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  1. I can't seem to email or pm you? Want to hear more about your Hyperbike experience.

  2. Haven't seen you posting for a while, just wanted to make sure everything's ok. :)

  3. Would you be willing to look at a photo of a horse that I feel is carrying dwarf characteristics and point out what you see about the horse that makes it appear so (or not, at your discretion. I defer to your experience and learning by all means)? I have photos of a mare that was born here, and feel that she was a dwarf or certainly displaying dwarf characteristics and may in fact produce a dwarf if she were bred. If you would look at photos and maybe explain what you see that are dwarf characteristics, I would be happy to post some photos of her so that others could see (I've done it in the past, but again I and I'm pretty sure most of us defer to you as more of an expert in the matter). Thank you again, I am thoroughly enjoying this, and feel it is long past due. Liz
  4. What a great trip down memory lane this is. I remember Mundy like it was yesterday, and how we all seemed to learn right along with Nancy, and then when she had her foal despite all the odds against it, and finally the loss to the bear...real life has a way of being so much more harsh than what we wish our fairytales to be. It was like we all lost a hero that night. I can't really add any to the lists, nor can I really discriminate and add just one more, though I also have to say that Chance truly illustrated something very important about all of us, even the ones that came after him. People continue to give to the rescue named for him, and he is also truly a hero for his brief life and much-too long, suffering. Thank you for those that included my horses, they are very special to me, indeed. Gramma Pony especially since she has never been shown that I know of, and I found out who she is because of this board (thank you Stacy Score). She was heavy in foal with her last foal (and only one for us) in 1997 when I found this board, and Cherry Bomb was among the first crop of LB foals. The fact that a couple of her sons are remembered this way and figure so prominently here is quite an honor to both her and their grandmother! Her "twin" (in a spiritual way) Misty belonging to Liz R. left us much too soon, but she was right there in the beginning as well, as were Misty's children. I can't forget her starry-dappled coat and her great spirit as well as the love that Liz showered on her. Had to add her because I hadn't yet seen her name here, and I know she went through so much with her health, too. I was sure she and Gramma Pony would race it out much longer for oldest Forum mini. Liz M.
  5. nootka

    Some people!

    I admit to doing this, too. To me it is easier because I never have anyone to help me, and I feel safer tying my horses by the halter while I hitch, etc. I think, since it is so frowned upon, that I should start putting the halter on over the bridle from the sounds of it. Leia has been very polite, no doubt she cringes watching me....! She has politely suggested several times, but I forget and keep muddling along. Thanks for bringing this up for us that need to understand why and how to do it a better way. Liz M.
  6. Annette, I thought the same thing! I never made them (my mom did, believe it or not), but I did have ONE, ONCE. Yiiii. I have a recipe (for legal ones!) I've never tried, will have to see if I can find it. Liz M.
  7. I use the black shoe polish underneath the coat of black hoof polish and if you buff it enough and your horse's hooves are smooth enough, it looks ok the way it is (not as patent shiny, but nice enough, IMO) sometimes for some occcasions. It helps to cover up the area near the hairline on the black/dark-legged horses so it doesn't show as a grey or whitish line between the hair and the hoof black. oh and the non-alcohol baby wipes are great for at shows and/or in the barn for wiping goopy eyes or dabbing something off in a pinch. I keep them in my show tote and in my barn. Liz M.
  8. Awww, Debra, I don't have any help or information for you other than to say I'm sorry. I know you love your horses dearly and I know what it's like to have one get sick even after they are sold it's terribly wrenching. I hope she makes it. I do know Nancy G on this forum got a mare through it and I believe a few others have made a recovery, as well. It can happen and the earlier it's treated, the better. I will keep her in my thoughts, her baby needs her! Liz M.
  9. nootka

    You want pruff....look at this

    Just speaking for myself, but I'm sure most of the rest of us feel the same way: What need was there to embellish or mis-state the truth? Why post at all? There is so much unhappiness, grief and unrest in the world without making things up, though I also understand mental illness and similar conditions, so I know that the things people do don't always make sense to others. I urge you to see some counselors for both you and your children's sake, if for nothing else, for the grief and loss, and perhaps to understand the need to blow things out of proportion and bend the truth (to put it mildly). Yes, it appears that poor little mare was badly injured and probably did not live, but we were all led to believe something even worse and more traumatic had happened, as if that alone were not enough. Not sure why, but it feels really gross to be faked out that way, especially in light of other things that have happened in this same time frame, and the responses people had. Just unnecessary. My wish is for you to take care of your children, yourself, and the remaining horses you own. Liz M.
  10. nootka

    Sad day at Star Ranch

    Oh, this is too horrible to fully think through, and yet you and your family have had to. I am so sorry for all that you've been through. Please know that my thoughts are with you and the loss you've suffered is by no means to be diminished, so please take care of yourselves and find counseling if you need to, for you, your children. Hopefully the person who did this has insurance to help cover the losses financially, though I know nothing can replace the lives you've lost, nor heal the wounds you've suffered emotionally. I wish there were something I could say to help ease your pains, Liz M.
  11. nootka

    Favorite homemade soup!

    My all-time favorite homemade soup is this: Pho bo (Vietnamese Beef Noodle Soup) (this description is somewhat vague, I can get my notes and get the exact recipe if anyone so desires). Take a fairly fat-free piece of meat and sear it on all sides like you would for a pot roast. Then fill a large stockpot w/8 c. of beef broth. Add cinnamon sticks, star anise, peppercorns. Bring to a boil then simmer for two hours. When it's close to done, you add cooked rice noodles (the kind like you use in pad thai, they are very easy to prepare), blanched bean sprouts, sliced shallots, cilantro and very thinly shaved, tender beef to a dish. Pour the very hot/boiling soup over top of the beef and noodles and then serve (the meat from the first step can also be sliced and added to the dish). This soup has a lot of flavor, and is pretty good for you. Yummmm. Liz M.
  12. Another thing I have seen is horses hooked where the shafts end up too uphill, and the weight of the cart is lifting under the horse. It really galls their bellies when the shaft loops are set too high and the angle of the shafts is too steep. There is a happy medium, and it's great to see the pictures posted for help! Each horse and horse/cart combination are bound to be different, and so you need to adjust everything all over. Not always, but most times, in my experience, you will need to undo the buckles and re-buckle so that you do have that balance that is mentioned. Liz M.