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  1. dixie_belle

    My latest project

    Well, this is what I am working on now. I actually misread the instructions. I thought it said it was comprised of 20 blocks. That didn't seem too bad. So I'm hand piecing up a storm and I realize....wait, that's not right. This isn't anywhere near being large enough. Turns out, they didn't mean 20 blocks, they meant 20 of the round circles which is four blocks sewn together. So, all of a sudden I went from 20 blocks to 80 blocks. GRRRRR I've been cutting and sewing for days and only have 27 done. This is going to take forever. All those curved seams. Oh well, it's not like I have anything else to do during the summer. The pattern is called Job's Tears. I think it will be really cool once it's done (if I ever get it done). At first I didn't like the pop of orange, but now that I have several done, I am liking it much more. I think this will be the quilt I enter in shows next year (assuming I have it done by quilt season...LOL)
  2. dixie_belle

    got my mojo back

    This past weekend was the Hart County Fair. They have a large quilt show. I didn't have a bed sized quilt to enter this year because I had shipped the only bed sized quilt to my daughter in Texas and she refused to ship it back so I could show it. Oh well, I really don't care because she's in love with it. But I did enter this little crib quilt. It's hand pieced, hand quilted and then I did some trapunto. Apparently, the judges liked it because I got the blue ribbon in that class. How unexpected for me. I was really quite flattered. You can't really see the trapunto in the picture, and I tried to attach some close ups but they are too large (go figure) and exceed the size limit. So you will just have to use your imagination. LOL I haven't done a lot of quilting lately as I've been battling some depression issues. But that seems to have improved enough for me to sit with a needle and thread in my hands. We'll see, maybe I'm just adjusting to my situation. Anyway, I call this little quilt "Birds in the Air" and if you could see the quilting pattern you would know why. LOL
  3. dixie_belle

    Just an update.

    Things here could be better, actually. But, I am tired of living with such uncertainty. I felt that I needed answers to some questions, if for no other reason than to put some of my fears to rest. So, keeping that in mind, I have scheduled an appointment with an attorney who specializes in elder care. We will meet with him at the end of next month so I can get the truths of what our future holds. I need to know how to put hubby in some sort of home, how much it will cost, who pays for it, what I will use to live on, what happens to our home, car and my health insurance (I'm not old enough for medicare for 3 years yet). Now, whether we actually do something with my hubby at this point, I can't say. But at least I will finally get some definite answers to questions. And I think it's time for me to be put legally in control of everything. Right now I feel such relief about this simple decision just because I've been living in such uncertainty for years now and the thought that I will actually know what will happen is such a good feeling. My biggest concern is that we'll use all our $$ to keep him in a facility and then what will I have? So mainly, this meeting with the attorney is an attempt to possibly protect something for me. I have absolutely no doubt that my husband's life is absolute heck. He knows what is going on. He gets frustrated that he cannot complete a sentence or operate the remote control. It appears to me that he is just shuffling around the house, waiting to die. That is a horrible way to live. I'm hoping if we can afford to get him in a facility, they can figure out a way to get him to interact with them. And, let's not forget, that since his life is so hellish, mine is also. Where ever he goes, so do I. I can't stand to be in the house 24/7 with him and yet when I leave I feel guilty and worry. And the guilt of not being able to "fix" this somehow is really a terrible feeling. I don't know what the future holds for him, or for me. I know I've made some good friends here in Kentucky who let me cry on their shoulders, and who I can count on if I need something. So I am very relieved about that. I feel like I should be stronger, somehow. And just handle things better. But I have to make these enormous decisions and I fear I will make mistakes and do the wrong thing. And I feel like a horrible person for wishing to be done with this whole process. Anyway, hopefully next month I can get some answers to my questions. If for no other reason, than to reduce my anxiety over the uncertainty of the future.
  4. dixie_belle

    Quilt Show

    That's right, it's a whole cloth. I've made two large queen sized ones. This one is actually on my bed right now. The quilting makes the pattern, you don't piece a single thing.
  5. dixie_belle

