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  1. Minimor

    Stop Throwing Your Food!!!

    Do your feeders have a lip around the inside top edge? That is supposed to stop the hay from getting thrown out but I have found it needs to be a fairly wide lip or they still manage to shove the hay up and out.
  2. Minimor

    Whatever happened to

    She disappeared from all social media several years ago. I was FB friends with her and just like that she deleted her account and disappeared. I am not sure why.
  3. Minimor

    Hi from new member

    Hi from Manitoba! We had Morgans for 46 years and there was a time I thought we would always have them. Our last one left us in 2012 and I would have no interest in getting another. I enjoy my ponies more. I got our first Minis in 2001 and my first American Shetland in 2008. I enjoy the Shetlands more than anything. But anyway--your two look lovely in that photo!
  4. Minimor

    Little more cart help, please!

    Some carts have loops further ahead so there is a stop for the wrap straps to serve as hold backs. My horse cart was that way. We got footmans loops welded on in the proper spot. This cart--those loops will never work even if you move your horse further ahead in the shafts--you need to either get longer straps (custom job as you won't find any to buy ready made in the right length or get loops welded on further back.
  5. Minimor

    AMHR/AMHA Lookup

    He has no AMHR registered offspring
  6. Minimor

    AMHR/AMHA Lookup

    Did anyone message you with info?
  7. Minimor

    Foal Questions

    Generally you do not want to vaccinate before 4 months. Assuming the mare was vaccinated, she will give immunity to the foal for at least 4 months. Here we never vaccinated before weaning --since by then it is fall, going into winter, we do not vaccinate until the next spring when the foal is a year old. If you are gelding your colt at the age of 6 months, he will need a tetanus shot at that time.
  8. Minimor

    New Forum Look

    Is there to be a mobile version again? I used to use the full version if I wanted to post a photo from my phone, but otherwise always used mobile. This version is so clunky on my phone, i really miss the mobile option
  9. Minimor

    GAME OVER!!!

    My prize arrived today. I'm thrilled -- there is a Sleek n Shine grooming block (definitely need that this week!) A keychain (need that too!) A pen ( can alwaus use a pen!) And A jar of Apple butter! YUMMY! Thank you Debby!!! And thank you Robin for working on these contests!
  10. Minimor

    New family member

    No, I do not and will not socialize. I have not done so with my last 3 puppies and it works much better.
  11. Minimor

    I'm so bummed

    Did you ever say Oh, hey, do you have my number? Because no one let me know? It is easy to think the worst--and maybe you aren't wrong in your asumption--but i do like to put them on the spot and see if they stammer out an excuse--or if they are honestly apologetic and next time you do get a call. Unfortunately sometimes those who know everyone forever are not accepting of newcomers to the area. Perhaps one of the bigger groups would be more inclusive.
  12. Minimor

    New family member

    St. Bernard traits--large size, tendency to drool, low prey drive, friendly, not aggressive. I would have to look at my notes again, I never remember everything on the list. In Lexi's case of course the Rottweiler mix could raise prey drive although this particular cross is said to be pretty laid back as a rule. Neither breed is big on roaming so I hope Lexi is easy to teach to stay home. I hope she won't be a drooler, though the way she drinks..... I will discourage her from liking other people; I don't do "sociable". :D
  13. Minimor

    New family member

    We are liking this puppy so much. Even my mom admitted this morning that she is a smart puppy! (My mom was opposed to getting a St. Bernard cross).
  14. Minimor

    New family member

    Our Shepherd Arielle is getting old and crippled up with arthritis, so the time had come to look for our next big dog. For various reasons we did not want another purebred Shepherd, and I was keeping an eye out for a crossbred. Last night I found an ad for something different--a St. Bernard x Rottweiler. I messaged and turns out the family lives just a mile from us. I went to meet the Puppies, and bought one. Meet Lexi! 7 weeks old. So far she is a really good puppy. No accidents in the house so far! She seems very smart and is already getting very attached to me. If she "loses" me outside she sits down and howls. She is curious about the cats but backs eight off if one smacks her. When I go in with the ponies she goes and sits on the deck ( and howls!)
  15. Minimor

    Pasture security?

    I have not had any thing quite like that happen but I have had some weird stuff go on. About 9 years ago was the incident of "the box" where someonw woth a dolly was trundling a big wooden boz through my side pasture. I scared the person anf he ran off with his dolly, leaving the wooden box behind. No idea who it was or what he wanted the box for--or where he got it. Some mo ths later.the guy was put there again with his squeaky wheeled dolly--we heard him squeaking all g. When I yelled he.yook off running--the squeaks came much faster. After that he either quit or he oiled the wheels as i never heard the dolly again. One of those things where I could only ask WHY???? About tjat same time someone stole 2 flat tires (on rims) out of my yard--yet they left the good tires which were stacked yards away. Again, WHY? I have had a few odds and ends of tack disappear out of boxes too--a fleece girth, a couple bits, some shoeing tools. If someone were trying to steal your electric fencing, stuffing it through a chain link fence seems like the hard way to do It? That is odd. With all the horrible things people do to horses (a Mini in England was just sexually assaulted and stabbed 16 times, for example) it is concerning when you know someone has been prowling around in the yard or pasture. Game.cameras are perhaps cheaper than security cameras--just make sure you get one without the flashing light. Wild animals don't care about the light but a person will notice it and probably steal the camera!!