripped of rust & repainted silver. Mostly in storage from 2001 thru 2007 - when it came back into use. Heavy use from this day 28 May 2010 forward to 2014. Not hooked since we've been here (January 2015)... The same cart - having taken it up to Millersburg, OH in spring 2013 to be refurbished again after Bit had a bucking fit and broke the circle bar in the fall of 2012. It now also has a single tree, tug stops & footman's loops on it for the first time. Wish I'd had the shafts shortened AND the singletree put under the shaft for a lower draft. The wheels also were replaced - they are now the no air type (however that makes a huge differernce in the comfort of the ride for both driver and pony!)... Only pics I have of it redone, so far... Not sure why I didn't get the windscreen redone... Never occurred to me, I guess, LOL. Our first EZ entry cart - yes - harness hooked up wrong, no breeching, daughter barefoot, 46" shetland stallion doing ok for his first hook in 9 years. Bought the cart used in TX. It was one of the last Frontier's built (not the same as Frontier in MO)... Vicki bought a no-name EZ entry for her ponies - only it was too small and the guy wouldn't exchange it for a larger one. So, since i had younger ponies and a few smaller than 40", I traded the one above for this smaller one. I didn't like the metal shafts w/ no single tree, so when the sulky cart redone, I had this one done, too. Also got a heavier axle and no-air tires... Hmm... should have redone those cheap springs, too! This was our first wagon. It was probably way too big for the Shets. But it worked for us to start with. The only problem? - it didn't fit in the trailer w/ the ponies to go to any events (I used a 1969 Hale stock trailer for years for the ponies! It's narrower than current day horse or stock trailers by almost a full foot). I could only use it locally or someone had to use a flatbed and haul it out for us. Here is a pic of Koalah and Bell pulling it. The green cooler is what passengers sat on (yea, o so safe! LOL). The blue cooler on the ground is what we used to "mount" the wagon. I later carried a bucket that I attached to a lead rope. I dropped it to the ground to get down & also used it to get in. Couldn't do that now - not flexible enough, LOL. O, & so safe as well, we know NOT. It went to 3 events - one of which was the one I hauled it to for the new owners... I posted pics of the Pioneer wagon & Pioneer Forecart in the other thread...
  2. paintponylvr

    Magic Marker 2017

    CONGRATS!! What a cutie and I LOVE those pintos. Can't wait to see what she looks like dry and unfolded.
  3. paintponylvr

    Your Drive Day

    I worked in a Vet's office here in NC starting in 1997. That was policy - even then. Part of the Hippa policy on privacy. If the new O's vet wants the info, they can either have the previous O give consent to the vet clinic to release it OR they can have their vet go thru the clinic(some clinics will do it that way for the vet office, but not for the O). How long had you owned him? Does the new owner really need previous info? I know that I used to be "anal" about that - not so much any more. It IS nice to know which vaccines he may have had over the years, but... Hope you get to hear how he is doing in his new home. It's always fun (to me) to hear back - sometime YEARS later - about how a horse you worked with and owned is doing. (or bred,raised, trained, showed and then sold)
  4. OOOOOOOOOOOO - NICE!!! That is cool. Will enjoy following this guy as he does his color changes.
  5. paintponylvr