    Quilt Show

    I don't know why people don't respond to the one on the right. I gave it a name: Moroccan Fantasy. I think it looks like some windows I've seen in pictures of Morocco and we all know I'll never get to see them in person so......... And I'm really proud of this one because I made up the quilting pattern myself, as opposed to purchasing a stencil. Took forever to draw this out and get it just right. But I really love it. I get to say that this is an original quilt. And, even if it never gets a ribbon, I'm really proud of it.
  6. dixie_belle

    Quilt Show

    Yes it is. Since I hand quilt, I knew I wanted to group the white pieces together somehow to showcase the quilting. I'm really proud of that one as I made up the quilting pattern to fit the design, but it doesn't get a lot of attention at shows.
  7. dixie_belle

    Quilt Show

    I've said this before, but I quilt just to keep me from going insane. I have decided that maybe I should enter some in local shows. So I had entered three in a show in Red Boiling Springs, TN (a darling little town about 45 minutes from here). Not to toot my own horn, but TOOT, TOOT, TOOT. My Ohio Star won 1st place in hand quilting. My double wedding ring won second in hand quilting. AND.....wait for it.....the double wedding ring was awarded Viewers Choice. I was absolutely speechless (and I am NEVER at a loss for words.) All three of these in the picture were mine. I was quite surprised and very pleased. Unfortunately, the names on the ribbons were for my evil twin sister "Shelby" as opposed to me "Shelley". And here I didn't even know I had a twin sister. How funny was that? I have all this time on my hands, babysitting hubby, and so I thought I'd put it to good use. So I guess that is the silver lining.
  8. dixie_belle

    Hubby has the light on but no one is homel

    OK, sorry about that post. Yesterday was a really tough day. I apologize for my rant. It's really hard caring for someone like this. Much harder than I imagined. And sometimes I just am so frustrated. And really, I don't want to vent with all my friends because no one wants to hear about any of this. I just feel so very alone. I'm thinking I should find some sort of social worker maybe who could help me cope? There are all sorts of support groups at the local hospital but nothing for caring with people with dementia. I'd delete my above post, but I don't know how. Feel free to do so.
  9. As time progresses, my husband gets a little fuzzier on how to do thingsotoo much for him to do. In fact, he just really shuffles around without speaking while I pick up all his dirty clothes, you know, the ones that were too dirty to put into the washing machine but are perfectly ok to leave In a pile on the outstairs steps. Because I don't mind looking at them, or smelling them or tripping over them. Sigh. I may have lost my temper and fussed a tad about the giant messes he is always making that I have to clean up. So now he does little things to tick me off. Eat icecream after dinner and leave the dirty bowl in the sink for the maid. That would be me) Ge sleeps 14 hours a day and lays on the sofa the other hours in his undies which he tries to figure out the remote control. I fear it is too complicated for him , I'm always "fixing" it. We have had so many turturials on the remote that I think I could write the book. But it falls on deaf ears/ And so the horrible realization is that this could last another 20 years. He's crazy and I'm in heck.
  10. dixie_belle

    I'm so bummed

    You all know I've been struggling with some depression issues because of my husband being ill. I decided I needed to get out of the house a little, get away from the issue so I joined a quilt guild and a homemakers group thru the local extension office. Now granted, all these ladies are quite a bit older than I am and are all local. Generations local. They know everyone. So the homemaker group I chose (and there are several to choose from) was small, only 7 ladies. I wanted a smaller group so I could get to know them, rather than one of the larger groups. And it's pretty informal, which I like, too. Second meeting, no one bothered to call me to tell me where it was. (It changes each month). OK, well, I'm new so maybe they didn't have my phone number. No big deal. Last month the lesson was on recycling your old junk to make new junk. LOL One of the ladies called everyone.....except me, of course.......to ask them to bring anything they had upcycled into something new to show everyone. No biggie.....maybe they didn't have my phone number (again). Monday the extension office has this program where we get a charter bus, go to Lexington to the Markey Cancer Center and all get screened for ovarian cancer. Well, sign me up. So I'm on the bus and one of the ladies in my group says....now don't forget, we cancelled Wednesday's meeting. Um......when were they going to tell me? So, there was another little old lady who joined just two weeks ago. I called her on Tuesday morning to tell her that the meeting had been cancelled and she said she already knew because they had contacted her. OK, I get it. Honestly, I do. Took a while, but I get it now. What were they going to do....hide in the bushes and laugh at me when I showed up? Big joke. Well, don't you know I was teary eyed all day Tuesday. I guess the homemakers group just isn't a good fit for me. They have to accept everyone but they don't have to really accept you, evidently. Maybe I'll look into one of the other homemaker groups. Or friends of the library, or something. OK, my rant is over. I'm just really hurt.
  11. dixie_belle

