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  1. Miniv

    New family member

    Adorable!!! She's already dependent on you, it sounds like......
  2. Miniv

    Pasture security?

    Wish I could actually SEE what you describe. And other than adding more locks and possibly a camera system, I don't know what to suggest. We are also relatively rural, but live only about a half mile off a country 2 lane highway. The top of our property extends up to the highway, so it does make us vulnerable. The gate up there does have a padlock because we've had hunters trespass........literally opened the gate and DROVE IN with their rifles, tracking a deer. We also had some kids come up to our barn pasture during the night and open the gate and leave, just to make trouble. The gate was padlocked after the 3rd night of it happening. We also called the county police and they came and looked over the situation and put our street on their regular evening patrol schedule.
  3. Miniv


    Well....at least she has a nice new home...... OUR issue was having THREE ROOSTERS....who just HAD to have a crowing competition every morning, beginning at 4 A.M. AAARRRGGG. Made the hard decision and earlier this week two were "re-homed"... into a friend's stew pot. The one I chose to keep is the gentler of the 3 and absolutely gorgeous. He takes after him mom who is a Lavender Americauna. I'm eager to see what we get for chicks this season.
  4. Frankly, I couldn't remember the name .... I just remembered the word "Chance" was in it. I also remember it was a HUGE responsibility for a group of people and they relied on folks in many different states to foster. We were asked to foster a little fellow towards the end.
  5. Just for the record, Debby, the "Last Chance Rescue" helped A LOT of people, but more importantly, A LOT of minis. We fostered one little fellow during that time and I felt confident that he went to a great home.
  6. Miniv

    Introduction and a couple questions

    Welcome Aboard! I agree that worming, protein, and teeth care all play a part in correcting a pot belly.... plus exercise. How long have you had Tugger? Have you done the "touch test" on her? In other words, rubbing your fingers down her back and along the rib cage? This may help determine if her belly is just wormy or she is just FAT. As for worming, I'd recommend the vet do a fecal check to see what kind of wormer to start her on. Be sure to worm Misty the same at the same time. Just my 2 cents. In the meantime, enjoy! They look like they are already good friends.
  7. Miniv

    Horse hair pottery

    Sounds cool! We've considered having some glass paper weights made with horse hair. (Special horses that have passed.)
  8. Miniv


    I believe that's where the phrase, "Pecking Order" originated. BTW, I do NOT allow a rooster to get "sassy" with me. We had one who flew at me and pecked my legs and I booted him across the pen. He was good for a little while, but then we went through the same thing two more times.........Third time was the charm and he was GONE. My guess is that your rooster is questioning YOUR place in that "pecking order". We've had to do the same thing with a hen a couple of times....separate until healed. Once healed up, she was welcomed back to the group. (We used Nolvasan on the injury(s). )
  9. Miniv

    baby Oliver

    Congrats on your little cutie! I'd guess silver of some kind too......... As for his eye lashes, you may have to have a vet intervene. It's never happened to us personally, but other breeders have mentioned needing to have the vet put a couple of stitches in the foal's lids to keep the lashes turned out.
  10. Congrats!!!!!!!!!! Not sure about the milk replacer affecting colostrum absorbsion. Personally, I would focus on him getting as much colostrum as possible for his first 24 hrs. There is a simple test your vet can give after that to make sure he has enough antibodies. Talk to him about that.
  11. Miniv

    Shedding Yet?

    Ditto to crazy weather.......Fortunately not a bunch of shedding yet. We've had 60 degree weather and this morning several inches of snow......Go figure.
  12. I'm a "head nut" and am admiring her head and large eye. Also agree that she's lucky you are her new mom!
  13. Miniv

    Minis and Vaccinations

    We vaccinate our youngsters and on the rare occasion when a new horse comes in and we aren't sure of their history......We also have a closed herd. Our basic vaccine is a 5-way and we prefer to give it in the butt muscle. (Not as many reactions than in the neck.) However, there have been a couple of mares that are difficult to do in their back side, so we surprise them in the neck muscle. I agree with many that there has been over vaccinating going on for ALL PETS AND HUMANS. I'm not against vaccinating, but just using common sense.
  14. One thing that may help with handling her udder is get a bucket of warm water, a drop of liquid soap, and a soft rag and try washing gently...including between the teats. She may even LIKE it.
  15. You only need a drop of fluid on your finger. Dab your finger and thumb together and gauge the stickiness. At first it will take a few dabs to make it feel sticky. And then when she's very close, it will only be one dab and feel very thick like honey or syrup. That means lots of colostrum has formed.