    Magic Marker 2017

    I have some silver blacks that dapple and some that don't and others that only dapple for part of the year. That's been so unpredictable. The dam of the bottom 3 fillies only did the dappling with "stars" the one year - that I'm aware of. And that was only noticeable when she was partially clipped (a trace clip while working as both a riding lesson pony and learning to drive single/pair). Yet, she's had dapples since - just not the same. Sometimes her winter coat is dappled and others her summer coat is. Weird. I have several other mares that are heterozygous black silvers. Some are darker than the homozygous blacks. The dam of the first foal I posted pics of (post # 76) is homozygous silver but she is heterozygous black (can produce chestnut with another heterozygous black or a chestnut). She is one of the ones that looks gold - during part of the summer/fall/winter. This is probably the darkest she will be this year (unless I start keeping her stalled), since she has shed. The 2nd pic is of her in winter coat. Probably the best way to see pics of the various silvers we currently own is to go to our website. Each pony's picture album is featured at the middle of their page. Currently own 5 Sr mares that are silver black. Bell - tested single black & double silver. GG, daughter of Bell by chestnut stallion - tested single black & silver (produced red tobi filly by single blk, double bay, double tobi stallion in 2016. Koalah - tested double black, single silver. KoKo - tested single black, single silver (produced blk tobi colt by single blk, double tobi stallion 2016). Stuffy - tested double black, single silver. Flower - untested silver bay 1/2 shetland. Taff - untested silver buckskin - produced a silver bay colt this year by a single black, single bay, double tobiano. SR Mares Currently own 5 Jr Mares that are silver black. Ami is tested heterozygous black, heterozygous silver. She has no other relatives in our herd and has never been bred. Bunny (looks gold) is not tested - but will be homozygous black and believer her to be homozygous silver. Classy is not tested - could be single or double black & silver. Her 1/2 sister is GG (above, out of same dam - Bell). Flashi is tested homozygous black, single silver (and when she was being shown/kept in barn, she was almost black in color, when body clipped she is a metallic blue/gray shade). Shamrock - not tested - but is homozygous for black based on sire and dam color testing. Classy, Flashi & Shamrock are full sisters. JR Mares Have 3 geldings. Full brothers Cupid - tested double black, single silver, double tobi & Rio, not tested - will be double black, out of Stuffy. Dandy is a silver bay - not tested but both parents are. He gets his single silver gene from his sire and single bay gene from his dam - don't know if single or double black. Is double tobi based on parents' tests. Geldings Not sure exactly how the silver gene will carry forward in future breeding. Most of the silvers, sired by the same stallion, have now shown up to have different levels of sticky stifles. The 3 worst (2 - 1/2 Shetland siblings; 1 mare - sibling to the 2 geldings) and the stallion were euthanized in 2014. Working with vets now to decide if any others will be euthanized and which of the two stifle surgeries may be required (or continuing to maintain on diet/exercise as currently doing) and at what cost(s) for the remaining mares/3 geldings.... Sticky stifle issue is why I had a promising colt (in so many other ways) gelded in 2012. Along with a couple that have popped up with cryptorchid issues, this pretty effectively ends breeding for a while for us. 2014 thru now have been some interesting and rough learning curves! I will always wonder if the stallion that I couldn't afford for years then became available did so because someone knew that he was siring foals with stifle issues (that didn't show up until the foals were 2-3 yrs of age). Neither the stallion nor his offspring display(ed) conformation that shows a predisposition to locking stifles and the sire never locked up himself. Some of the "lockers" are out of the same dams, some are not. He sired a total of 11 foals for us - 8 of whom reside here with us for now. Foals by other stallions out of the mares have not displayed any locking stifles. and just for fun - a pic of summer faded silver mares taken in 2015.
  6. paintponylvr

    Magic Marker 2017

    Just like other colors, silvers can be born different "shades"... I think it makes a difference, too, if they are homozygous or heterozygous black &/or silver. I don't have foal pics of our two homozygous silver mares - but they have been lighter here in NC then any of the single silver gene ponies and many people think they are palominos, not silvers (those "ugly tan things" I have in my pastures, LOL). I DO have one filly I REALLY think is homozygous silver - she looks "gold". I thought I'd had her dam tested for cream, but when I checked paperwork, I hadn't (papers - sire and dam - shouldn't be carrying cream, but I wonder?). I have not had the young mare tested yet - debating doing that this year. They mature different shades and bleach out in the sun different as well. I have 'proof' - LOLOLOL. Some of ours have been color tested, some haven't. I can post a few pics, if you don't mind. Otherwise... ? Even sunlight/angles make a difference in colors. I REALLY noticed that when I was looking thru the pics of the filly I posted above. This is Cupid as a foal - 2010 - EE, aa, Zn, TT, no cream. 24 hours old Full sister Wyndy 2011 - EE, aa, Zz, Tt. No cream. Sorry, don't have a better close up shot. About 8 hours old. Full brother Rio - 2013 - EE, aa, Z?, T?. No cream. Not color tested. About 2 hours old in pic ************** Flashi - foaled 2011. Tested - EE, aa, Zz, Tt. Not tested for cream. About 8 hours old. Full sister - Shamrock - foaled 2012. Not tested - EE, aa, Z?, T?. Should not have cream, but dam not tested for that... a few hours old? Full sister - Bunny - Foaled 2013. Not tested - EE, aa, Z?, T?. Should not have cream, but dam not tested for that... mintutes after birth & then
  7. paintponylvr

