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  1. susanne

    Got another Government AG Survey...Grrrr.

    Don't get mad at the person asking the questions — it's a sh!t job and I believe they are only paid for completed surveys. Census information is vital for representation and for distribution of services, but there is no need for your name to be attached. Tell them you will answer, but only anonymously.
  2. We have a performance-only registry, and many AMHR, ASPC, AMHA and other show horses are never bred. Geldings do just great and often show for a longer time since they are not retired to the breeding shed. There are so many things a horse can do other than breed, and this is equally true with non-expressing dwarf carriers. Consider the youth who will benefit from showing an experienced show horse. Perhaps we will see horses older than three years in the senior classes? And then there is CDE, ADS shows, and recreational driving... I believe that to continue breeding carriers (albeit to non-carriers) is to simply kick the can down the road. The recessive gene will survive and put future generations at risk. Breeders of integrity will test their stock and avoid breeding two positive horses, but we all know there are too many irresponsible or ignorant breeders who will allow dwarfism to continue.
  3. . This is incredible news! We can all play our part in this by only buying horses from those who test and share proof of the results. We have the tools, now we must use them for the good of our breed. AMHA and AMHR should note test results on a horse's papers. I'm sure many would object if this were a requirement, but it could at least be an option that would follow a horse throughout his or her life.
  4. susanne

    Slow Cooker Recipes

    Now THAT sounds incredible! How do you wait through the slow cooking?
  5. susanne

    Slow Cooker Recipes

    Thank you, Liz! Those look delicious AND healthy... (Everyone's recipes look great, but as a diabetic, I have to limit fat...MOST of the time...hehe)
  6. susanne

    Slow Cooker Recipes

    Liz, Although you don't have the receipt, you might still ask the store where you bought it. If they're big on customer service, they may help you out. Another thought is to check Goodwill and second hand stores for a \similar model with the same knob.
  7. susanne

    Slow Cooker Recipes

    Matt, I love Asian cuisine, but I'm allergic to one of the curry spices (not entirely sure which, but curry causes steam to come out of my ears, lol). Any more vegetable-centric, low-fat slow cooker recipes? I'll be using a month's worth of fat exchanges when I eat that slow cooker breakfast...
  8. susanne

    Who doesn't like fudge

    It's not really fudge, I suppose, but my family has a tradition of a chocolate candy with oatmeal. That in itself doesn't sound very exciting, but it is incredible. Too bad I'm not supposed to eat it...
  9. susanne

    Ground Turkey Recipes?

    I'm going to have to start making my own low-fat turkey chili... I love it, but the canned versions have too much fat and too many beans! Perhaps a turkey black bean chili...mm-mm good!
  10. susanne

    Ground Turkey Recipes?

    I much prefer ground turkey to ground beef, although I still love the occasional old-fashioned, grilled hamburger. Turkey hotdogs are MUCH better than beef weenies. I don't follow a recipe, but I make my pasta sauce using ground turkey, tomatoes, onions, garlic, rosemary, and assorted Italian herbs from our garden, mushrooms,black olives, wine a dab of mustard and tons of parmesan cheese. I love it so thick that the sauce stands on top of the pasta.
  11. This thread was started in December, 2005. Some of those who posted are no longer active on this forum, and some no longer even own horses. Still others may have changed image hosts or websites, making the links obsolete.
  12. susanne

    Need Recipes from all you canners

    . Depending upon the kind of apples you have, applesauce is SO much better without adding sugar. My MIL has to add sugar to everything, which makes it disgustingly sweet (and not so great for diabetic me!) For freezer applesauce using our Gravensteins, I simply peeled and cored (used the little doodab that does both at once), cut into chunks, boiled and reduced. I pre-sterilized plastic freezer containers, filled and froze. If you don't like chunky applesauce, you can pureé. You might also check around for someone with a cider press. Our neighbors are having a pressing party in a couple of weeks, but this is a lousy year for our tree.
  13. susanne

    Fresh strawberries and Greek yogurt

    Liz, I have a couple of salmon steaks ready to grill -- I'll have to try your suggestion -- YUM! I agree with using this in place of sour cream. I used to make a low fat Alfredo sauce using plain yogurt...I'm going to re-invent it using Greek yogurt... Ashley, my sister prefers vanilla Greek yogurt. I think my taste buds are tilted toward bitter flavors -- I love bittersweet chocolate, plain togurt, and all sorts of "unsweets." The complex taste of Greek yogurt comes through either way. I'll have to check for the Chobani.
  14. Fresh strawberries Greek yogurt (plain or vanilla) Splenda or sugar (optional) shortbread cookies (optional) Slice fresh strawberries (depending upon their sweetness, sprinkle with sugar or Splenda. Spread yogurt on shortbread, then place strawberry slice on top, or... simply dip strawberry slices in yogurt. The key is the Greek yogurt --it's low fat, yet tastes absolutely decadent. The plain Greek yogurt tastes sweeter than regular plain yogurt (although I like that, too).
  15. Dr. Taylor, I am excited that you have chosen to join us and share your experience and knowledge. Welcome! I look forward to your future posts.