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  1. It's time to do the 5-day, 2X Panacur deworming, which I do yearly in early Spring. But it's also time for spring vaccinations, which I split into two sets due to reactions (EWT, then WN/Rabies). What would be a good recommendation of timing between the shots and the deworming? Would it be a problem if the deworming was done concurrently with the vaccinations, or the wait time between vaccination sets? Thanks for your recommendations.
  2. Roxane Martin

    miniature horses with a miniature donkey?

    A 4 month old jenny was brought into an established herd of 5 minis (geldings and mares). There was trouble integrating her into the mix for about 6 months and we had to keep her separate, with gradual time spent with specific ones who tolerated her better than others. Two of them chased hard to hurt her and they were the last to get integrated. It was a pecking order issue and she was greatly out-weighed. Donkeys and horses speak a different language, but she has learned "horse", and now they are well integrated. She is the youngest by 10 years, but has one gelding that she plays rough with (and he plays back). I had always heard that donkeys should be in pairs. She can be loud in her braying. Also, she will go after anything small, like cats, roosters, dogs, so be aware of that. She is very sweet, and very people oriented. She is stubborn. I prefer horses actually. You need a farrier who knows how to file donkey hooves correctly as their orientation is more upright. What do you want to do with your minis?
  3. Roxane Martin

    Minis and Vaccinations

    I have a mare that doesn't like shots in her neck due to skin tests there for allergies, and now that's where she gets her allergy shots. We did vaccinations in the pectoral muscles (they get "boobs"). She didn't like the butt shot and kicked, so for safety of vet, we don't do there.