    Rocky Raccoon

    For some time now, I've known there was a raccoon close by. If I left my bird feeders out overnight, he would empty them all for me. And he has actually stolen several suet feeders. They were no where to be found in the morning. No big deal...I just bring everything in at night. BUT, the other night he's on my back porch when I go to let my little dog out. And, he's not afraid of us. I swear, if I would have left the sliding door open, I think he would have come in and had dinner with us and hung out on the sofa watching TV. Then we discover he is living under the deck. NOT GOOD. So, I go to animal control and get a raccoon trap. I ask them if I can return the trap with a raccoon still in it. Um......no. dang Day one: I set the trap at night and use a can of cat food as bait. Wake up to find the trap not sprung, the cat food gone and a dribble of cat food juice going from the trap to the edge of the deck. Well....this means war. Day two: We have chicken for dinner. I take the chicken carcass and actually tie it to the inside of the trap. **insert evil laugh** I put the trap on top of a towel because I know if I catch him, he'll poop all over and I really don't want raccoon poop on my deck. Wake up this morning and there he is, in the trap. Not a single little bit of chicken carcass is there so he had a really good dinner. And, he had used his little hands to shred that towel and pull the entire thing inside the trap. WHAT? So I go to pick up the trap....did you know raccoons can growl and snarl? Well, let me tell you, they can. He tried to pull me thru the bars of the cage like he had the towel. So I get a large tarp and cover the cage, so he can't see what I'm doing. We eventually wrap the entire trap with the tarp, pick up the trap (by the tarp) and get it in the back of my car. Hubby, Rocky Raccoon and I went to the state park for breakfast. It's not my fault Rocky missed the bus for the return trip home. LOL Let's see how long we are raccoon free. (Hopefully forever)
  12. dixie_belle

    2016 projects

    No, it is too painful to think about going back to the farm and seeing the horses. I don't think I could handle seeing it all again.
  13. dixie_belle

    2016 projects

    I know I haven't posted this past year, I've been rather depressed what with selling our farm and moving and just stuff. But I have been quilting up a storm, to keep my sanity. I am working on quilting my double wedding ring this winter. First time I did anything with a curved seam. It wasn't as hard as I thought. I did piece it entirely by hand, just to make sure I was dead on at the points. And I'm hand quilting it, as well. So far I am pretty pleased with the results.
  14. dixie_belle

    Quilting Frames

    I even have this large wicker basket that I sit down next to my quilting chair and I keep whatever I'm working on in there when I'm not actually quilting. There is a fabric bag with needles and thread and scissors, everything I need (including the plastic quilting frame). This past year when my hubby was so ill and we were at a doctor's office or therapist four days a week, I simply took it with me and I'd quilt in the waiting room. It is surprising how much you can get done in an hour or two while waiting. And people would come over and ask about it. I never mind showing off whatever my current project is and explaining about quilting. I love that it is so very portable.
  15. dixie_belle

    Quilting Frames

    I lap quilt using one of those PVC type frames. It's not on a stand or anything, I just keep it in my lap and quilt away. Oddly enough, it holds the fabric better than my old style wooden hoop. And it is so easy to move around as the plastic holder parts just pop right on and off. I'll never go back to the old wooden ones. And, even though it isn't really all that large, I've hand quilted a king sized quilt with it. Just start in the middle and work your way to the outside. My original one was probably....oh......20 years old when the plastic snappy parts wouldn't keep a grip and would pop off. I figure they just probably just stretched out over time. But I got my money's worth out of them. I just went back and bought a new one (with my 50% off coupon, of course).