    Magic Marker 2017

    Silver blacks can be born with blue eyes - unfortunately none of ours show well close up. But they all darkened up by the time the foal was a couple of months old. I don't think I've had one born with quite that crystal/light of a blue, though. She "looks" silver black to me in these pics, will be interesting to follow her as she matures. Since silver only shows on black - a chestnut/sorrel, palomino, cremello can carry it and it wouldn't be known until a foal has it on a black based coat. She's really cute!! and look at that wonderful GREEN GRASS!!! I'm so jealous. These are all the same filly - she actually went thru more color changes than this. about 2 hours after birth - a known silver black filly maybe 2 hours after that? 24 hours old - A month old - Shed out, already sun bleached, 2 yr old - Last month - Maybe instead, I should have attached new born pics of different silver black foals... hmmm...
  8. Curious now, did you get the color test back? I'm not familiar with UK, so don't know if you'd already have it back. Meaning on the little man's name? It's very different, so was wanting to know about that, too! He is a good looking young man!
  9. Well, congrats! Must be so nice to have a webcam - so much easier than check after check and then still missing the event while right in the next stall!! He's a good looking colt. Can't wait to see "unfolded" pics of him.
  10. paintponylvr


    I agree that flower is incredible! Peony - hmmm... May have to look into those, now too. How are you doing with your Espaliered Apple tree (s)? did you start them yourselves from twigs or did you purchase them already started and then build supports for them? I ask as I found a nursery here in NC that sells young fruit tree trees - some have been started in Espalier fashion and I've been thinking about them... We are building up an area circling our 60' round pen - using a combo of shredded paper, cardboard, pony manure (mostly well composted - but some not as I remove it from the round pen where we've had ponies in constant residence for a year now), chicken coop compost (AMAZING how the chickens are turning the sand under their coops into usable compost - when I add weeds, dirty hay/shavings/straw, pine straw, limited pony manure, leaves & all kitchen waste to their coops), rabbit manure/alfalfa hay. There will be "trenches" on both sides of the mounds for the tree areas that are catching the rain water - wish I'd had a little more done before this current system hit us - would have been nice to "catch" more of the run off. The trees will be a combo of actual Dwarf varieties and larger ones that we will keep well pruned to prevent them from getting over 12' tall. Hopefully, this will allow us to work with the natural water flow on our property and utilize it, give us shade while using the round pen (whether for training or "living") AND provide us with fruit! We haven't planted any trees yet, though. Getting there... Looking at putting in a line of grapes and raspberries with other flowering plants between our driveway and the pasture fence. This would aid in the run-off from the driveway (didn't appear to be any before the storms hit last year - now it's very obvious we have quite a bit). - again retaining water & rerouting it for use to the good. And may be able to use other fruit trees along other pasture fences - also for shade & to soak up some of the excess water from rain. Right now - only installing/working on the "beds" where hoses will also reach as we don't have permanent drip lines in... (another reason starting around the round pen - I'm in that area daily - with ponies and chickens). I've got another section of fence where we are putting in black berries (thornless) have the first two - but not in the ground yet - Ouachita variety. 2 honey berries going in by our house - haven't decided exactly where just yet - they'd started blooming in February when it got warm - we were recommended at that time to put them in shade to prevent them from doing full bloom(s) and not fruiting this year. Now they need to be planted in full sun... Not sure if they will actually fruit this year or not. Don't have a tractor right now, quotes for having someone do what I want done are higher than we've had $$ for and I'm now a lot older and not nearly as fit since I went to a varying part/full time desk job. So, we move by hand/small equipment/ponies, dig by hand and build by hand - slow going!!
  11. paintponylvr

    Magic Marker 2017

    wow - been busy at your farm! The two fillies are lovely! Can't wait to see more pics. Hope that the little buckskin mare eventually learns that you are OK, but I have two that are like that, so totally understand.
  12. paintponylvr

