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  1. I'm curious Keri....you said your friend's "stallion" had Legend injected into his joints for years to help his stifle lock problem. I'm wondering how many of the foals he sired over the years, exhibited the same problem?
  2. Dona

    End of this Webanar

    THANK YOU JOHN! Your imput on this subject is extremely appreciated!
  3. John, I commend you for taking on this monumental task of researching & trying to isolate the Dwarf gene. My question is... Are there any other organizations who are researching Dwarfism, or who have shown an interest in researching Dwarfism, who might benefit from your research? I fully well, understand why you would want to "protect" your work until it is published. But, it has occurred to me that a big research facility may be able to get more funding & have a number of researchers working on this enabling them to come up with answers much sooner than one person can. Or, is this something that Equine Research just don't feel deserves the time, money & effort?
  4. I remember your handsome little fella very well, Mary Lou! It was actually a couple years of being a regular member on the forum before I discovered YOUR name wasn't Mickey. :DOH!
  5. Oh wow....there are so many! I've been a member here from almost the beginning, and have seen many "memorable" minis on this wonderful site. : My first pick would have to be my own Missy. : She was a dream come true in a broodmare, and I miss her every day. She foaled absolutely gorgeous babies for us every year...all in different colors & all with her beautiful head, huge eyes, sweet personality & tail-flagging, high-strutting flamboyant action. My second pick would have to be Hemlock Brooks CockRobin....the ole man we started with. :aktion033: He was the whole foundation for Kickapoo Miniatures & foaled many outstanding babies for us, until being "retired" at Angie's. : Then there is Sadie, Mundy, Gramma Pony (who reminded me of Robin), Mouse, Mingus, Printz......and, oh gosh...I'm sure many, MANY more that would be well deserving of this! :
  6. Dona

    Tooth Bumps

    No....they do NOT always go away with time. Sometimes caps don't come out on their own & need to be pulled. I know this from experience. Long ago when I first got into minis ,I had a mare this happened to. Her "bumps" were on the bottom, but my vet told me the same thing. "They'll go away when her caps come in". So, I did nothing....just waited. The bumps only got bigger...they looked like two huge golf balls on the bottom of her jaw! Then I was introduced to Carl Mitz, who examined her & told me it was too late to do anything (she was 6 years old by this time). The bumps had calcified, and were now permanent. So she was stuck with those disfiguring "bumps" for the rest of her life. :no: Carl told me.....when you start seeing "tooth bumps", the horse usually needs to have caps pulled....now! Or, at least be checked by a competent Equine Dentist! It is especially important to have young Minis checked regularly while teeth are coming in.
  7. I have been a member of the Mid American Miniature Horse Club since 1989. This is a WONDERFUL ("A" oriented) club, that is very active & hosts some major shows, (such as the Julep Cup) as well as offers a great "High Point" program that ends in an Awards Banquet each year. :aktion033: Cathy mentioned Kentucky, Ohio Indiana, Illinois, North Carolina & Tennesee......but we will accept ANYONE as members, no matter where they are from. :
  8. Another very important reason for shaving that long winter hair away from the mare's belly & rear leg area, is because the mares are usually shedding by the handfuls by the time they foal. Many foals will ingest so much of this hair while searching for the teats, that they will get hairballs in their little tummies & make them colic. There have even been foals who have died from this! I usually shave the entire belly, halfway up the sides, and rear legs on winter-coated mares. :
  9. Dona

    You want pruff....look at this

    Actually...the horse in the photo appears to be black. Please don't start "making up" scenarios...without knowing the full story. Yes, there is deceipt going on here....but don't start speculating on what that deceipt was....that's what starts rumors. The true story is bad enough without embellishing it. Please wait for Mary Lou to bring the truth out.
  10. Dona

    You want pruff....look at this

    According to the "poster" her daughter, Jodi, was feeding the mares cookies at the time this happened & was almost hit herself. The Police reports a different story however. And yes, people were arranging to give her horses.
  11. Dona

    Sad day at Star Ranch

    I'm SO very sorry. Senseless tragedies like this seem so unfair. Please know that I will keep you & your children in my prayers.
  12. I have a "potential" client who would need to find a ride for a weanling from Ohio to 30 mi. south of Lincoln, Nebraska. Is anyone making a trip thru Ohio anytime soon, who would be going in that direction? Wouldn't have to go all the way to Nebraska, as she can meet somewhere halfway if necessary. Thanks!
  13. Dona

    Scare tactics

    Hmmmmmmmmm........the Sweetwater link I clicked on still says $500 or less.
  14. Dona

    Scare tactics