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  1. JanBKS

    Missouri Forget Me Not Horse Rescue

    Good for you, I am pushing 74, still able to get around but getting harder every day. I donated 7 of my Minis to a therapy farm she lost all 13 of her therapy horses to arson, someone a neighbor had chained the doors shut from the inside and set the barn on fire, my guys and gals needed a job anyway I did keep 3, 2 small geldings and my 30 yr old stallion, I need to find homes for my 3 quarter Horses one is 30 the other 2 are 20, one is not broke. The barn for Equine Learning She does good work for kids and adults my guys have a good home ,when I die she will get the other 2 also.
  2. JanBKS


    I have a boy that started out with one small white spot on his back now it has grown to about 6 to 8 inches long, Lacing or as some call it giraffe markings, each year another line formed, I think if you google lacing in horses you should get some info, I used to belong to a lasing club on yahoo but not in it anymore. Hope that helps some
  3. JanBKS

    Dislocated hip/Locked Stifle

    This may or may not help but I had a QH with a stifle problem after a fall, this was oh heck almost 30 years ago, Vet at Cornell in PA wanted him exercised at a trot up and down hills, well I had a small one it must have worked as it went back in place after about 30 days he to this day has no problem with it, You might ask Your vet if small hills will help it and when can she start on hills at a walk. Just a thought.
  4. JanBKS


    72 maybe my age will be a winner