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  1. candycar

    Rimadyl for dogs

    Can dogs take tums? He may like the chewable fruit flavors, and easier to give than liquid. I give my gelding the Walmart version to help keep ulcers away. He loves them.
  2. candycar

    Lost two front teeth- yearling

    Tough one. Looking at my old pics I found one of Jelly Bean with a missing teeth smile. Missing were the 2nd incisors. I it was taken in 2007. That would have made her 4 at the time. I think the front incisors came out at least a year before that. I hope you don't have to wait that long!!! Wouldn't the vet have known?
  3. candycar

    CYROMAZINE fly product

    I am interested to know also. My mini mule gets flies bad even with consistent fly spray. I want a fly spray that kills them on contact when they land!
  4. candycar

    Easy boots

    OOps, never mind, they have fell apart. I guess rubber doesn't last forever.
  5. candycar

    Easy boots

    PM me, I might have a set of boots for you.
  6. candycar

    Open Bridle

    I had the cheek straps made for mine. If you can take off the cheek/blinder piece from your old bridle. I think I had them made by Star Lake tack. Just measure and E mail them, they can have them made for you. I have used the nylon bridle, only for training when we were starting out . It's OK but the leather one fits better.
  7. candycar

    Gravel in Paddock

    Here's my 2cents. Gravel is great, but to do it right it's not cheap, but it works and will last for years. You have to put down a Geo textile fabric first, that keeps the gravel from sinking and disappearing in the mud. Without it you will have to replace it often. If you use a larger than pea size, use river gravel not limestone. Still expensive. Limestone is sharp and not fun to play on. Larger size is hard to pick manure out of. My minis love their pea gravel drylot. They lay in it, roll in it and run around like children. Their feet look great too. When we moved to our new home there was a large area with the Geo textile and limestone already in place. It took a bit of saving but we replaced it with pea gravel. It has lasted 3 years now without needing a "top off". At my old home I tried just using gravel without the geo textile and had to replace it every year. Good luck with whatever you decide. :-)
  8. candycar


    There was a "thing" a while back regarding it. Some horses got sores in their mouths. I think it was from the other ingredients not the actual wormer. I have used it in the past with no problems. Now I use Equimax instead and never had a problem. It's apple flavor too!
  9. candycar

    Hair for bird's nests

    My oldest hen (7) started laying soft eggs a couple of years ago. She has had a couple of eggs break inside her, what a mess, and made her very sick. I tried putting crushed calcium pills in oatmeal for her. It didn't make much difference. Now when she does lay, it scares me every time. I think it's an age issue more than a calcium issue. I hope she quits laying soon. Her "mother" quit laying a about 7 years.
  10. candycar

    December GAME! Come play!

    OH WOW! I got my prize today! Thank you so much Valerie from Allen's Pony Express! What bounty! It's like Christmas! Cute socks, delish tea assortment, much needed rain poncho, hand lotion, lovely ear rings and a very special hoof pick!
  11. candycar

    December GAME! Come play!

    Whoo!Hoo! Many Thanks to Allens Pony Express and the LB team! ps Robin, my B-day is 59 too! at least 'till next year....
  12. candycar

    Secret Santa GOT GIFT thread

    Whoo!Hoo! Got mine the other day! It was a mystery, no name, no note on the package. Thank You Robin for your detective work. Thank You! Secret Santa: Jeannie Cogan for the cute sign and decals!
  13. candycar

    I'm going on an adventure

    Don't settle on something unless you really need to! After driving by it every day, and wishing it was ours, we waited 10 years and hocked our eyeballs to finally get our "dream home".
  14. candycar


    This is my gardening effort this year. It breaks up the big white side of my garage. Two cutouts from TSC, giant zennias and paving bricks from the streets of Ashland KY that are 100+ years old. I love those bricks and have them bordering all my landscaping.