    Magic Marker 2017

    O, no. Such a pretty filly and such a loss! I'm sorry. Glad that Feather doesn't seem to be upset by her loss.
  13. paintponylvr

    Your Drive Day

    Or if you are like our family - you have lots of 2 ltr soda/lemonade bottles. Lots & Lots. You can fill them w/ water or sand for weight, you can spray paint them in different colors. Coffee "cans" also make good pole holders. figure out what you are going to use for a pole (upright pvc?) in what size, make the "holder" pvc a bit larger and put it into the "can" and add cement. The cement both holds the pole support and keeps them from blowing over in the wind with the weight.
  14. I can't wait to see this foal either! It's always such a surprise with all the color! She's looking good, steadily getting closer.
  15. paintponylvr

    Your Drive Day

    O, NO, Marsha! I'm so sorry. Since I had been out of the reading of this topic for a while, I was originally caught by surprise when you were describing good works with him. I figured a break through had happened and that was why you hadn't already started your search for a new driving horse (I thought you were going to sell him last year and start a search for a new horse). I agree with the others. Something else to consider - give me a bit while I figure out the best way to word it. Looking for one that you FEEL safe with is the best idea. I used to not understand, in 2008, a friend and then a friend of hers refused to ride if they didn't have someone to ride with. That meant that more often then not, they simply didn't ride their horses. So their horses, some literally just home from a trainer and losing valuable time (& their $$), stood around or went back to pasture simply because they didn't have a friend to ride with. I was stumped! I rode all my life MOSTLY alone, so I had no idea what that was about. I DID have accidents - I just got thru them (& hobbled home a couple of times or left a "broken" cart next to the road/on the trail while I led/ground drove the horse back home/to the trailer at the trail head). Now I'm older. A couple of "nasty" horses (not really bad, but all of a sudden sitting on what felt like a "keg of dynamite" wasn't fun) - instead of enjoying my rides - I began to stress about them. It was uncomfortable. When I did ride with someone who was a "go-get em" rider, as I had been, the stress went even higher. That stress actually turned to real fear - BOY WAS I SURPRISED - and the horses, especially the "keg" one, could feel it. That fear, for the first time, got in the way - because I was so uncomfortable I wasn't able to work thru it and it BUILT instead of dispersing. The enjoyment in the horses left completely, as my confidence in my abilities to both control/direct them easily AND to enjoy them & our rides DISAPPEARED. Then some physical problems started - my hips would lock up when I tried to sit in the saddle after mounting - VERY painful and VERY unnerving as suddenly I didn't feel like I could "get away" if anything went wrong (the "keg" was exceedingly "light" in the front end - had no problems with rearing STRAIGHT up). Indeed, just dismounting became almost impossible, once I was mounted and my hips locked. 2012 was the last year that I rode, in 2013 I sold "my" arab mare and in 2014, 'Dira's little arab mare (also one of my mounts) was euthanized. I haven't even ridden at all since - though a couple of times I've dearly wanted to. Now, my larger size combined with the fact I'm no longer in shape to ride would get in the way (eroding any of the last confidence in my abilities before even getting started). I was a good rider, certainly not the best, since I had confidence in my abilities (I LOVED training a riding horse but if they bucked, I pulled muscles staying in the saddle as a youngster and early adulthood) and could utilize that even when things "got crazy". With confidence, even in scary situations, I could work thru them calmly. To have that confidence erode & disappear - was a problem. What a quandary to deal with!! I now have a VERY real and very different type of compassion for the older rider OR anyone who has lost their confidence. I can still work with them - both in riding and driving, but I do so with a different level of understanding what may (or may not) be needed! SO - my feelings have changed. I DO believe you need to work with a horse you can have fun with and confidence in - especially now, as we age. One that you can FEEL safe with is important. Now, it may be more important to find that partner you don't always have to train full time, one that you can relax with enough to fully enjoy. And I've never believed that a horse should automatically have a "forever home" IF you aren't able to work with and enjoy them w/i your own abilities. I don't believe you should feel any shame or shoulder any blame for finding him a different home, so that you can find another driving horse to become yours (& DD's) new companion. and now my hubby is wondering what's wrong with me. first time I've fully admitted this (or put it down anywhere) and I've gotten a bit teary!!